Lurgan Coat of Arms The Armagh Guardian

4 June, 1859  


Lough Neagh

Yesterday, a public meeting of the landed proprietors in the Counties of Armagh, Antrim, Derry, Tyrone, and Down, affected by the drainage works, was held in the Grand Jury room of the County Courthouse, pursuant to a notice issued by the Board of Works, for the purpose of appointing trustees to maintain the works erected by the Commissioners. The attendance was very large. Amongst those present were:

Lord Lurgan, Lord Massereene, Rev. A. H. Pakenham, J.P. ; Peter Quinn, M.P. ; John Cromie, D.L. ; Colonel Close, D.L. ; Major Scott, D.L. ; Major Greer, D.L. ; James Harden, D.L. ; J. R. Miller, J.P. ; John Hancock, J.P.; William Wann, J.P.; Wm. Verner, J.P., Churchill ; George Ensor, J.P. ; James Gunning, J.P.; William Olpherts, J.P.; Wm. Langtry, J.P.; Boyle, J.P.; Thomas A. Shillington, J.P.; Joseph Atkinson, J.P.; Charles Magee, J.P.; J. G. Winder, J.P. ; Major Waring, J.P. ; the Very Rev. Dean Stannus, Walter, T. Stannus, J.P.; Venerable Arch- deacon Saurin, Henry Anderson, J.P.; Major H. S. M'Clintock, J.P.; Francis Fforde, J. T. Noble, Wm. Hardy, J. O. Woodhouse, J.P. ; R. H. Dolling, J.P.; David R. Goodlatte, Edward Atkinson, John Richardson, James D. Richardson, Ralph Obre, Samuel Knox, W. J. Clarke, R. Lloyd, John Birney, Robert Moore, R. Fforde, B. T. Baltour, C. Gaussen, John J. Marley, John Watson, David W. Irwin, Robert Atkinson, John Joyce, John O'Neill, &c. On the motion of the Very Rev. Dean Stannus, the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan was called to the chair.

The following were then nominated as trustees-- For the County Antrim--Rev. A. H. Pakenham, John Cromie, Esq., Major H. S. M'Clintock, Walter T. Stannus, and Lord Massereene. For County Armagh --Lord Lurgan, Wm. Verner, Esq., F. Fforde, Esq., J. T. Noble, Esq., Woolsey Atkinson, Esq., William Hardy, Esq., D. R. Goodlatte, Esq., J. O. Woodhouse, Esq. For County Derry--Captain Dawson, M.P., Henry Anderson, Esq., Andrew Spottswood, Esq., R. H. Dolling, Esq., Sir H. Bruce, and John O'Neill, Esq. For County Tyrone--James Gunning, Esq., and James Greer Nicholson.

It was agreed that the noblemen and gentlemen re- resenting the several counties should retire se- parately to recommend from amongst the nominated the gentlemen to be elected, with the understanding that this recommendation should be confirmed by the general meeting, and this having been done, the follow- ing were recommended and accordingly declared elected :--County Antrim--John Cromie, Esq., W. T. Stannus, Esq., Major M'Clintock, and Rev. A. H. Pakenham. County Tyrone--James Gunning, Esq., and J. G. Richardson, Esq. County Derry--Captain Dawson, M.P., Henry Anderson, Esq., and A. Spottswood, Esq. County Armagh--Lord Lurgan, William Verner, Esq., Wm. Hardy, Esq., J. T. Noble, Esq., Francis Fforde, Esq., and R. D. Goodlatte, Esq.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceedings. The trustees subsequently held their first meeting in the Grand Jury room.


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