Seagoe Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions

Seagoe Cemetery


Erected by Sarah Anderson of Portadown in memory of her loving husband, Robert Anderson, who died 30th March 1894 aged 66 years. Also the above named Sarah Anderson who died 6th September 1905 aged 67 years. Also their son Isaac Anderson, died 20th April 1911 aged 43 years. Also their daughter Sarah Lavinia Anderson, died 24th March 1956 aged 86 years.


Here lies the remains of Anne Blacker, widow of Captain George Blacker H.E.I.C.S died 3rd December 1870. And her three children. Eliza Hill Holder, widow of Lieutenant T. Holder R.N. Died 18th May 1862. Stewart Blacker of Carrickblacker died 16th December 1881. And Hester Ann von Stieglitz, widow of Frederick von Stieglitz died 23rd January 1898. Also Thomas Eyre Moore Wooder? Late Lieutenant R.N. Died 5th April 1903.

Rev. James Steuart Blacker A.M. August 2nd 1835.

Thomas Bullick. Born 16th January 1880. Died 28th December 1898?

Here lyeth the body of Valentine Burrell, who departed this life January ? 175? Also the body of Ralph Burrell who departed this life ?? December 1789 aged 63 years.



Erected by John Cochrane in loving memory of his mother Elizabeth Cochrane who died 18th March 1890, aged 58 years. Also his father William Cochrane who died 24th January 1892 aged 59 years. Also their son James who died in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 20 th January 1890 aged 25 years. Also the above John Cochrane who died 13th May 1909 aged 42 years. Also his daughter May, died 28th July 1909 aged 14 months.



Erected in loving memory of Robert Dalzell who departed this life on 16th November 1897 aged 81 years. Also his wife, Charlotte who departed this life on March 24th 1895.



Erected by Mary Ann Erskine in memory of her brother Robert Erskine, who died 23rd March 1893, aged 43 years. Also his wife, Sarah Jane Erskine who died 24th February 1895? aged 44 years.



Erected by the ships company in loving memory of Wilson Guy, Stoker HMS Black Prince, who was accidentally drowned at Sheerness in the execution of his duty. 1st April 1910 aged 20 years. Loved by all his ship mates.



Erected in 1861 by Isaac Hall in memory of his beloved daughter Sophia Hall, who departed this life on 27th October 1860 in the 19th year of her age.

In memory of Thomas James Hewitt (By his fellow Workmen) who met his death accidentally at the C.N.R. Station Portadown on the 30th November 1883 aged 25 years.



Here lyeth the body of Valentine Joyce, who departed this life ? July 1763 aged 68 years.



Erected by Anne? Kerr in memory of her beloved husband Robert Kerr who departed this life 11th December 1879 aged 61 years.




Erected to the memory of Mary MayKerr Montague who departed this life 18th July 1852 aged 70 years. Also Letitia McKerr beloved wife of Moses McKerr. who departed this life 18th November 1926 aged 63 years. Also the above named Moses McKerr, who departed this life 17th September 1943 aged 78 years.



Erected by Thomas Porter of Seagoe to the memory of Mary Bicker? Who died 12th January 1832 aged ? Also the above mentioned Thomas Porter who died 14th October 1837? Also of his wife Chleressa Porter who died 11th October 1872 aged 92 years.



Erected by William Robinson of Lisnamintry in memory of his beloved wife Jane Robinson, who died 17 March 1846 aged 38 years. Also their son Richard, died 1st September 1846 aged 14 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth, died 1st June 1846 aged 17? years. Also the remains of the above named William Robinson who departed this life 8th January 1855? aged 39 years?

Here lyeth the body of Mary Robinson, who departed this life April 20th 1808 aged 9? years.



Erected by Robert Watson, America, in memory of his father William Watson, who died 8th May 1869 aged 43 years. Also his mother, Elizabeth Watson, who died 20th June 1869 aged 33 years. And of his sister who died in infancy.

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