Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames B

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Mrs. Bacon   The Castle, Richhill   5,816 acres
Rev. Daniel Bagot   Newry   5 acres
Charlotte Bailey   Newtownhamilton   12 acres
John Bailey   same address   7 acres
Robert Bailey   same address   20 acres
Samuel Bailey   same address   14 acres
William Bailey   same address   22 acres
Jacob Bain   Drumman, Richhill   27 acres
George Baird   Carryhugh, Keady   28 acres
B. T. Balfour   Townly Hall, Drogheda   645 acres
John Balfour   Armagh   4 acres
Thomas P. Ball   Reps. of, Castleblayney   5,085 acres
Banking Co. (Provincial)   London   104 acres
Robert Barber   Newtownhamilton   27 acres
Henry Barcroft, Jr   The Glen, Newry   29 acres
W. J. Barcroft   Dungannon   136 acres
Arthur Barker   Dublin   22 acres
Henry R. Barker   Newtownhamilton   3 acres
Thomas Barris   Lurgan   6 acres
John Beatty   Teragentry, Armagh   12 acres
Thomas Beatty   Tullyglush, Keady   21 acres
Elizabeth Beck   Portadown   1 acre
William Beers Brook   Cottage, Castlewellan   339 acres
Alicia Bell   Downpatrick   247 acres
James Bell   Newtownhamilton   29 acres
J. B. Bell   Drumorgan, Markethill   59 acres
James C. Bell   Dungannon   7 acres
James G. Bell   Tullylish House, Gilford   98 acres
James Bell   Reps. of, Aughnacloy   886 acres
Rev. John Bell   Broomfield, Tandragee   29 acres
Mary Bell   Belfast   22 acres
Samuel A. Bell   Bellview, Lurgan   32 acres
Mrs. Bennett   Dublin   101 acres
Robert Bennett   Poyntzpass   4 acres
Bennett and Usher   Dundalk   117 acres
William B. Bennett   Poyntzpass   60 acres
James Bennison   Slieve Russell, Ballyconnell   141 acres
Janet Benson   Ouchan, Isle of Man   149 acres
Margaret P. Benson   same address   85 acres
Francis James Best   Richhill   1 acre
James Best   Armagh, or Richhill   67 acres
Robert Best   Richhill   17 acres
Robert Best   Tullyglush, Keady   31 acres
Thomas Best   Portadown   1 acre
John Bethel   Darkly, Keady   5 acres
J. J. Biggar   Reps. of, Dundalk   865 acres
Mrs. Charlotte Bigger   Falmore Hall, Dundalk   1,274 acres
Colonel Biggs   Bradley, Malvern   68 acres
Matthew Black   Dinahorra, Markethill   30 acres
Robert Black   Mullaghglass, Poyntzpass   1 acre
Samuel Black   Newtownhamilton   36 acres
Rev. Thomas Black   Rathgar, Dublin   133 acres
William Black   Tassagh, Armagh   3 acres
St. John J. Blacker   Elm Park, Killylea   266 acres
Stewart Blacker   Carrickblacker, Portadown   1,466 acres
Thomas Blacker   Reps. of, none given   72 acres
James Blair   Tassagh, Keady   324 acres
John Blevins   Ballybrolly, Armagh   40 acres
William Boland   Moneycree, Armagh   49 acres
Arthur H. Bond   Bondville, Tynan   292 acres
Edwd. S. M'Gough Bond   The Argory, Moy   525 acres
J. W. M'Gough Bond   Drumsill Ho., Armagh   3,992 acres
Mrs. Bond   The Argory, Moy   281 acres
William M'G. Bond   same address   1,421 acres
Andrew Boyd   Brackley, Keady   15 acres
Andrew Boyd   Armagh   1 acre
Major J. B. Boyd   Armagh   191 acres
Matthew Boyd   Lagan, Keady   10 acres
Nathaniel Boyd   Drumlarg, Keady   5 acres
R. A. Boyd   Thomas-st., Armagh   57 acres
Robert Boyd   Tassagh, Kead,   65 acres
Samuel Boyd   Clea, Keady   26 acres
William Boyd   Reps. of, Armagh   120 acres
J. Boyle   Newry   73 acres
James Bradley   Mawillan, Keady   189 acres
Denis C. Brady   Bridge-st., Newry   1 acre
Robert E. Bredon   Surgeon 97th Regt.   1 acre
Alexander Breedin   Portadown   126 acres
Anne Breen   Clea, Keady   23 acres
John Breen   same address   21 acres
Mary Breen   same address   5 acres
Matthew Breen   same address   12 acres
David Bright   Reps. of, Portdown   2 acres
George Brown   Lurgan   3 acres
Hugh Brown   Drumbeebeg, Armagh   20 acres
James Brown   Kilreavy, Keady   36 acres
John Brown   Carnagh, Keady   21 acres
William Brown   Lurgan   4 acres
William Brown   Castlecaulfield, Co. Tyrone   231 acres
William Brown   Dungannon   5 acres
William Browne   Corry-square, Newry   3 acres
Rev. Wm. G. Browne   Killeen, Armagh   17 acres
John Y. Burgess   Parkmaur, Dungannon   729 acres
Daniel Burke   Darkly, Keady   9 acres
Denis Burke   Reps. of, Ballynahone House, Armagh   68 acres
Ellen Burke   Dundrum, Keady   4 acres
Francis Burke   Racarberry, Keady   15 acres
John Burke   Darkly, Keady   4 acres
John Burke   Racarberry, Keady   8 acres
Owen Burke   Racarberry, Keady   10 acres
Patrick Burke   Darkly, Keady   9 acres
Robert Burke   Reps. of   106 acres
Sarah Burke   Racarberry, Keady   10 acres
William Burleigh   Burleigh-hill, Lurgan   165 acres
Hugh Burns Jr   Aughantaraghan, Newry   7 acres
Hugh Burns Snr   Glasker Newry   7 acres
Rose Byrne   Cargaclogher, Keady   5 acres
Ann Byrnes   Carricknagrona, Belleek   6 acres
Peter Byrnes   Carnetnagavna, Belleek   4 acres

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