Lurgan New-line Cemetery
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Lurgan Cemetery


In loving memory of John Hill Baird died 1st January 1936 in his 72nd year. Also his dearly loved and loving wife Mary Elizabeth who died 15th February 1951 in her 84th Year.

In memory of Janie the beloved wife of Anthony Bunting who entered into rest 18th June 1901 aged 43 years. Also Anthony Bunting died 22nd July 1943 in his 91st year. Also Wilfred, son of Anthony Bunting, who died 5th February 1976? Also Emilie? Dearly beloved wife of Wilfred who died 30th? December 1964.

In loving memory of James Bushell beloved husband of Susan Bushell who died 8th November 1890 aged 67. Also Susan Bushell who died 12th March 1911 aged 84 years.


To the dear memory of William H Campbell died 31st May 1929. Also his two children who died in infancy. Jeannie Campbell who died 8th March 1896 and George Campbell who died 11th April 1897. Also Emily, widow of the above named William H Campbell died 6th December 1947.

In loving memory of William John Crozier who died 20th April 1907. Also his wife Sarah? who died 10th January 1909. Also their daughter ?? died 12th October 1927. Also their daughter Mary who died 20th December 1954.



Erected by Thomas English of Lurgan in memory of his daughter Mary Elizabeth English who died 17 April 1895 aged 6 years. Also his son Thomas John English who died 16 May 1895 aged 1 year. Also the above named Thomas English who died 18th April 1929 aged 82 years. Also his wife Essie English who died 1st October 1929 aged 75 years. Also their son William James English who died 28th March 1955. Also their grandson Alan Joseph English who died in infancy.

Erected by members of the Acacia Masonic Lodge No. 24. Lurgan. To the memory of their deceased brother George Elmarr? Evans who departed this life on 3rd May 1868 aged 26 years.



In loving memory of George, son of George Ferguson, postmaster. Died 23rd December 1907 aged 7 years.



In loving memory of William Gilchrist who died 16th December 1952. Also his wife Arabella who died 7th December 1907? Also Jane Hamilton who died 15th August 1955, wife of the above named William Gilchrist. Also his son Norman Jackson who died 9th August 1958, buried in Silverell? NSW, Australia. Also his daughter Elizabeth Jane who died 13th May 1962.

In memory of William Gilmore who died 8th July 1912? aged 67 years. Also Anne his youngest daughter who died 23rd April 1914 aged 20? years. Also William Robert youngest son who was killed in action in France, 22 October 1916. Age 30. (See War Grave). Lucinda his wife who died 18th July 1933 aged 79 years. Also Thomas, eldest son who died 17th September 19??

Erected by Richard Goold of Lurgan in memory of his son William who died 19th May 1898 aged 25 years. Also the above named Richard Goold who died 10th April 1900 aged 64 years. Also his wife Susan, who died 16th November 1925 aged 92 years.



In memory of John Hobson who died 17th February 1903 aged 63 years? Also Marianne wife of John Hobson died 11th August 1911 aged 66 years.

In memory of William Hopps who died 17th December 1900 aged 50 years. Also his son Alfred Hopps who died 3rd September 1904 aged 4 years. Also his wife Sarah Jane Hopps who died 6th April 1927 aged 68 years.



In loving memory of James Jackson who died 28th May 1890? Also his wife Elizabeth Jackson who died 9th December 1902. Also their daughter, Mary Sloan who died ?? June 1897.

In loving memory of Joseph Jackson who died 29 May 1929. Also his nephew James J. Shaw who died 8th February 1898.



Erected by Joseph Kelly of Lurgan in loving memory of his wife Hannah Kelly who departed this life 9th July 1903 aged 62 years. Also Anna, wife of Joseph Kelly who died 6th January 1922 aged 80 years. Also the above Joseph Kelly died 25th August 1924 aged 87 years.



In memory of Sarah Jane Latimer, who died from illness contracted in the discharge of her duty as District Nurse in Portadown on 23rd December 1896 aged 27 years.

Erected by James Liggett in memory of his father, James Liggett who died 23rd October 1884 aged 56 years. Also of his mother Margaret Liggett who died 19th July 1906 aged 80 years. Also the above named James Liggett who died 1st March 1933 aged 75 years. Also his wife Mary Liggett who died 12th May 1946.

Erected by Elizabeth Livingston in affectionate remembrance of her beloved husband Hugh Livingston who fell asleep November 23rd 1899 aged 42? years. Also his Father and Mother, Mary J. Livingston who fell asleep 11th December 1896. John Livingston who fell asleep 11th April 1902. Also their son William J. Livingston who died 28th August 1932 aged 65 years. The above Elizabeth Livingston a loving and beloved mother who fell asleep 9th April 1938 aged 72 years.

Erected by John and Mary Lunn in loving memory of their son William John died 27th May 1908 aged 35 years. Also their daughter Lizzie died 6th July 1911 aged 15 years. Also their son Samuel Lunn, 1st RAF killed in action in France 12th October 1916 aged 23 years. Also the above named Mary Lunn who died 7th November 1927 aged 63 years. Also the above named John Lunn who died 4th November 1942 aged 88 years.

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