Levaghery ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Bullock, Ralph: Land
Bullock, William: Land
Burell, Anne: House and land
Burrell, Anne: House, office and land
Clayton, John: House
Cooke, John: House, offices and garden
Cooke, Matthew: House, offices and land
England, Thomas: House
Erne, John: House and garden
Erne, Joseph: House and garden
Grew, Mary: Land
Heany, Margaret: House and land
Higginson, John: House

Description of Tenement

Jelly, William: House, offices and land
Johnson, Francis: Caretaker's house and land
Joyce, George: House, office and land
Joyce, James: House and land
Joyce, Valentine: House and land
Kellow, Charles: House, offices and land
Kellow, Thomas: House and land
Kittle, Hugh: House
Kittle, James: House and land
Lewie, John: House, offices and land
Lutton, Andrew James: Land
Lutton, William: Land
Lynn, Charles: House, office and land
Magee, Margaret: House
Magill, James: House
Matchett, Thomas: House, offices and land

Description of Tenement

McCaughey, John: House
McConville, John: House
McDowell, Alexander: House, offices and land
Monroe, Daniel: House, offices and land
Monroe, James: House, offices and land
Monroe, Mary: House, offices and land
Monroe, William: Land
Morrison, John: House and garden
Mulligan, John: House
Quail, James: House
Rooney, Jacob: House, office and land
Russell, William: House
Saunderson, John: House
Sweeny, Thomas: House
Turkington, John: House and garden
Walker, Abraham: House, offices and land
Walker, Maria: Office and land
Whitton, Robert: House

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