Lurgan Business Directory 1939
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Abraham, Christopher, Ardmore
Allen, James, J.P., Gortnamoney
Allen, R. J., Maralin
Annesley, Geo. W., R.D.C.. Kingarve

Bailie, George, J.P., Annaghanoon
Baillie, Miss, Waringstown
Baird, J. B., Springfield
Barr, James, Waterside
Barry, John H., Maralin
Best, Nicholas, The Cairn, Aghalee
Blane, James J.P. Ballydugan
Bridgett, James. Monbrief
Brown, Benjamin. Sand merchant, Kinnego
Browne, Cecil. Derry
Browne, Mrs. Ellen, Derry
Brushe, The Misses, Drumnabreeze House, Donacloney

Calder, James. Corcreaney
Calder, Robert, Corcreaney
Calvert, James, motor garage proprietor, Belfast Road
Calvert, W. J, Ballymacrandle
Calwell. Joseph, Drumnakelly
Campbell, James, Ballinary
Clarke, Thomas, J.P., farmer. Springfield
Crawford, Miss Sarah, Derry
Cooper, Samuel, Monbrief
Corey, George, Cornakinnegar
Cousins, Samuel, Gilford road
Cubbage, Alexander, Silverwood

Donaghy, James, Ballinamoney
Donnelly, Leo. J.P. The Mill House, Lurgan

Eldon, Dr. Aghalee dispensary
Elliott, Thomas, Kilmore
Ellis, George, Kilmore
Ellis, James A. Tullydegan House
Ellis, Thomas, Aghagallon
Ellis, Wm. Ballymaquin
Ellis, Wm. John, Drumaleet house

Farrely, Rev. W. Donacloney
Ferris, Thomas William, Beechgrove, Aghagallon
Filbin, Joseph, baker &co
Flaville, A., Tullygally
Fforde, Commander C H., Woodville
Fforde, C. P.. C.E., Raughlan

Gallery, Thomas, Donegreagh
Gamble, John, Ballyleney
Gardiner, Geo. Legacorry
Gaskin, W.J. Kilvergan
Gilbert, Isaac, Ryefield, Aghagallon
Gilbert, Stephen, Aghagallon
Gilpin, Alfred, The Wilderness
Gilpin, Dynes. Portadown Rd
Gilpin, John L. Clanrolla
Gilpin, Thos. Belfast rd
Gordon, Daniel. Boconnell
Gordon, J. Kilmore
Gracey, John George. J.P. Chairman of Lurgan Rural District Council, Balteagh
Gracey, John. Drumnacairne
Gracey, John. Balteagh
Grayson, Francis. Kinnego
Green, Ernest. Derry
Greer, H. O'Brien. J.P. Woodville
Greer, S. Aghalee
Greer, Mrs. C. Woodville

Hanrahan, John. Cornakinnagh
Hayes, Charles B. M.A. L.L.B. Moorfield
Hayes, J. Brookmount, Aghalee
Hewitt, Holt. Derryadd
Hewitt, H.R. Commercial traveller, Belfast Road
Hewitt, Ralph. Teignavin
Hewitt, Samuel, farmer, Teignavin
Hill, Robert J. F., Derry
Holmes. Mrs. Letitia, Clanrolla
Humphries, Dr. G. L., Moira
Humphries. John A., Westfield
Humphries, Samuel. Royallon, Lurgan
Humphries, Thomas, Corcreany,
Hurst, Rev. W. G., M.A., rector Moira
Hulands, George. Poulterer. Tullyheron

Johnson, F.M. Knockmenagh
Johnston, John. D.L. M.P. Fallowfield
Johnston, Rev. Richard, Donacloney
Johnston T. B., The Demesne
Johnston, Walter, Derry
Jones, Thomas James, Moyravarty

Kane, Mrs. Mary, Ballinary
Kerr, John. Tullygally
Kerr, J., Waringstown road
Kerr, Robert, Gilford road
Kerr, W. E., Anneebrough
Kingsborough, Henry. Drumalin
Kinkead, Thomas. J.P. Derry
Knox, Andrew, Clankilooragh
Knox, 'George Kilroore
Knox. R. S., Kilmore

