Hacknahay ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Bell, Anne: House, office and land
Bell, Richard: House and land
Black, Matthew: House and garden
Burrell, Anne: Garden
Chambers, William: House and garden
Cooke, John: House and land
England, David: Land
England, James: Land
England, Jane: House and land
England, John: House and garden
England, Phoebe: House, offices and land
Farr, David: House and garden
Fleming, Thomas: House, offices and land
Greenway, George: House
Hamilton, William: House
Hughes, John: House, office and land
Hughes, William: House
Jennett, Robert: House and small garden
Jordan, John: House and garden
Joyce, James: Land
Joyce, Jane: House, offices and land
Kavanagh, Elizabeth: House, office and land
Leveson, John: House and land
Levingston, Thomas: House
Maze, Mary: Land
McConville, John: House
McGuinness, John: Land
McQuaid, Margaret: House
Neill, John: House
Nelson, James: House and land
Patten, John: House, offices and land
Shearman, Thomas: House, offices and land
Spence, John: House, offices, forge and land
Spence, Thomas: House, offices and land
Vaughan, Jane: House and garden
Vaughan, Joseph: House

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