Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames R

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

Bernard Rafferty   Clea, Keady   20 acres
Catherine Rafferty   Farnaloy, Keady   10 acres
Denis Rafferty   Keady   9 acres
Henry Rafferty   Farnaloy, Keady   8 acres
James Rafferty   same address   12 acres
John Rafferty   Lagan, Keady   48 acres
Laurence Rafferty   Clea, Keady   12 acres
Mary Rafferty   Belleek   3 acres
Owen Rafferty   Clea, Keady   17 acres
Owen Rafferty   Keady   15 acres
Patrick Rafferty   Clea, Keady   28 acres
Banbridge Junction Railway Co.   Banbridge   1 acre
Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway Co.   Dublin   341 aces
Newry and Armagh Railway Co.   Newry   298 acres
Newry and Warrenpoint Railway Co.   Newry   14 acres
Portadown and Dungannon Railway Co.   Belfast   89 acres
Ulster Railway Co.   Belfast   347 acres
John Read   Balteagh, Tynan   15 acres
Robert Read   same address   15 acres
Robert J. Read   Drumhirk, Keady   20 acres
Robert Reany   Balleer, Armagh   1 acre
A. Walker Redmond   Richhill   18 acres
John Walker Redmond   Richhill, Armagh   115 acres
John Reed   Carrickmacross   2,722 acres
Dr. William Reed   Newtownhamilton   84 acres
Susan C. Reid   Blackwatertown   80 acres
Alice Renaghan   Clea, Keady   10 acres
Alice Renaghan   Keady   20 acres
Patrick Renaghan   Keady   76 acres
John Renahan   Keady   23 acres
Owen Rice   Clea, Keady   20 acres
John G. Richardson   Moyallon, Gilford   5,74 acres
Jonathan Richardson   Lambeg, Lisburn   108 acres
Richardson, Sons, and Owden   Belfast   1 acre
William Richmond   Ilfracombe, N. Devon   121 acres
George Riddall   Killylea   22 acres
George S. Riddall   Armagh   17 acres
David Riddell   Richhill   14 acres
Mrs. Riddell   Armagh   300 acres
George Ripley   Portadown   15 acres
John Roantree   Richhill   9 acres
Benjamin Robb   Portadown   4 acres
Hamilton Robb   same address   4 acres
William Roberts   Killeen, Armagh   7 acres
Elizabeth Robinson   no address given   65 acres
Rev. George Robinson   Abbey-street, Armagh   340 acres
John Robinson   Keady, Armagh   118 acres
John Robinson   Darkley, Keady   10 acres
Joseph Robinson   Belfast   34 acres
Margaret Robinson   Darkley, Keady   9 acres
Mrs. Robinson   Grange, Kilmore   37 acres
Mrs. Robinson   Killylea   13 acres
R. H. Robinson   Dublin   81 acres
Rev. Thos. R. Robinson   Armagh   265 acres
William Robinson   Keady   5 acres
William Robinson   Lylo, Portadown   77 acres
William Robinson   Ballynagolan Tynan   25 acres
Wm. Robinson Jr. (Pound)   Lylo, Portdown   11 acres
Martha Robson   Keady   4 acres
Edward Rogers   Armagh   16 acres
John Rogers   Crossdened, Keady   7 acres
Samuel Rogers   Lurgan   1 acre
David Rolleston   Tullymore Obra, Benburb   7 acres
Sarah Rolston   Keady   5 acres
Thomas Rooney   Corron, Keady   18 acres
John Ross   Richhill   3 acres
John Ross   Belleek   3 acres
John Ross   Lurgan   1 acre
William Ross   Lisnadill, Armagh   10 acres
Thomas Rowland   Newtownhamilton   67 acres
David Ruddell   Portadown   98 acres
Nelson Ruddell   Lurgan   15 acres
Samuel Ruddell   Turmoyra, Lurgan   28 acres
Thomas Ruddell   Knockramer, Lurgan   5 acres
Ellen Rule   Carryhugh, Keady   15 acres
George Rule   same address   3 acres
Patrick Rush   California, America   2 acres
Robert Russell, and Co   Portadown   3 acres

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