The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

Runs from 11 Church Place to
Lough Road at railway crossing.

North Street intersects here

1 McClure, Samuel, Draper
3 Mullan, Rosaline, Newsagent.
5 Allen, Robert, Butcher
7/9 McCreanor, Richard, Cake Shop
McKavanagh, Ph. Chemist
Haughey, J Boot Merchant
21 Stevenson, R., Electrical Engineer
23 Cassells, John, Newsagent
25 Woods, Susan
27 Boston, Thomas A.
29 Casey, Eveline, Butcher
31 Lappin, Joseph, Fruiterer
33 Patterson, Elizabeth, Confectioner
35 Patterson, Joseph, Electrical Engineer
37 Neill, Norman, Hairdresser
39/41 McMullan, H. & T..Publicans
43 Watson & Neill, Solicitors.
45 Donaghue, Michael
45a Brown& Sons, Ben Coal Merchants
45b Club Rooms
47 Kelly, George
49 Houston, Samuel
51 Ripley, John
53/55 Lurgan Gas Works.
Manager: Young, J. W.
55a, Twyble & Co., Ltd.
Linen Manufacturers
55b Paragon Linen Co.
57/59 Copeland Ltd., C & L, Grocers
61 Parks, Margaret, Confectr
63/65 Stevenson, Thomas C.
& Harrison, Doreen
67 Best, Ernest Wm. (L.D.S.)
69/71 Jennings, Ann
73 Turkington, Lily
73a Addis, Maud Hemstitcher.
75 Caulfield, Arnot
77 Gracey, Isabel F.
79 Holburn, Henry
81 Ryan, Gertrude
81a McCavanagh, John. Hemistitcher
81b Doyle, David, Tailor
81e Bullock & Co., Hemstitchers
83 Stevenson, R, M.
85 McCollum, Cherril
87 Mackle, Doctor. Celestine P.
89 Byrne, James J.
91 Gourlay, Rita 93 Heslip, David J.
95/97 Crawford & Co., Ltd.,
Mineral Water Manufacturers
99 McCabbrey, Thomas J, Cycle Agent
101 McGeown, Kevin
103 Berwick, Edward, Publican

Brownlow Terrace intersects

Hewitt Adam Coat Merchant
U.T.A. Passenger Station
Railway level crossing

Lough Road intersects here

Church Place intersects here

2 Jackson Bros. Gents Outfitters
4 Foster, Alexander, Outfitter
6 Hamilton, Frederick Painter and Decorator
8 McCormick, William Ladies' Hairdresser
10 McCarron, John, Publican
12/14 Thompson & Son, R. Auctioneer
16 Lurgan Technical College
18 Lavery Thomas
20 Keenan, Mary A.
22 Hand, Elizabeth, Ladies' Outfitter
24 O'Neill, John 26 Fox, Joseph
28 Morrow, Agnes

Wesley Place intersects here

34 Livingston, George
36 McIntyre, Joseph
38 Cairns, William H. Grocer
40 Green, Margaret
42 Murray, Elizabeth
44 Murray, Edward, Painter and Decorator
46 McCarroll, G. W.. Ph.Ch

Charles Street intersects here

Millar Monument
Lurgan Courthouse,
Lurgan Petty Sessions Office
C.P.S., McConnell, T.
50/52 O'Neill, Francis J. (L.D.S,)
54 Ferguson, E., Boot Mercht.
56 Hamilton, Jeannie
58 McIlmurray, Gerald
60 Wilkinson, Samuel
62 Greer, Florence
64 Johnston, Susan
66 Cunningham, Sophia
69 Robinson, James
70 Clarke, Harriet
72 Allen, Edmund
74 Sholdis Richard
76 Murtagh, James
78 Maguire, Dr. Diarmuid
80 McCorry, Patrick
82 McCann, Mary J.
84 Wilson, Charles A.
86 Drennan, Florence
88 Drennan, Albert D.
90 Patrick, Martha
92 Herron, Mrs C. Ladies Hairdresser
94 Donnelly, William.
96 Magill, Robert E
100 Bradshaw, Georgina
102 Uprichard, Jane
104 Tallentire, Wilfreda
104a Hewitt, Adam Coal Merchant
108 Peel, R. Duncan, A.R.C.M.

Railway Level crossing

Lough Road follows

William Street, Lurgan

William Street

William Street in the 20th Century

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