Seagoe Upper ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Bell, Ellen: House and garden.
Bell, William: House.
Best, William John: House.
Brennan, Joseph: House.
Brennan, Rev. R: House, office and garden.
Collins, James: House.
Collins, John: House, offices and land.
Corry, John: House.
Duke of Manchester: Land.
Elliott, Rev. Leonard D: Land.
Friars, William: House and land.
Gilbert, William: House, offices and land.
Gilpin, William: House and garden.
Ginniff, Hugh: House, offices and land.
Greenway, Francis: House and land.
Hall, Isaac: Land.
Holland, George: House and garden.
Holmes, William J: House and land.
Holywood, John: House.
Hospital, William: House and land.
Kellow, Thomas: House.
McCann, William: House, offices and land.
McCormick, Margaret: House and garden.
McCullagh, Robert: House, office and land.
McCully, James: House, offices and land.
Saurin, James Ven: Land.
Scott, John: House.
Stoops, Robert: House and office.
Thompson, William: House, office and garden.
Walker, Isaac: House, offices and land.
Walker, John (Clerk): Land.
Wilson, Alexander: House.
Wilson, Robert: House.
Wilson, Thomas: House and garden.
Wolsey, Jno (Carpenter
): House, offices and garden.

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