Lurgan Business Directory 1927
MacDonald’s Irish Directory And Gazetteer
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McGreavy, James38 Church Place
Carrick, J. S.High Street
Kennedy, R.52 Edward Street
O'Neil, M., & Co.2 Church Place
Breen, Peter12 North Street
Calvert, J.18 High Street
Campbell, Harrison104 Queen Street
Carson & Co.Market Street
Cassidy, JamesVictoria Street
Corner, M.194 Union Street
Daly, Chas.Edward Street
Donnelly & O'NeillChurch Place
Duffy, Chas.Edward Street
English, T.130 Edward Street
Filbin Bros.76 Edward Street; also bakers.
Geddis, James80 High Street
Giltrap, Wm.Church Street
Gracey, D., & Sons114 Edward Street
Hall, J. L., & Son36 Market Street
Hare, William H.177 Hill Street
Harvey, J.Queen Street
Hopps, John79, 81, 111, and 113 Hill Street; grocer and provision merchant.
Hughes, J.85 North Street
Jordan, T.Edward Street
Kennedy Bros.30 High Street
Knox, AndrewEdward Street
Lipton, Ltd.1 Market Street
Loudon, W. J.Edward Street
Lunn, MissEdward Street
McCann, FelixCharles Street
McKeown, Francis68 Union Street
Malcolm, S.22 and 23 Princes Street and Victoria Street.
Maxwell, Mrs.Edward Street
Moffitt & Co.14 Queen Street
Murtagh, JamesEdward Street
Palmer, J. W.Market Street
Russell, G.60 Church Place
Scott, T. J.69 Queen Street
Sullivan, Mrs. E.Queen Street
Uprichard, John24 High Street
Doran, D.Edward Street
Lavery, J.North Street
McGeown, J. J.22 William Street
McIlwaine, W.Windsor Avenue
Symington, Robert37 William Street
Clendinning & Sons, Ltd.54 High Street
Douglas, John, & Sons16 William Street
Johnston, Allen & Co.Victoria Street
Johnston, J. A.25 High Street
Jordan, T., & SonsEdward Street
Kinkead, ThomasUnion Street; linen cambric handkerchief manufacturer. Phone No. 65, Lurgan.
Lurgan Weaving Company, Ltd.Brownlow Terrace
McCaw, A., & Co.Tigavan
Mathers & BuntingLurgan
Seawright, Douglas, & Co.Avenue Factory, (Phone No. 25).
Soye, W. J.Bridge Street
Watson, Robert, & SonsThe Flush, Queen Street
Charleton, C. J.Market Street
Johnston, W., Son & Co.3, 12, and 14 High Street, (Phone No. 42).
Magurran, JamesMarket Street
Bingham & GraceyWilliam Street
Hanna, J. B.William Street
Kinkead, ThomasUnion Street
Mercer & BrownUnion Street (Phone No. 77).
Springhill Hemstitching Factory-
Brownlow Arms HotelMarket Street
Commercial Hotel38 Church Place; first-class family and commercial hotel; select bar attached.
John McGreavy, Proprietor.
Grand CentralMarket Street
Great Northern Railway HotelWilliam Street
Star Hotel50 William Street
Temperance HotelWilliam Street
Ewart, S.Windsor Avenue
Mahaffey, JohnChurch Place
Megarry, H., jun.Hill Street
Moffett, E. R.Windsor Avenue
Johnston, W., Son & Co.3, 12, and 14, High Street
Moffitt, W. J.26 High Street; also ironmonger; house furnishing a speciality. Tel. add. "Moffitt, Lurgan".
Uprichard, H.High Street
Baird, W. T. B., & Co., Ltd.Union Street
Bell, S. A., & Co.Bellevue
Hill & Co.William Street
Ireland Bros., Ltd.Queen Street
Ivy Weaving Co., Ltd.Dollingstown
McCaw, A., & Co.Tigavan
Malcolm, J., Ltd.-
Mathers, H., & Co.High Street
Murphy & Stevenson, Ltd.High Street
Paragon Linen Co.Castle Lane
Uprichard, R., & Co.Charles Street
Allen, W. J.Windsor Factory
Livingston, William52 High Street
Matier, Henry, & Co., Ltd.High Street
Spence & Menzies, Ltd.Moralin
Percy, James H.High Street; also cycle agent and general repairer; all kinds of repairs to machines and tyres;
accessories of all kinds kept in stock; charges moderate.
Pedlow, D.42 and 43 Church Place
McMullen, MissNorth Street
Magill, E.23 William Street
Mullen, MissWilliam Street
"Lurgan Mail"Church Lane, L. Richardson, Proprietor.

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