Portadown Residential Directory 1888
From Bassett's Book of Co Armagh
Surnames S - Z

Abbreviations, Sub-Post Offices included in this list: B’corr—Ballynacorr; B’hill—Battlehill; Crab—Crabtree lane; D’ville—Derryanville; D.C.—Derryhale Corner; Mul—Mullantine; S’st—Scotch st.

Savage, Roland, Clonmartin
Scott, Charles, Scotch st
Shillington, A. (J.P.) Alta villa
Shillington, T. (J.P.) Tavanagh ho
Shillington, Thomas, Alta villa
Sinnamon, John, Derryanville
Sinnamon, Mrs. K., Wentworth ho
Sinton, B., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Sinton, Jacob, Annagh
Sloan, A. G., Solicitor, Alma ter
Sloan, H, Corbrackey, D'ville
Sloan, James, Mahon
Smith, James, Baltylum
Smith, John M., Baltylum
Smith, M.. Artabracka, Mul
Sommerville, Simon, Ballyhanon
Spears, Henry, Derrybroughas
Spence, John, Hacknahay
Spence, L., Drumnagoon, B'corr
Spence, Thomas, Hacknahay
Spence, Thos. H., Bridge st
Sprott, Saml., Carleton st
Stanley, Chas., Derryhale c
Stanley, John, Derryhale c
Stanley, John, Annagh ter
Stanley, J., Edgarstown
Stanley, J., Mulladry, Mul
Stanley, Mrs., B’teggart, B'hill
Steen, Leo James, West st
Steen, Rt., Corcullentragh
Stevenson, I., Derryhale c
Stevenson, Thos., Selshion
Stewart, Wm., Artabracka
Stothers, J., Roughan, S'st
Stothers, J., Derryletiff, S'st
Stothers, W., C’golabeg, S'st
Sturgeon, A., D'huncheon, B’hi1
Symington, Wm., Glenroll

Taggart, D., Ballybreagh, D c
Tate, Dawson, jun., Drumcree
Tate, Dorothy, Crabtree lane
Tate, Samuel, Derryall
Taylor, James, Derryvane
Taylor, John, Tamnificarbet
Taylor, J, D'macfall, D'ville
Taylor, Rd., D'macCall, D'ville
Taylor, Rt., D'macfall, D'ville
Taylor, Thomas, Derrycorry
Taylor, W. A. (A. Mus.), Millicent terrace
Thompson, John, Cornascreeb
Thompson, Robert, Ballinteggart
Thompson, R. (P.M.), Deryanvill
Thornton, James, Foybeg
Tiffany, James, Scotch st
Tiffany, J., Timakeel, S'st
Todd, Sl., Derryletiff, S'st
Todd, Thos., Roughan, Sst
Totton, Mrs., Carleton st
Trevors, John, Ballymagowan
Trotter, Miss, Hanover st
Trouton, Robert, Bocombra
Troughton, Thos., Corbrackey
Trouton, W., Anakera, D'ville
Tuft, James, Drumagoon
Tudor, W., Derryhale c
Twinem, C., Derryvore, B'corr
Twinem, Chas., Tarson, B’corr
Twinem, Jas., Ballynacorr
Twinem, Leonard, Ballyhannon
Twinem, Mrs., K'mena, Clenroll
Twinem, Robert, Knockmenagh
Twinem, T., Moyraverty, C’roll
Twinem, Wm., Lylo
Twinem, Wm., Ballyhannon
Twyble, M'm., Tamnificarbet

Uprey, James, Ballyhannon

Vaughan, Jas., West st
Von Stieglitz, Baroness, Carricklacker

Wakefield, C. F., Corcrean villa
Wakefield, E. T., Cloncore ho
Walker, John, Seago, l
Walker, Watson, Seagoe up
Warnock, Samuel, Derrycorey
Walker, Samuel, Levaghery
Watson, Alex., Cornascreeb
Watson, James, Devon lodge
Watson, John, Killycomain
Watson, W. J., Edenderry
Waugh, Jos., Selshion, S'st
Webb, James, Clenroll
Weir, Joseph, Ballynaghy
Weir, W., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Wetherall, H., C’braky, D'ville
White, F., Ballybreagh, D c
White, J., B'breagh, D c
White, Robert, Bocombra
Whittle, Adam, Scotch st
Whitley, J., D'huncheon, Mul
Whitley, Mrs, W., Curglas, S'st
Whitten, James, Drumnamather
Willis, George, Drumnamather
Willis, S. W., Victoria ter
Wilson, James, Ballymacrandle
Wilson, James, Lisnisky
Wilson, John, D'neskin, Crab
Wilson, I., Lisnisky, Clenroll
Wilson, Moses, Derryvane
Wilson, Samuel, Edenderry
Wilson, Thomas, Seagoe upper
Wilson, W., Mulladry, Dc
Woolsey, B., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Woodhouse, S., Drumlellum, S'st
Woodhouse, A., Drumlellum, S'st
Woods, Stewart, Derrybroughas
Workman, J., Kichm., S'st
Workman, Miss E., Scotch st
Wright, Francis, Maghon
Wright, James, Artabrackagh
Wright, Jas., Clenroll ho
Wright, James, Drumnakelly
Wright, Jas, Derryhale c
Wright, J., jun., Mulladry, Mul
Wright, John, Artabrackagh
Wright, John, Baltylum
Wright, Joseph, Artabrackagh
Wright, Mrs. M., Battlehill
Wright, Sl., Drumnakelly
Wright, Thos., Ballyworkan
Wright, W., Corbrackey
Wright, W., sen., Artabracka, Mu1
Wright, W., jun., Artabracka, Mul

Young, Mrs., Parkmount

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