Lurgan Coat of Arms The Armagh Guardian

2 February, 1849  


The fourth annual ploughing-match of this society took place on Monday last, in a field belonging Mr. T. Cuppage. Silverwood, near Lurgun. The assemblage on the ground, three o’clock, must have numbered upwards of thousand; and the fineness the day and the animating spectacle of spectators combined, rendered the scene very agreeable. There were about five acres turned up—the ploughs amounting to twenty in all—of which number, eleven were in the farmers' class, and nine in the servants’ class.

First Class. —lst prize to Thomas Taylor, Kilfullert; 2nd John Clark, Lurgantaminy; 3rd to John Gilstain, Cianrole ; 4th Henry Gihon Auuadraugliel; 5th to Anthony Clark, Drumnabreeze.

Second Class —lst prize to Mr. Robert Ellis, Leansmount, plough held by D. M'Caughley ; 2nd Mr. Robert Ellis, plough held by J. Kinkead; 3d to Mr. Joseph Coulter, Legacorry, plough held John Berry; 4th to Thomas Cuppage, Esq., Silverwood, plough held Thomas McKenna; 5th to Mr. James Armstrong, Lurgan, plough held by Wm. M'Kcown.

Cutting Drains for Sewers.—lst prize to John Mooney, labourer to E. Berwick, Esq., .Moira; 2d, Edward M‘Caughley, labourer to Francis Fiorde, Esq., Rauggalin; 3d, Pat O’Neill, do., do.; 4th. Wm. Galaray, Drumnagoon; 6th, John Hamill, labourer A. Lotion, Esq.. Moyraverty; 6th, Wm. Graham, labourer to Mr. J. Cummins, Tullygally; 7th, Breen. labourer to Mr. W. Murray, Tagnavin; 8th, E. M'Caughley, labourer to Francis Fforde, Raughlin; 9th, Wm. Kearney, labourer to Charles Douglass, Esq., Gracehall.

Implements.— lron ploughs lst prize to James M’Lenaghan, Lurganville; 2d, Archd. Clark, Moira; 3d, to John Downey,Lurgan

Grubbers—lst prize Archibald Clark, Moira.

Seed harrows—Prize to Hugh M'Mullen, Banbridge.

Turnip barrows— Prize to James M’Neill, Corknakinnegar.

Double trees —Prize to James M‘Neill, Cornakinnegar.

Judges—Messrs. Nathaniel Greer, Daniel Monroe, William Moore.

In the evening, the members of the society sat down to a substantial dinner in the Brownlow Arms Hotel. Francis Fforde, Esq., occupied the chair, and James Brown, Esq., Donacloney House, officiated as croupier.


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