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8 November, 1879  


The Lurgan inquest ended on Tuesday, August 19, at ten minutes to two, after a great deal of evidence had been given, when the following verdict was handed in by the foreman as having been signed by himself and eleven other jurors:—

“We find that the deceased, John Furfey, a male, bachelor, aged 12, the son of a labourer, came to his death by a gunshot wound, at Shankill, count Armagh, on August 15, inflicted by a stray ball while the constabulary were firing on a riotous mob in the discharge of their duty at the time and place aforesaid, under the command of Mr. Henry Redmond, K.M. And we deeply regret that an innocent boy, in no way a participator in the riot, should have lost his life, and we hereby express our sympathy with the deceased's friends.”

The following verdict was handed in by the other eleven jurors : — ' We find that the deceased, John Furfey, came to his death by a gunshot wound, inflicted by a policeman under the order of Captain Redmond. We find no justification for so firing.'

The majority of the jury were all Protestants, and the minority all Catholics. John Smith, the old man who was shot in the riot, died on Tuesday night, August 19. An inquest was held next day, and the jury were divided in opinion as in the case of the boy Furfey; thirteen jurors, all of whom were Protestants, finding that the police were justified in firing, and the remaining ten, all of whom are Catholics, dissenting.


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