Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames S

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

John Sanderson   Belfast   7 acres
David Saunderson   Keady   15 acres
James Scott   Killeen, Armagh   11 acres
John Scott   Annaclare Armagh   802 acres
Mrs. Scott   Belfast   31 acres
Richard Scott   Clones   80 acres
Samuel Scott   Killeen, Armagh   12 acres
Charles Seaver   Newry   172 acres
Rev. Robert Shannon   Markethill   1 acre
Robert Shannon   Newtownhamilton   20 acres
Samuel Shannon   same address   20 acres
John Shaw   Newtownhamilton   50 acres
Andrew Shellady   Darkley, Keady   32 acres
James Shellady   same address   14 acres
Samuel Shellady   Tullyglush, Keady   34 acres
Samuel Sheppard   Markethill   22 acres
George Sherry   English-st. Armagh   3 acres
Bernard Shields   Clea, Keady   9 acres
John Shields, Sr   Lagan, Keady   5 acres
Thos. Shillington, Sr   Tavanagh House, Portadown   43 acres
Thomas Shillington and Charles Johnston   Portadown   5 acres
Bernard Short   Lagan, Keady   5 acres
Denis Short   Tassagh, Armagh   8 acres
James Short   Lagan, Keady   13 acres
Allan Simpson   Newtownhamilton   5 acres
Rev. E. F. Simpson   Tynan   34 acres
George Simpson   Calone, Armagh   50 acres
James Simpson   same address   16 acres
Jane Simpson   Keady   93 acres
Col. John Simpson   Ballyards House, Armagh   375 acres
John Simpson   Dublin   46 acres
John L. Simpson   Tamlaght, Tynan   284 acres
Mary Simpson   Newtownhamilton   9 acres
Col. Thos. Simpson   Ballyards House, Armagh   222 acres
William Simpson   Killeen   38 acres
James Sinclair   Newry   24 acres
William Sinclair   Warrenpoint   55 acres
Darcry Sinnamon   Portadown   25 acres
Thomas Sinton   Tandragee   10 acres
William Sinton   Drumorgan, Markethill   4 acres
John G. Slack   no address given   2,187 acres
Leonard Sleeth   C orrmare, Poyntzpass   10 acres
Francis Slevin   Lagan, Keady   6 acres
James Slevin   Clea, Keady   59 acres
John Slevin   Lagan, Keady   10 acres
Michael Slevin   same address   10 acres
Owen Slevin   Derrynoose, Keady   6 acres
James Sloan   Moy   194 acres
Alexander Small   Markethill   188 acres
Hugh Small   Markethill   19 acres
John G. Small   same address   19 acres
Thomas Small   same address   30 acres
Thomas Small   Keady   173 acres
Francis Smith   Lagan, Keady   4 acres
Hugh Smith   Keady   33 acres
James Smith   Leslie Hill, Keady   40 acres
John Smith   Banbridge   2 acres
Owen Smith   Belleek   4 acres
Patrick Smith   same address   8 acres
Patrick Smith   Farnaloy Keady   70 acres
Patrick Smith   Drummad, Keady   9 acres
William Smith   Keady   12 acres
Edward S. R. Smyth   Dublin   90 acres
Rev. Jackson Smyth   Armagh   49 acres
Society of Friends (Quakers)   Agent in Lurgan   34 acres
Society Incorporated for Discountenacing Vice   London   53 acres
Robert Spear   Killea   32 acres
Alexander Speers   Tassagh, Armagh   22 acres
John Thomas Spence   Markethill   11 acres
Thomas Spence   Richhill   48 acres
John Sproul   Brootally, Armagh   10 acres
Thomas Sproul   same address   10 acres
Charles Stanley   Dungannon   569 acres
Maj. Edward Stanley   Armagh   354 acres
Henry Stanley   Portadown   277 acres
John Stanley   Armagh   173 acres
John Stanley   Portadown   9 acres
James Steel   Cormeen, Tynan   33 acres
Thomas Steel   same address   37 acres
Rev. George Steen   Keady   4 acres
Thomas Steenson   Armagh   8 acres
James Stenson   Benburb   12 acres
Archibald Stephenson   Poyntzpass   28 acres
Samuel Stephenson   same address   24 acres
Anne Stevenson   Newtownhamilton   32 acres
James Stevenson   same address   30 acres
James Stevenson   same address   14 acres
Henry Stewart   Monillan, Keady   1 acre
Rev. Hugh Stewart   Poyntzpass   18 acres
James Stewart   Newtownhamilton   9 acres
James Stewart   Carnagh, Keady   9 acres
James Stewart   Lagan, Keady   13 acres
John Stewart   Poynzpass   19 acres
Peter Stewart   Derryhaw, Tynan   4 acres
William Stewart   Benburb   31 acres
Joseph Straghan   Lagan, Keady   5 acres
William Straghan   same address   1 acre
William Straghan   Keady   4 acres
Samuel Strain   Killeen, Armagh   21 acres
Sir J. M. Stronge   Tynan Abbey, Tynan   4,404 acres
James Sturgeon   Drumgrunagh, Keady   19 acres
Jane Sturgeon   Dublin   353 acres
Wm. A. Sweetman   London   187 acres
Wm. Richard Swift   Dublin   501 acres
Alexander H. Synge   England   3,275 acres
Marcus Synnot   Newtownhamilton   7,321 acres

We make this information freely available to Genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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