Lavery, Charles, Tanaghmore South
Lavery, John. Kilvergan
Lavery, John, Drumgask
Lenon, Frank. Derryadd
Livingston. John. Magerana, Waringstown
Lynass, John. Carn
Lyness, Archibald. Aghagallon
Lyness, Joseph, Kilfullert
Lyttle, Richard, Lisnasure

Magenniss, James. Ballymacrandle
Magowan, John. Corcreaney
Mairs, David, Gawley's gate
Martin, John. Clare, Waringstown
Martin, Robert T. Lilyvale, Ballinderry
Maxwell, Alexander. Bleary
Maxwell, Harry. Beechpark
Menary, James. Dromore rd
Menary, Mrs. Kathleen. Derry
Menary, Thos. Corcreany. Waringstown
Minford, Dr. W., Derryadd
Mulholland, John, Waringstown
Murphy, Alexander. Derryadd
Murray, Joseph, Ballynary
Murtagh, Henry. Ballynamoney

M'Alinden, Bros. Stitching factory. Aughacommon
M'Alinden, John. Ballynamoney
M'Alinden Mrs. Mary J. Aughacommon
M'Cann, Wm. C., Derrymacfall
M'Cartan, Chas. Publican and grocer. Donacloney
M'Caw, G. E. Teghnavin
M'Caw. R. J, factory proprietor, Teghnavin
M'Cleary, Boyd. Bleary
M Conville, Joseph. Ballynamoney
M'Corry. Francis. Whitehall
M'Crory, Thomas, Clanrolla
M'Cullough, Robert, Cornrainy
M'Evoy, Patrick, Tanaghmore South
M'Gibbon, Wm. J., Tanaghmore North
M'Gonnell, J., Mile house
M'Greavy, James, Aughacommon
M'Greavy, Patrick, auctioneer, Aughacommon
M'Kinstry, J., Tullygally
M'Leod, Rev. C. J., The Rectory, Maralin
M'Nabb, Charles. Drumgor
M'Nabb, Thos., M.R.C.V.S., Aughnacloy house, Lurgan
M'Stravick, Henry. Kilmore

O'Neill, John, Derrytagh North

Page, Robert, Bleary
Parkes, Joseph, Drumnagoon
Parks, David, Moyraverty
Parks, Thos. D., Ardmore
Patterson, James, Banoge
Patterson, John, Belmount, Maralin

Reid, James, Corcreeney
Robinson, George, Lower Breagh
Robinson, John, Druminallyrduff
Robaon, Dr. S. Mary, Waringstown
Rodgers, Fred., Waringstown road
Ruddell, George, Aghacommon

Savage, John, Gilford road
Scott, Samuel, Moyraverty
Seawright, Alex, Harrymount
Seawright, W. H., Belfast road
Sheppard, W. G., Draperhill, Waringstown
Sinton, W. V., farmer, Portadown road
Stevenson, Joseph R., Derryadd
Stevenson, Joshua, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Norman, Sandbanks
Stevenson, Sidney. Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Thos., Ballyleney, Maralin
Stewart, Valentine. Corcreaney
Squires, F., Waringstown

Taylor, William. Kilfullert
Taylor. Wm., Clougher, Ballyleney
Thornbury, Geo., Waringstown road
Todd, Wm. John, Woodlands
Turkington, John, Derryasna
Turkington, Stevenson. Derryadd

Uprichard, Harry, Tanaghmore west
Uprichard, James H., Tanaghmore west

Waddell, Mrs. E. W Maralin
Walkington, H., Oatlands. Ballinderry
Waring, Mrs. Margaret, J.P., C.B.E., Waringstown house
Watson, H. P., J.P., Beechpark
Watson, Miss, Lakeview
Watson, Mrs. H., Beechpark
Watson. S. J., J.P., R.D.C.. chairman Lurgan Board of Guardians. Ballydougan
Wells, James, quarry owner, Portadown road
Wells. James, Legahorey
Wells. James. Bleary
Wells. John, Cornreaney
White Wolsey, Bocombra
Williams, Walter, Cornreaney
Wilson, James, Derryinver
Wilson, John, Derryinner
Wright, Harry, Cornrainey

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