Lylo ~ Griffith's Land Valuations 1864

Description of Tenement

Atkinson, Mary: House
Bell, Ellen: House
Brown, Elizabeth: House
Burrell, Robert: House and land
Campbell, Wm. John: House
Carvill, William: House
Curry, William: House
Dilworth, Robert: House and garden
Fleming, William: House
Gibson, James: House and land
Graham, Nathaniel: House
Graham, Thomas: House, offices and land
Harrison, Sibby: House
Henry, William: House, offices and land
Johnston, Mordecai: Land
Lindsay, Charles: House
McCluskey, John: House, office and land
McCormack, James : House, offices and land
McCormick, James: House
McCormick, William: House, offices and land
McKeown, Michael: House, office and land
McLoughlin, Thomas: House and garden
Montgomery, Stewart: House, office and land
Nesbitt, John: House
Pentleton, Robert: Caretaker's house and land
Raverty, Hugh: House and land
Reilly, Sarah: House
Robinson, Watson: House and land
Robinson, William (The Pound): Land
Robinson, Wm. (Lylo): House, offices and land
Spratt, John: House, offices, forge and land
Twynam, Ellen: Land
Twynam, William: House, offices and land
Vaughan, Elizabeth: House, office and land
Webb, Edward: House and garden
Webb, James: House
Webb, Mary: House and land
Webb, Watson: House, office and land
Webb, William: House

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