Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames D

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Francis Daley   Clea, Keady   17 acres
Ptolemy Daly   Newry   1,889 acres
Catherine Darby   Carrickfergus   20 acres
Rev. J. L. Darby   Chester, England   295 acres
Earl of Dartrey   Dartrey House, Monaghan   1,565 acres
William Davidson   Newry   1 acre
Robert Dawson   Portadown   14 acres
Daniel Delacherois   Donaghadee   92 acres
James Delaney   Clea, Keady   21 acres
Robert Dempster   Newry   18 acres
Joseph Denny   Tullylinn, Poyntzpass   16 acres
Colonel De Salis   Tandragee   79 acres
Count De Salis   London   3,663 acres
James Devine   Keady   9 acres
Michael Devlin   Crossdened, Keady   14 acres
Patrick Devlin   Mowillan, Keady   34 acres
Peter Devlin   Tassagh, Armagh   7 acres
Andrew Dickson   Newry   7 acres
Henry Dickson   Clare, Tandragee   8 acres
John Dignam   Legarhill Armagh   11 acres
Anne Dobbin   Dublin   74 acres
Anne Dobbin   Keady   69 acres
James Dobbin,   Reps. of, same address   132 acres
Dr. John Dobbin   same address   31 acres
John Dobbin   same address   16 acres
John Dobbin   Dublin   65 acres
John M. Dobbin   Keady   54 acres
Leonard Dobbin   Armagh and Dublin   1,097 acres
Margaret Anne Dobbin   Keady   59 acres
Thomas Dobbin   Dublin   276 acres
George Dobson   Moy   27 acres
James Dodd   Farnaloy, Keady   10 acres
William Dodd   same address   15 acres
James Dodds   Brootally, Armagh   22 acres
Rose Dollaghan   Newtownhamilton   6 acres
Robert H. Dolling   Kilrea, Ballymena   1 acre
William Donaghy   Armagh   2 acres
Alexander Donaldson   Newtownhamilton   71 acres
Anabella Donaldson   Cullyhanna   12 acres
David Donaldson   Newtownhamilton   14 acres
James Donaldson   Fellowshall, Tynan   15 acres
John Donaldson   Newtownhamilton   4 acres
Rev. Joseph Donaldson   Fermoy   49 acres
William Donaldson Sr.   Cormeen, Tynan   8 acres
William Donaldson Jr.   Cormeen, Tynan   65 acres
Wm. Donaldson Sr   Tullycallidy, Tynan   54 acres
Wm. Donaldson Jr   Tullycallidy, Tynan   47 acres
Arthur Donnelly   Brootally, Armagh   34 acres
Arthur Donnelly   Lisglynn, Keady   15 acres
Arthur Donnelly   Lurgan   2 acres
Francis Donnelly   Keady   13 acres
Peter Donnelly   Carricknagavna, Belleek   7 acres
Richard Donnelly   Tullybrone, Armagh   5 acres
Daniel Doran   Poyntzpass   21 acres
James Dougan   Ballymaculey, Armagh   29 acres
George Douglas   Lisburn   772 acres
H. S. Douglas   no address given   275 acres
John Douglas   Mountain Lodge, Keady   1,025 acres
Mary Dowley   Tamlaght, Armagh   5 acres
Ellen Downey   Newtownhamilton   4 acres
James Doyle   Tullyglush, Keady   22 acres
Elizabeth Drew   Valetta, Kingstown   1 acre
James Drumley   Lisglynn, Keady   11 acres
James Duggan   Carnavoghan, Markethill   19 acres
George Dunbar   Doburn, Donaghadee   508 acres
James Dunlop, Sr.   Mowillan, Keady   15 acres
James Dunlop, Jr.   Drumhirk, Keady   151 acres
William Dunlop   same address   110 acres
William Dunlop   Kilacavy, Keady   3 acres
Andrew Dunwoody   Drumhirk, Keady   20 acres
John Dunwoody   Drumgallnagh, Keady   9 acres

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