Portadown Business Directory 1861
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 2


Adams, Edward, shoe maker, John Street.
Albion, Alexander, carpenter, West Street.
Allen, John, blacksmith, West Street.
Annesley, William, grocer, Obins Street.
Armstrong & Watson, power loom line manufactory.

Barris, Isaac, Church Street.
Bassier, E., publican, Church Street.
Bechan, James, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Berry, Mark, woollen draper, High Street.
Black, Jas., grocer, Woodhouse Street.
Boals, Samuel, shoe maker, Church Street.
Bowman, Richard, shoe maker, John Street.
Boyd, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street.
Bready, George, painter.
Bright & Co., grocers, Bridge End.
Brown, John, shoe maker, Woodhouse Street.
Brown, James, shoe maker, John Street.
Bulla, Daniel, publican, Church Street.
Bunting, Eleanor, dress maker, Church Street.
Bunting, Jane, dress maker, Church Street.
Burns, John, butcher, Obins Street.

Carleton, Cornelius, insurance agent, Bridge Street.
Carroll, Patrick, baker, High Street.
Carter, John, butcher, Bridge Street.
Casey, John, saddler, Woodhouse Street.
Clarke, James, mechanic, West Street.
Cochran, John, tinsmith, West Street.
Cochran, Robert, shoe maker, West Street.
Conn, Wm., publican and grocer, West Street.
Cosgrove, John, cooper, Thomas Street.
Cowdy, Anthony, linen manufacturer, Thomas Street.
Cox, Mary A., dress maker, Church Street.
Coyle, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Cullin, Edward, farrier and blacksmith, Thomas Street.
Cultra, - , clerk, High Street.
Cunningham, Edward, wheel wright, Obins Street.
Cunningham, John, loom maker, West Street.
Curran, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.

Darragh, R., Thomas Street.
Dawson, William J., grocer, High Street.
Devlin, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Devlin, John, Harp Hotel, High Street.
Dines, Valentine, butcher.
Donnelly, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Dowie, Robert, shoe maker, John Street.
Downing, Mary Jane, bonnet maker, Bridge Street.
Downing, Thomas, clerk, Bridge Street.
Dynes, Henry, tailor, Bridge Street.

Edgar, Richard, postmaster and seed merchant, Victoria Place.
Espy, Miss, haberdasher, High Street.

Farrell, John H., Portadown News office, Thomas Street.
Fergus, Samuel, nailer and publican, Bridge Street.
Ferguson, David, linen manufacturer, Obins Street.
Fowler, Henry, tinsmith, Church Street.
Fulton, John, grocer, Church Street.

Gallagher, Charles, blacksmith, Bridge Street.
Geatings, Patrick, carpenter, Thomas Street.
Gibson, John, boot and shoe maker, William Street.
Gibson, John, carpenter, William Street.
Gilbert, James, grocer, Castle Street.
Grew, Mrs., Queen's Arms Hotel, High Street.
Grimason, David, tailor, West Street.
Grimes, Patrick, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Guy, Thomas, town clerk, Church Street.

Hall, Wm., proprietor of Imperial Hotel, Victoria Place.
Hennan, Margaret, publican, Bridge Street.
Henry, Patrick, High Street.
Hill, James, carpenter, John Street.
Hollywood, James, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Hollywood, John, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Hollywood, Robert, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Holmes, John, Farmers' Inn, High Street.
Hoy, James, butcher, West Street.
Hoy, William, butcher, West Street.
Hughes, Edward, butcher High Street.

Irwin, W. & Co., linen yarn spinners.

Jelly, Henry, woollen draper, High Street.
Jelly, Seth, grocer and leather dealer, Castle Street.
Jenkinson, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge Street.
Jennet, Jas., boot and shoe maker, William Street.
Jennet, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High Street.
Johnston, John, builder and pawn broker, Woodhouse Street.
Joyce, Wm., woolen draper, High Street.

Kelly, Frs., shuttle maker, West Street.
Kelly, Mr., publican, Woodhouse Street.
Kennedy, Robert, reed maker, John Street.
Kernan, J., boot, shoe and leather warehouse, High Street.
Kinkead, George, Belfast Bank, High Street.
Kilpatrick, James, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Kinney, Edward, wheel wright, West Street.

Lappin, John, brick maker, John Street.
Lappin, John, coach maker, Woodhouse Street.
Lavery, Patrick, chandler, Woodhouse Street.
Laverty, Wm., reed maker, John Street.
Leany, John, publican, Woodhouse Street.
Lewers, Miss, milliner and haberdasher.
Lewis, John, shoe maker, Obins Street.
Lock, William John, blacksmith, Woodhouse Street.
Logan, James, carpenter, Church Street.
Loughran, Michael, butcher, Church Street.

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