Lurgan Model School

Annual Pupil Examination Register 1870

Lurgan Model School

The annual examination of pupils and distribution of prizes took place today, 24 December, 1870 in the Model School, in this town. The attendance of visitors was very large, taking into account the extreme severity of the weather, and the utmost interest was manifested in the proceedings. A considerable number of ladies were present. The examinations were under the superintendence of Mr. J. G. Fleming, Head Inspector, and Mr. James Brown, District Inspector. Amongst those present were:-

Rev. John Gilchrist, Mr. John E. Green,
Rev. L. E. Berkeley, Mr. M. E. Megahy,
Rev. Mr. M. Murray, Mr. George May,
Rev. J. G. Clarke, Mr. W. J. Thompson,
Rev. K. D. Knox, Mr. L. McGeown,
Mr. Henry N. Mathers, Mr. S. Sloan,
Mr. Thomas Menary, Mr.E. Bell,
Mr. George W. McCutcheon, Mr. James McKee,
Mr. T. W. Howell, Mr. Robert McConnell,
Mr. William Crawford, Mr. Andrew Gibb,
Mr. — Donaldson, Mr. Robert McGeown,
Mr. Joseph Wilson, Mr. William Anderson,
Mr. J. Bullick, Mr. A. Anderson,
Mr. John Pelan, Mr. E. Levingston,
Mr. Robert Taylor, Mr. A. Simpson,
Mr. W. and Mr. J. Brown, Mr. M. A. Simpson,
Mr. J. McCabe, Mr. W. J. Fleming,
Mr. M. Nicholson, Mr. Wybrants Olpherts,
Mr. L. Nicholson, Mr. Robert Campbell,
Mr. Robert Keatley, Mr. Joseph Mathers,
Mr. Robert Crawford, Mr. Robert John Mercer,
Mr. Frederick William Magahan, Mr. William English,
Mr. M. T. Sheppard, Mr. James Uprichard,
Mr. A. Pedlow, Mr. Thomas Hanna.
Mr. James Campbell,

The school has never been in a more flourishing condition than at the present time. This must be highly encouraging to the National advocates of education, as showing the hold which the system is rapidly gaining over the minds of the people, while at the same time it reflects the greatest possible credit on the care and attention bestowed on the efficient working of the school by Mr. Greer, the head master. The average attendance on roll for the last year was Boys, 184; Girls, 107; Infants, 105; whilst the average daily attendance has been Boys, 150; Girls, 91; and Infants, 90. Of those boys who left during the year, no less than 51 went into business in merchants and manufacturers offices, and the like, fully finished and properly qualified for their situations. This alone speaks highly for the general management of the school and the pains and diligence taken by the teachers.

The proceedings commenced to-day at eleven o'clock with the following classes:

Girls-Junior Division Map of the world, and mental arithmetic, examined by Miss Greer.
Boys-Junior Division Reading, and map of North America, examined by Mr. Galway.
Girls-Middle Division Reading and map of Europe, examined by Miss Larkin.
Boys-Middle Division Arithmetic and dictation, examined by Mr. Mooney.
Infants Reading, map of Ireland, and manual exercises, examined by Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Mooney.

The answering was most accurate and creditable, and showed a thorough acquaintance of the pupils with the subjects in which they were examined. Several of the gentlemenpresent gave sums in arithmetic to be done, also impromptu sentences in dictation to be written, which were performed in a very short space of time, and with surprising accuracy.

The following programme of music was then rendered by the pupils in a manner to sustain the already well-known ability of Mr. Gaskin, the musical instructor :

SINGING-Part I. (According to Wilhelm';s Scientatic system) Sight and Part Singing Elementary Exercises; Singing at Sight; Intervals; the hand adopted instead of the stave.
Theory of Music Scales, their signatures, chords, and their harmony, time, &c.
Recitative In splendour bright is rising now the Sun (Haydn);
Grand Chorus The Heavens are telling the Glory of God, from Haydn';s Oratorio of the Creation (Haydn);
Chant He was despised and rejected of Men; a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with Grief (Dr. Robinson);
Solo Thou art, O God! the life and Life and Light of all this wondrous World we see (F. de Pothomer).

The next classes examined were :

Girls-Senior Division Reading, Grammar, and Dictation, examined by Miss Colins.
Boys-Senior Division Reading, Dictation, Arithmetic, and Mathematical Geography, examined by Mr. Greer and Mr. Porter.

After which the second portion of the musical programme was gone through in the following order :

SINGING-Part II. Glee (equal voices) Fair Spring (Weber); Madrigal Have you seen my Flora? (Mazzinghi); Full Chorus- From Verdi';s Popular Opera, I Lombardi (Verdi); Duet- Who has not felt neath azure skies! (words by the late Earl of Carlisle) (J. J. Gaskin); Song (in unison) My Childhood';s Home (Beethoven); Song and Chorus Native Music (over); Glee See the Orient Light approaching (written and adapted by W. Guernsey).

The prizes were then distributed by Rev. Mr. Knox and Rev. Mr. Berkley, at the conclusion of which The National Anthem was sung, and the proceedings terminated. A large quantity of various kinds of needle work was exhibited in the girls'; school-room, and was much admired by the visitors for the skill and taste displayed in its manipulation.

