Armagh Land Owners 1870 - 1879
Surnames C

The following is a list of individuals who owned one or more acres of land in Co. Armagh between the years 1870 and 1879. The list doesn't include those with less than one acre or the thousands of people who were tenant farmers.

William Caldwell   Newtownhamilton   10 acres
Earl of Caledon   Caledon House, Caledon   2,877 acres
Michael Callaghan   Kilbracks, Markethill   39 acres
Patrick Callaghan   Clea, Keady   52 acres
Thomas Callaghan   Dunlarg, Keady   17 acres
Thomas Callaghan   Clea, Keady   18 acres
James and Edward Calvert   Portadown   1 acre
Abraham Campbell (Baker)   Carnagh Keady   24 acres
Abraham Campbell, (Little)   same address   22 acres
Alexander Campbell   Drumlarg, Keady   18 acres
Eliza Jane Campbell   Carnagh Keady   9 acres
George Campbell   Lagan, Keady   13 acres
James Campbell   Carnagh, Keady   13 acres
James Campbell   Derrybennett, Keady   6 acres
James Campbell   Tullyglush, Keady   21 acres
John Campbell   same address   109 acres
John N. Campbell   Carnagh, Keady   10 acres
Martha Campbell   Ballyworkan, Portadown   27 acres
Mary Anne Campbell   Carnagh, Keady   20 acres
Peter Campbell   Keady   106 acres
Robert Campbell   Corkley, Keady   9 acres
Thomas Campbell   Tullyglush, Keady   39 acres
Mary Carbay   Carricknagavna, Belleek   3 acres
Owen Carberry Snr   Tullyglush, Keady   8 acres
Owen Carberry Jnr   Tullyglush, Keady   9 acres
Patrick Carberry   same address   7 acres
John Carbury   Keady   3 acres
John Cardwell   Tullyelmer, Armagh   24 acres
Thomas Cardwell   Newry   9 acres
William F. Cardwell   Tullyelmer, Armagh   14 acres
Elizabeth Carlton   Portadown   133 acres
Thomas Carlton   same address   335 acres
Richard Carpenter   Tynan   1 acre
Terence Carragher   Clea, Keady   11 acres
John Carroll Snr   Newtownhamilton   18 acres
John Carroll Jnr   Newtownhamilton   5 acres
Louisa Carroll   Reps. of, Dundalk   3 acres
William Carroll   Newtownhamilton   19 acres
David Carson   Keady   9 acres
Rev. H. N. Carson   same address   23 acres
James Carson   Carryhugh, Keady   39 acres
Thomas Cartmill   Darkley, Keady   22 acres
Robert A. Carty   Holymount, Castlebridge   139 acres
Joseph Thomas Carvill   Newry   2 acres
Patrick J. Carvill   same address   4 acres
Hon. Mrs. E. W. Caulfield   Hockley, Richhill   292 acres
Charles Cavanagh   Keady   8 acres
George Chambers   Carrickaimany Belleek   5 acres
Meredith Chambre   Hawthorne Hill, Newry   1,281 acres
Ann Chapman   Drumard, Kilmore   5 acres
Charles Chapman   Aghagallin, Lurgan   1 acre
Earl of Charlemont   The Moy, Charlemont   20,695 acres
Christian Brothers   Armagh   22 acres
Hugh Christy   Tandragee   20 acres
"Church Representative Body,"   Dublin   555 acres
"Church Temporalities, Commissioners of,"   Upper Merrion-street, Dublin   8,548 acres
Henry Cinnamon   Portadown   33 acres
James Clarke   Edenderry, Portadown   26 acres
John Clarke   Brootally, Armagh   7 acres
John Clarke, Reps. of   Derryhaw, Tynan   14 acres
Mary Clarke   Edenderry, Portadown   15 acres
Robert Clarke   Derryhaw, Tynan   14 acres
William James Clarke   Corr, Moy   53 acres
