Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames H

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Alicia Hall   Callone, Armagh   63 acres
George Hall   Lissagally, Tynan   7 acres
James Hall   Farnaloy, Keady   8 acres
James Hall, Jr   Mowillan, Keady   24 acres
James Hall, Sr   same address   10 acres
Jane Hall   Lurgan   1 acre
John Hall   Anahoe, Kilmore   53 acres
Matt Hall   Hollywood, Belfast   6 acres
Thomas Hall   Cloven Eden, Loughgall   140 acres
Thomas Hall   Tullyrane   151 acres
William Hall   Richhill   69 acres
Major Wm. T. Hall   Warrenpoint   2,656 acres
Arthur Hamill   56 Eccles-st, Dublin   400 acres
Rev. A. F. Hamilton   Corrmare, Poyntzpass   18 acres
Esther Ann Hamilton   same address   6 acres
Hugh Hamilton   35, Anne-st., Belfast   35 acres
John F. Hamilton   Corrmare, Poyntzpass   18 acres
Mary A. Hamilton   Ranen, Keady   63 acres
Richard Hamilton   Golloney, Strabane   445 acres
Robert Hamilton   Newtownhamilton   11 acres
Robert Hamilton   Killeen, Armagh   13 acres
Thomas T. Hamilton   Corrmare, Poyntzpass   9 acres
Thos. M. Hamilton-Jones   Moneyglass House, Toome   3,027 acres
D. Hampton   Richhill   17 acres
Francis Hampton   Markethill   5 acres
John Hampton   Ballywilly, Kilmore   16 acres
Verner Hampton   same address   15 acres
John Hancock   Lurgan   1 acre
John Hanlon   Tassagh, Armagh   13 acres
Patrick Hanlon   Edenappa, Flurrybridge   4 acres
Peter Hanlon   Carrickagavna, Belleek   13 acres
Alexander Hanna   Outlack, Armagh   37 acres
Jemima Hanna   Ballyscandle, Armagh   11 acres
Thomas Hanna   Dublin   167 acres
Wm. M'Clure Hanna   Tullybrone, Armagh   24 acres
Thos. Henry Hanson   Brootally, Armagh   54 acres
Rev. A. Harden   Harrybrook, Tandragee   31 acres
Richard James Harden   same address   1,436 acres
Rev. Alex. Hardy   Richhill   9 acres
Anne Hardy   Tandragee   34 acres
Charles Hardy   Richhill   3 acres
Rev. E. Hardy   Armagh   181 acres
Elizabeth Hardy   Richhill   1 acre
Frederick Hardy   Mullahead, Tandragee   46 acres
John Hardy   Newry   379 acres
John and Rev. James Hardy   Loughgall   301 acres
William Hardy   same address   209 acres
Thomas Hare   Mavemacullen, Markethll   21 acres
Emanuel J. Harman   Kilvergan, Lurgan   1 acre
William Harpur   Lisadran, Mountnorris   82 acres
Hugh Harris   Ashford, Middleton   1,193 acres
John Hart   Killeen, Armagh   13 acres
Patrick Hart   same address   27 acres
Robert Harte   China   275 acres
Joseph Harvey   Cavanagrove, Markethill   35 acres
Joseph Harvey   Newtownhamilton   7 acres
Messrs. Hassard   no address given   992 acres
Rev. Robt. Hawthorne   Tandragee   69 acres
Bernard Hayes   Lisglynn, Keady   6 acres
James Hayes   Maghery, Milford   93 acres
John Hazleton   Lurgan   1 acre
John Hazlett   London   164 acres
Richard Heather   Kishaboy, Moy   7 acres
Robert Henderson   Derryhaw, Tynan   28 acres
Robert Henderson   Newtownhamilton   8 acres
William Henderson   Lisglynn, Keady   49 acres
Abel Henning   Newtownhamilton   30 acres
George Henry   Tassagh, Armagh   115 acres
Mary Anne Henry   Warrenpoint   263 acres
Robert Henry   Jonesboro', Flurrybridge   463 acres
Thomas G. Henry   The Abbey, Kilkeel   l 539 acres
John Henson   Killeen, Armagh   9 acres
George Heron   Newtownhamilton   34 acres
Elizabeth Hewitt   Ballywilly, Kilmore   33 acres
Isaiah Hewit   same address   7 acres
James Hewitt   Killeen, Armagh   13 acres
Jane Hewitt   Kilmore   13 acres
Thomas Hewitt   Lissagally, Tynan   6 acres
Margaret Hill   Dunlarg, Keady   24 acres
Mary Hill   Keady   11 acres
Lord A. E. Hill-Trevor Brynkinalt   Chirk, Denbighshire   844 acres
Francis Hillis   Tullyglush, Keady   22 acres
John Hillis   same address   23 acres
Edward Hillock   Kilcreevy Obra, Tynan   13 acres
James Hillock   Armagh   31 acres
James Hobson   Kilmore   24 acres
John Hogan   Tassagh, Armagh   6 acres
Alexander Hogg   Killeen, Armagh   5 acres
Andrew Hogg   Belfast   68 acres
David Hoghan   Drumderg, Keady   27 acres
James Hoghan   same address   10 acres
William Hossack   Dinahorra,Markethill   22 acres
Blackiston Houston   Orangehill, Belfast   226 acres
William Hudson   Mullingar   127 acres
Cornelius Hughes   Crossmaglen   18 acres
Cornelius Hughes   Dartlan Killylea   53 acres
Edward Hughes   Camagh, Keady   41 acres
Francis Hughes   Lissagally, Tynan   14 acres
Henry Hughes   Edenknappagh, Armagh   10 acres
James Hughes   Camagh, Keady   7 acres
James Hughes   Crossdened, Keady   6 acres
John Hughes   Armagh   2 acres
John Hughes   Lagan, Keady   14 acres
John Hughes   Darkley, Keady   5 acres
John Hughes   Killylea   182 acres
John Hughes   Keady   3 acres
John Hughes   Keady   5 acres
John Hughes, Jr   Derryhennett, Keady   27 acres
Mrs. Hughes   Keenaghan, Moy   58 acres
Michael Hughes   Clea, Keady   15 acres
Neal Hughes   Newtownhamilton   23 acres
Peter Hughes   Annaghannay Killylea   4 acres
James Humphries   Farnaloy, Keady   9 acres
Richard Humphries   same address   13 acres
David R. Hunter   Portadown   18 acres
Robert Hunter   Newtownhamilton   9 acres
William Hunter   Ballyreagh, Poyntzpass   10 acres
Mary J. B. Huston   Orangehill, Belfast   860 acres
William Hutcheson   Armagh   147 acres
Maria Hutchinson   Markethill   97 acres
Hutchinson and Maxwell   Ballyworkan, Portadown   9 acres
William Hutchinson   Tandragee   142 acres
William Hutchison   Calone, Armagh   17 acres

We make this information freely available to Genealogists and Family Historians, but at no time may this information be used on a pay site or sold for profit.

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