Killycomain ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Adamson, William: House
Best, David: House and office
Best, Robert: House, office and land
Brown, William: House
Bunting, William: House
Cherry, John: House, offices and land
Cinnamond, D'Arcy: House, offices and land
Clarke, Mary: Land
Connery, Andrew: House
Cowley, Anthony: House, offices and land
Dalzell, Robert: House (in rear)
Erskine, William: House and land
Fletcher, James: House, offices and land
Fletcher, Sarah: House, offices and land
Fowler, Joseph: House
Fox, John: House

Description of Tenement

Grimes, Anne: House
Holmes, Sarah: House, offices and land
Hoy, Bernard: House
Johnson, James: House
Kennedy, Christopher: House
Lindsay, William: House
Little, Elizabeth: House, offices and land
Lynas, Mary: House
McChrystal, William: House and yard
McCormick, Mary Anne: House and garden
McDowell, James: House, office and land
McKee, Andrew: House
McLoughlin, James: House and land
McLoughlin, John: House
McLoughlin, Margaret: House and land

Description of Tenement

Redmond, Henry: House
Rogers, John: House
Ruddell, John: House, offices and land
Shearman, George: House and office
Vaughan, George: House
Vaughan, William: House, offices and land
Walker, ??: House
Watson, John: Land
Watson, Thomas: House, office and land
Watson, William: House, offices, land and quarry
Weir, Anne: House, office and land
Weir, Samuel: House
White, James: House and yard
White, Robert: Offices and land
Wilson, John: House
Young, James: House

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