Slaters National Commercial Directory of Lurgan
1881 ~ Page 3


Carbery Samuel, Magheralin
Chapman John, 19 High st
Clarke William, Moira
Doak Samuel, Moira
Gallagher James, Castle lane
Greer James, High st
Haughey John, 5 Church pl
Hurson Patrick, 6 Market st
Kennedy James, Waringstown
Mullen Henry, Magheralin
Nelson Robert, 21 Church pl


Bullick, Hamilton & Co. Hill st
Corner Joseph, Edward st
Doak William, 74 Union st
Macoun Wm. & James, Brownlow terrace and Mary st
Murphy Joseph & Son, 78 William st. at 14 Linen Hall st. Belfast
Parkinson Edward J. 56 Edward st


Black Thos. (newsagent), 56 Church pl
Fleming John (newsagent), 28 Market st
Mahaffy John B. (newsagent), 8 High st
Toney Michael, North st
White William, 28 High st


Armstrong & Mathers (warehouse),  16 Market St
Black Hugh, Castle lane
Black Thomas, 56 Church place
Bradshaw George (dealer), 43 Market st
Burns George, Waringstown
Collins George, 3 Edward st
Culbert Benjamin, Edward st
Cullenan B. & Co. (dealers), Market st and 24 & 26 Church pl
Donnelly Arthur & Co. (dealers), 48 Church pl
Ferguson Edward (clogger), Edward st
Fleming John (dealer), 28 Market st
Foy Wm. (gutta-percha), Edward st
Gilchrist John (dealer), 51 Market st
Grant Francis, Magheralin
Helen Thomas, Castle lane
Holliday Jacob, Castle lane
Houston Robert, North st
Hull Samuel, Moira
Hyland William, Magheralin
McBrinn Henry, Moira
McCappin J. 27 Union st
McClure John, Moira
McKee Alexander Hugh, 59 Market st
McKeown James, Shankhill st
McLoughlin James, Waringstown
Maguire Charles & Co. (dealers), 33 Church place
Mahaffy John B. 8 High st
Mahaffy William, 20 High st
Moffet Thomas, 33 William st
Murphy & Co. (dealers), 49 Market st
Neill Charles, Edward st
Pollock George, 12 High st
Potts Thomas (& clog), 35 Market st
Rea James, Magheralin
Reborn & Co. (warehouse), 38Market st
Ridgway William, 37 Market st
Tolerton William, Moira
Wetheral William, Queen st


Johnston James, Market st


Campbell James (& fire clay goods), 15 Market st
McClure William W. 14 High st
Mathers Robert & Co. 16 Market st
Waddell Cosslett (manufacturer), Magheralin


Archer Thomas, 6 Church place
Calder James, Waringstown
Denison John, Queen st
Doherty James, Waringstown
Ferguson Andrew, Moira
Hanna William, Church place
Kirk John, Castle lane
Lonsdale William, 37 High st
McCann Murtagh, 84 William st
McCauley William B. Queen st
M'Connell Robert & contractor),North st
Ritchie Alexander, William st


Casey Edward, 52 Church place
Castles Wesley, 1 Market st
Clarke Thomas, 45 Market st
Cuberton Mary Ann, 29 Market st
Daley Thomas, Magheralin
Hughes John, 44 Church place
Loughran Peter, Edward st
M'Cusker Patrick, 46 Church place
M'Guigan Bernard, 39 Church place
Magee Robert C. 1 High st
O'Neill James, 33 Market st


Lonsdale William (upholsterer), 37 High st
M'Cauley William R. Queen st
Turkington Samuel, 22 High st


Marked thus * are also Handkerchief  Manufacturers.

*Anderson James, 62 Church pi
*Bell Thomas & Co. Bellevue
*Bessbrook Spinning Co. Limited, William st. & at Bessbrook
*Brown John S. Queen st
*Bullick, Hamilton & Co. (& embroiders), Hill st
*Clendinning James, 54 High st
*Corner Joseph, Edward st
*Doak William, 74 Union st
*Douglas John & Sons, Union st
*Duke Thomas, Union st
*Elliott John & Co. 10 Charles st. & at 2 Bedford st. Belfast
*Gilbert William & Co. Church pl
Glass James & Co. 57 William st. & 5 Bedford st. Belfast
*Hanna James B. William st
*Hardy Thomas L. & Co. Queen st.* at 12 College st. South, Belfast
*Henning John, Waringstown
*Johnston, Allen & Co. 55 William st
*Lindsay Robert & Co. 62 William st. & at Victoria st. Belfast
*McBride Samuel W. 50 William st
*McCaughey & Co. 19 Church pl
McCaw Robert, Tegnaviu
*Mc'Mullen Robert, 10 Union st
*McNally William, Toberhewny
*MacounJames & Co. (power loom), Brownlow ter. & Ulster st
*Macoun William & James, Brownlow ter. & Mary st
*Malcolm & Pentland, High st. * at 8 Bedford st. Belfast
*Mathers & Bunting, Union st
*Matier Henry & Co. 41 High st. and 1 Clarence pl Belfast
*Murphy Joseph & Son, 78 William st & at 14 Linen Hall st. Belfast
*NelsonWilliam B. 67 William & at 23 Bedford st. Belfast
*Parkinson Edward J. 56 Edward st
*Phoenix Thomas, 81 & 83 William st
*Boss John & Co. 40 High st
*Stewart William*Sons, William 81. & at 21 Bedford st. Belfast
*Watson Robert & Sons, Queen st


Brassfield Charles, Shankhill st
Gracey William, 43 Church pl
Kennedy John, High st
McMullen Robert, 10 Union st
Moffitt Margaret, Market st
Spiers Henry, 26 William st
Thompson Robert, 66 & 68 High it
Wilson James, Moira


Bell John J. 52 High st
Irwin & Co. 14 High st. & 61 Market st


Bratty John, 58 Church pl
Murray Daniel, 50 High st


O'Neill William J. (& estate valuer & engineer for the drainage district of Lough Neagh), 65 Queen st


Carter Mary, Middle row
Dynes Daniel, 54 Church pl
Fleming John, Castle st


Chapman John, 19 High st
Greer James, High st


Beatty John, 58 Church pl
Donnelly Arthur & Co. 48 Church pl
Fleming John, Castle lane
Hewitt Adam, Edward st
McClure William W. 14 High st
Mathers Roberb & Co. 16 Market st
Matthews William, Edward st
Murray Daniel, 50 High st
Sibbitt John, Hill st


Carrick George R. (& tobacco, sugar, &c), 48 High st
Halliday Edward, 47 Market st
McClure William W. 14 High st
Taylor James, 13 Market st

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