Pigot's Directory of Lurgan 1824 Page 1

Post office. Main street, Lurgan.
Mrs. Ann Morris, Post Mistress.

Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at eight, and are dispatched every evening at six.

Letters from Belfast and Donaghadee, arrive every night at a quarter past eight, and are dispatched every morning at five.

Letters from Enniskillen arrive at midnight, and are dispatched every night at a quarter past eight.

Blood Mrs. (Hoop-Hill)
Brownlow. Charles Esq MP
Burn. Thomas
Cranston. Rev.
Cuppage. Alex
Cuppage. Thomas. (Silverwood)
Dobbin. Rev. Hamilton
Douglas. Thomas (Grace Hall)
Ford. James (Roughlan)
Greer. George
Greer. Samuel
Hall. Thomas
Haslett. Mrs.
Haughton, Hannah
Holt. Rev.
Kent. Rev. Edward
McVeagh. Henry
Magee. Mrs.
Malcolmson. Joseph
Murdoch. Rev. Archibald
North. Mrs.
O’Brien. Rev. – PC
O’Kelly. Rev. John. PP
Overend. Misses
Richardson. Mrs.
Richardson. Mrs. (Springfield)
Stewart. Lieut. Col. Benjamin
Stewart. Col. Robert. HP
Stothard. Mathew (Drumnabreeze)
Waring. Rev. Holt (Rector Waringstown)
Waite. John (Woodville)

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