The Protestant Householder Returns 1740
Surnames N - T
Compiled by Ken Austin

High st and Market st Lurgan

Neall, William - Lurgan
Neile, James - Lurgan
Noyd, Arthur - Lurgan

Oagle, Henry - Lurgan
Oagle, John - Lurgan
Odem, John - Lurgan
Ogle, James - Lurgan
O’Neill, John - Lurgan

Patterson, John - Lurgan
Pattison, William - Lurgan
Pedin, James - Shankill
Pedin, Samuel - Lurgan
Pedlow, Thomas - Lurgan
Peters, Catherine - Lurgan
Porter, John - Shankill
Porter, William - Shankill
Prentice, Robert - Lurgan
Prichard, David - Lurgan

Quin, Beatman - Lurgan
Quin, Harold - Lurgan

Ramey, John - Lurgan
Ramsey, David - Shankill
Randells, William - Lurgan
Raw, Charles - Lurgan
Raw, Edward - Shankill
Read, Thomas - Lurgan
Reed, Captain - Shankill
Reed, John - Lurgan
Reed, William - Lurgan
Richards, Archibald - Lurgan
Richardson, Francis - Lurgan
Richardson, Jonathan - Lurgan
Richardson, Thomas - Lurgan
Richardson, William - Lurgan
Richey, James - Lurgan
Roberts, Benjamin - Lurgan
Roberts, James - Lurgan
Roberts, John - Lurgan
Roberts, William - Lurgan
Robeson, Daniel - Lurgan
Robison, Andrew - Shankill
Robison, Joseph - Lurgan
Robison, Joseph - Shankill
Robison, Samuel - Lurgan
Robison, Widow - Lurgan
Robison, William - Shankill
Robson, Benjamin - Lurgan
Rogers, Christopher - Lurgan
Rogers, John - Lurgan
Rogers, Thomas - Lurgan
Rogers, William - Lurgan
Runsey, Widow - Shankill
Russell, Oliver - Lurgan
Ruthledge, William - Lurgan

Sedgwick, Dr. - Lurgan
Sergan, William - Lurgan
Shannon, Widow - Lurgan
Shaw, John - Shankill
Sheperd, Benjamin - Lurgan
Sheperd, Joseph - Lurgan
Siminton, James - Lurgan
Simpson, John - Lurgan
Simpson, Robert - Lurgan
Singleton, Robert - Lurgan
Sloan, George - Lurgan
Smily, William - Shankill
Smith, George - Lurgan
Smith, John - Lurgan
Speer, George - Lurgan
Spence, David - Lurgan
Steenson, Edward - Lurgan
Steenson, John - Lurgan
Sterlin, John - Lurgan
Stones, Isaac - Lurgan
Story, George - Lurgan
Stuart, John - Lurgan
Sumerside, Castor- Lurgan
Swan, James - Lurgan
Sys, Samuel - Lurgan

Tate, Samuel - Lurgan
Tate, William - Lurgan
Taylor, Samuel - Lurgan
Tetterton, Widow - Shankill
Thompson, Alexander - Lurgan
Thompson, Charles - Shankill
Thompson, James - Lurgan
Thompson, William - Lurgan
Thomson, Alexander - Lurgan
Thomson, Andrew - Lurgan
Thomson, David - Shankill
Thomson, Robert - Lurgan
Thomson, Robert - Shankill
Thomson, Thomas - Lurgan
Titterton, John - Shankill
Tomkins, Richard - Lurgan
Trewman, Thomas - Shankill
Tuft, James - Lurgan
Tunely, Eliza - Lurgan
Turk, James - Lurgan
Turk, Oliver - Shankill
Turke, Henry - Lurgan
Turke, Oliver - Lurgan
Turkenton, Joseph - Lurgan
Turkenton, William - Lurgan
Turkinton, James - Lurgan
Turner, Edward - Lurgan
Turner, John - Shankill
Turner, Samuel - Shankill
Turner, Samuel - Lurgan
Turner, Thomas - Lurgan
Turner, Widow - Shankill

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