The 1910 Portadown Street Directory


Name and Occupation


Acheson's, Ltd., weaving factory
Bigley, William, retired D.I., R.I.C.
Cooke, E., railway official
Coulter, Thomas, plumber
Cranston, Joseph, clerk
Green, William, nursery manager
Graham, John, carpenter
Hyde, John, carpenter
Irwin, William, grocer
Ireland, Thomas, tenter
Kennedy, James, weaver
M'Clure, John, mechanic
M'Cormick, Samuel, miller
M'Cullough, John, grocer
M'Clatchey, R. H., grocer
M'Fadden, W. J., mechanic
M'GREDY & SON, MESSRS., Nurserymen, Woodside Nurseries
Robinson, W. J., saddler
Richardson, Isaac, dealer
Robb, Seth, Woodside
The Castleisland Linen Co., linen manufacturers


Anderson, William, clothpasser
Bailie, The Misses, school teachers
Benson, J., yarn dresser
Black, A., bricklayer
Campbell, James, newspaper correspondent
Collen Bros., builders and contractors
Davison, Joseph, tenter
Delmege, Mrs., boarding-house
Duffy, Alice, sick nurse
Elliott, H., timekeeper
Fails, George, constable R.I.C.
Frayne, M., waiter, Imperial Hotel
Gibson, A., cycle engineer
Grimason, A., tailor
Haddon, Robert, carpenter
Hewitt, Samuel, egg merchant
Johnston, Mrs., boarding-house
Johnston, W. J., U.D.C.
Kaire, Miss: Kelly, James, barman
Lamb, John, painter and decorator
Ludlow, James, tenter
Lyttle, D., yarn dresser
Magee, J., painter
Moore, Miss, boarding-house
M'Cullough, J., yarndresser
M'Griffin, Mrs., boarding-house
Pedlow, Joseph, grocer
Quinn, Thomas, ornithologist
Redpath, William, yarndresser
Roden, Mrs.
Shanks, James, mason
Tilson, Rev. Townley, principal Cavendish College
Trimble, John, yarndresser
Trotter, Miss
Uprichard, Robert, carpenter
Watson, Miss
Wilson, J. R.


Alexander, The Misses, drapers
Anderson, Robert, draper and undertaker
Annesley, George, provision merchant
Birney, W. N., boot and shoe merchant
Burnett, A. J., draper
Canavan, J. & J., druggists and chemists
Chambers, James H., manager Ulster Bank
Cordner, E., cycle agent
Cordner, T., boot merchant
Courtney, C, grocer
Davison, Isaac, druggist
Eakins, A. J., boot stores
Grew, James, J.P., proprietor Queen's Hotel
Hall, S. B. D., secretary Imperial Hotel Co. Ltd.
Hutchinson & Trimble, drapers
Johnston, Miss, draper
Mason, R., grocer
Montgomery, T. J., grocer
Mulligan, Mrs.
M'Broom, Isaac, grocer and cattle dealer
M'Gaughey, William, draper
M'Ilveen, J. A., tobacconist
M'Meehan, James, manager Belfast Bank
O'Hanlon, John, publican
Paul & Son, Ltd., drapers
Richardson Bros., druggists
River Plate Meat Supply Stores
Rountree & Loughead, grocers and china merchants
Sandford, John, grocer and druggist
Sinnamon, Miss, draper
Smith, W., cashier Bank of Ireland
Stanley Bros., bakers, grocers, etc.
Thorn's Tearooms
Wade, S. M., manager Bank of Ireland
Walker, D. W., grocer
Wallace, Hugh, jeweller and hardware merchant
WALSH, JAMES, Seed Warehouse
Watson, W. H., grocer and house furnisher
Waugh, John, newsagent
Wright, W. H., solicitor


Brown, J., grocer
Curran, John, mechanic
Hughes, Joseph, compositor
Joyce, John, plasterer
Mawhinney, James, mechanic
M'Donagh, Henry, dealer
M'Keown, James, plasterer
Sherman, Edward, painter


Connor, J., cabinetmaker
Harrison, James
Hutchinson, Robert
M'Connell, John, manager Fell Brickworks
Neill, John
Sterritt, D.
Steenson, Thomas


Bright, David, foundry manager
Farrell, A., commercial traveller
Megarry, F. A., manager
Shillington, D. G., J.P., Ardeevin
Sandes, James, factory manager
Walker, Alfred, farmer
Weir, James
Wilson, Anne

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