James Cleland   Derryough, Maghery   11 acres
Lord Clermont   Ravensdale, Flurrybridge   758 acres
Samuel H. Clindinning   Richhill   155 acres
John Clooney   Swords   363 acres
Maxwell C. Close   Drumbanagher, Newry   9,087 acres
George C. Cochrane   Armagh   55 acres
Robert A. Cochrane   same address   41 acres
Owen Collins   Acton, Poyntzpass   1 acre
Peter Collins   Carricknagavna, Beleek   24 acres
Commissioners of Education for Endowed Schools   Dublin   1,275 acres
Commissioners of National Education   Dublin   209 acres
Commissioners of the Town   Lurgan   4 acres
Commissioners of the Town   Newry   10 acres
Commissioners of Waterworks   Armagh   9 acres
Patrick Conlan   Clea, Keady   9 acres
Denis Conlon   same address   5 acres
Andrew Conn   Newtownhamilton   18 acres
John Conn   same address   18 acres
Robert Conn   same address   22 acres
Charles Connolly   Monaghan   24 acres
James Connolly   Tullymore Otra   4 acres
Daniel Conroy   Tassagh, Armagh   54 acres
Convent of Sacred Heart   Armagh   44 acres
Thompson Cooke   Newry   27 acres
William Cooke   Newtownhamilton   17 acres
Rev. David Coote   Knockaneagh, Killylea   13 acres
Cecilia P. Cope   Loughgall   11 acres
Francis Cope   same address   9,367 acres
John Cope   Drumilly, Loughgal   1,897 acres
Dominick Cosgrove   Belleek   7 acres
James Cosgrove   same address   7 acres
Alexander Coulter   Cargaclogher, Keady   18 acres
Joseph Coulter   Dundalk   1,207 acres
Joseph Coulter, Sr.   Tullygally, Lurgan   21 acres
John Irvine Courtney   Dublin   3 acres
John Couser   Carryhugh, Keady   47 acres
John Couser, Sr.   Killynure, Armagh   13 acres
William Couser   Killynure, Armagh   13 acres
Robert Cousins   Tandragee   19 acres
A. Cowdy   Greenhall, Loughgall   9 acres
Anthony Cowdy   Killycomain, Portadown   27 acres
Andrew Craig   Armagh   543 acres
Benjamin Craig   Drumlurg, Keady   7 acres
James Craig   Tandragee   39 acres
Andrew J. Crawford   Dublin   5,258 acres
Rev. A. Creery   Rasharkin, Balleymoney   174 acres
Thomas Crocket   Portadown   13 acres
Rev. William Cromie   Richhill   4 acres
John Cross   no address given   73 acres
Nicholina Cross   Derryhennell, Keady   18 acres
Col. William Cross   Dartan, Killylea   1,090 acres
George Crothers, Jr.   Poyntzpass   5 acres
George Crothers, Sr.   Poyntzpass   60 acres
James Crozier   Edenknappagh, Armagh   10 acres
Rev. John A. Crozier   Newry   4 acres
Thomas Crozier   Banbridge   30 acres
William Crozier   Tullymore Otra   72 acres
Hugh Cullen   Tullyglush, Keady   9 acres
John Cullen   Portadown   10 acres
Robert Cullen   same address   1 acre
John Cummins   Portadown   1 acre
George Cunningham   no address given   23 acres
Richard Cunningham   America   77 acres
Richard Cunningham   Keady   16 acres
Adam Cuppage   Kilmeagan, co. Down   19 acres
Thomas Cuppage   Silverwood, Lurgan   66 acres
William Cuppage   Castlerea   10 acres
Francis Curry   Madden, Keady   10 acres
John Curry   same address   11 acres
John Curry   Roughan, Keady   11 acres
Thomas Curry   Madden, Keady   10 acres
William Curry   same address   10 acres
Edward Curtis   Rostrevor   9 acres

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