Aghacommon ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Abraham, Robert: House and land.
Burns, John: House and land.
Carroll, Andrew: House.
Cassidy, James: House and garden.
Caulfield, Bernard: House and garden.
Connolly, James: House.
Donaghy, Patrick: House and garden.
Douglas, John: House and land.
Evans, Terence: House, office and land.
Hendron, Thomas: House.
Hennon, Luke: House, office and land.
Hennon, Peter: House and land.
Hepburn, Neill: House and small garden.
Hepburn, Owen: House and garden.
Hewitt, Jane: House and small garden.
Hughes, Cinnamond: House and land.
Humphreys, John: House, office and land.
Kerr, John: House and small garden.
McAlindon, John: House.
McAtamney, Eugene: House, offices and land.
McAtamney, Sarah: House, office and land.
McCall, John: House.
McCann, Charles: House and garden.
McCann, Edward: House and land.
McCann, Felix: House, office and land.
McCann, Mary: House and land.
McCann, Oliver: House, offices and land.
McCann, Patrick (Big): House and land.
McCann, Patrick (Little): House and garden.
McCann, Sarah: House and land.
McCluskey, James: House.
McConville, George: House and small garden.
McDonnell, Anne: House, offices and land.
McKerr, John: House.
McLindon, James: House and land.
McSherry, Valentine: House and land.
Morgan, Rev. Laurence: House, offices and land.
Morgan, Thomas: House.
Murtagh, James: House, offices and land.
Neill, James: House.
O'Hara, Jacob: House and garden.
O'Neill, Charles: House and land.
Reid, Archibald: House and garden.
Rooney, Mark: House, offices and land.
Ruddell, George: House, offices and land.
Scully, Charles: House.
Stewart, Elizabeth Anne: House.
Tate, John: House.
Tate, Samuel: House, offices and land.
Walsh, Arthur: House and land.
Walsh, James: Land.
Walsh, Richard: House, offices and yard
Walsh, William: House and land.

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