The following are the names of the successful candidates and the per centage of answering :

Boy';s School.
Fifth Class.
Douglas Wilson 83.8
Robert H. Sheppard 78.0
Fourth Class First Draft.
Thomas Kennedy 81.0
Thompson Best 80.8
Agnew McKeown 79.0
James Mercer 76.8
John Archer 75.3
John H. Turtle 75.0
Fourth Class Second Draft.
Thomas Orr 79.0
Alexander Simpson 78.3
David Pyper 76.8
Thomas Cordner 72.5
Hugh James Hayes 70.0
Third Class First Draft.
Hugh S. Faile 86.5
Thomas McClatchy 85.0
George H. Quarry 82.0
William Gorman 74.0
William S. Mckee 74.0
James Midgley 71.0
Charles E. Chapman 68.5
John A. Collins 65.8
Third Class Second Draft.
Thomas McGeown 83.5
Robert Dynes 80.3
Joseph McGahey 76.5
John J. Green 71.8
Hamilton T. McKee 71.3
Charles J. Magahan 70.0
Robert McCollum 67.5
Samuel White 64.8
Second Class First Draft.
John Thompson 93.8
Joseph Waugh 89.0
Thomas G. Menary 83.3
Richard Allen 80.5
Henry McClatchey 79.0
Robert J. Walsh 77.5
James Stracham 77.5
William G. Uprichard 74.8
William H. McGrath 73.3
William J. Fleming 72.5
John Callaghan 72.5
James Uprichard 70.5
Robert Moffett 70.3
George Macoun 68.5
William Pentland 67.3
Stephenson Macoun 66.5
Robert Dowey 66.5
Robert Mathers 64.0
Samuel Greer 63.3
William John Bunting 63.3
Second Class Second Draft.
Samuel Beattie 90.0
Robert Kerr 84.0
James Shanks 82.0
Joseph McEvoy 71.8
Frederick W. Magahan 70.5
James Robinson 68.5
George Best 66.5
Thompson Matchet 66.3
John McCollum 64.5
John Thompson 63.0
John H. Fleming 59.3
Second Class Third Draft.
William Orr 65.8
Charles McEvoy 64.8
James Wright 63.8
John J. Fleming 59.5
William J. McCartney 59.8
Thomas E. McCartney 59.3
Fourth Class First Draft.
Margaret E. Cairns 92.5
Elizabeth A. Tedford 92.0
Caroline Strachan 91.5
Minnie Gamble 90.5
Rachel McClatchey 89.0
Mary Gordon 88.0
Minnie McCaughey 87.8
Nannie Menary 83.3
Henrietta McConnell 82.0
Esther Cairns 80.5
Fourth Class Second Draft.
Maria Kingham 79.0
Matilda Egerton 78.3
Minnie Ellis 78.0
Kate Uprichard 77.5
Letitia Hanna 76.8
Agnes McDowell 72.3
Ellen Midgley 65.8
Fourth Class Third Draft.
Minnie Pelan 78.5
Jane McGeown 77.0
Mary Kerr 76.3
Susan Dillon 76.3
Maggie Mulholland 72.5
Sarah Jane Waugh 71.5
Third Class First Draft.
Lizzie Chapman 70.0
Marian Robinson 69.3
Maggie Gamble 66.3
Third Class Second Draft.
Sarah McCaughey 71.8
Mary Seyton 70.8
Mary Mahaffey 67.0
Annie Brown 65.8
Third Class Third Draft.
Jane E. Crozier 77.0
Hannah Egerton 75.3
Second Class First Draft.
Matilda Bell 84.3
Maggie Geddis 73.8
Emily Baird 70.5
Maggie Fleming 70.0
Lizzie Maxwell 69.5
Sarah J. Dillon 69.3
Ellen J. Herbert 67.8
Mary Mahaffey 66.3
Mary Bridget 68.0
Eliza McCollum 65.8
Maggie Marten 55.3
Second Class Second Draft.
Mary Ann Mount 78.8
Emily Black 77.8
Letitia Bunting 66.0
Jane E. Gamble 59.8
Second Class Third Draft.
Mary Smyth 70.3
Alicia Crozier 67.8
Susan Crozier 60.0
Maggie Gibb 59.3
Plain Sewing E. McLean
Plain Sewing Mary Gordon
Plain Knitting Mary Mahaffey
Plain Knitting Emily Baird
Fancy Work Minnie Gamble
Fancy Work Nannie Menary
Second Class First Draft.
Mary Pentland 80.0
Herbert Sheppard 78.8
Emma Semple 76.3
James Pedlow 73.8
Sarah Martin 72.5
Mary Goold 72.5
Second Class Second Draft.
Minnie Pedlow 75.0
Agnes Robinson 73.8
William Egerton 72.5
James Maxwell 66.3
William Campbell 66.3
Second Class Third Draft.
Charlotte McMullan 83.8
Minnie Fleming 70.0
William Allan 67.5
John Bunting 67.5
First Class First Draft.
Charlotte Pentland
John Mills
Thomas Whitfield
Eleanor Levingston
First Class Second Draft.
Jane Midgley
George Falloon
John Mahaffey
First Class Third Draft.
Annie Strachan
Farrell Gallagher
Adelaide Ballard

Superior Proficiency in School Course Douglas Wilson,
Superior Proficiency in School Course Hugh Linton Faile,
Superior Proficiency in School Course Thomas Kennedy,
Superior Proficiency in School Course Margaret Ellen Cairns,
Superior Proficiency in School Course Mary Gordon,
Superior Preparation in Home Lessons John Thomson,
Superior Preparation in Home Lessons Caroline Strachan,
Exemplary Regularity of Attendance James Fairfield (not absent for last 2 years),
Exemplary Regularity of Attendance Rachel McClatchey (not absent for 1 years),
Excellence in Plain Neddlework Eliza Jane McLean,
Special Medal for Superior Reading Cecil B. Russell,
Special Medal for Superior Reading Nannie Menary.

Transcribed from The Belfast News-Letter, 24 December 1870.
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