Lurgan Trade Directory 1843 Page 2
Traders and Merchants A - L


Adamson, R. & J., Linen Merchants, Ballydugan.
Anderson, William, Cabinet Maker, Back Lane.
Anderson, James, of Joseph Wilson & Co., Main Street.
Armstrong, William, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Tea Dealer, Ironmonger, Coal, Iron and Timber Merchant.
Armstrong, William, & Son, Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Hatters.
Armstrong, Brothers, Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns.


Ballocke, John & Thomas, Grocers, Bakers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Main Street.
Beatty, Richard, Grocer, Leather Cutter and Spirit Dealer.
Bell, Robert, Surgeon, etc., Medical Attendant to the Lurgan Union Workhouse, Main Street.
Bell, Thomas, Linen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer.
Black, Jonathan, Watch, Clock Maker and Jeweller.
Boyd, Joseph Hall, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.
Boyd and Watts, Maltsters and Brewers.
Brennian, William, English and Classical Teacher.
Brown, Youngson, Woollen Draper and Spirit Dealer.
Brown William, Baker and Grocer
Brownlow Arms Hotel, John Girdwood, proprietor.
Bullock, John, Grain Merchant.


Cherry, Samuel, Spirit Dealer.
Christy, Joseph, Esq., Manager of the Ulster Bank Branch, residence, Kircassock.
Crawford, Misses, Grocers, etc., Main Street.
Cummins, John, Innkeeper and Posting Establishment, Main Street.
Cuppage, John, & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, Linen Yarn Merchants, and General Agents, Offices, Lurgan and 7 Donegall Street Place, Belfast, John Cuppage's residence, Lurgan.


Dobbin, Rev. H., Main Street.
Douglass, Charles, Esq., J.P., Gracehill.
Duffy, James, Baker and Flour Merchant, Castle Lane.
Druitt, Thomas, of Greer & Co., Milltown.


Evans, R. J., Printer, Book Binder, Book Seller, etc.


Falloon, John, Chandler and Grocer.


Gilbert, John, Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns, Delf and Glass, Main Street.
Gilbert, Mrs., Wholesale Spirit Dealer.
Greer, George, Esq., J.P., Woodville.
Greer, J. & F. H., Discount Agents for the Belfast Bank, Offices, Main Street and Distillery.
Greer, Henry, Solicitor, Lurgan and 14 Gardiner Street, Dublin.
Greer, George, & Sons, Distillers.
Greer, George, & Co., Linen Merchants and Bleachers, Milltown.


Hall, Thomas, Manager of the Provincial Bank, Public Notary, Commissioner for taking Affidavits in Her Majesty's Court of Q.B., C.H., and C.P., and Agent to the Alliance Life Assurance Company of London.
Hancock, John, Esq., J.P., Seneschal, Land Agent and Local Director of the Provincial Bank.
Hannay, Robert S., M.D., Main Street.
Hazlett, John, Esq., Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds, to be Executed by Married Women, Main Street and 25 Old Dominick Street, Dublin.
Henning, John T., Surgeon and Apothecary.


Johnston, John, Maltster and Brewer, Main Street and Regent Street, Newtownards.
Johnston, William, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.
Johnston, William, Grocer and Hardware Merchant.


Kennedy, John, Baker and Spirit Dealer.
Kerr, R., Pawn Broker.


Lockhart, George & William, Diaper and Linen Manufacturers.
Lurgan, The Right Honourable Lord, J.P., & D.L., Brownlow House.
Lurgan Loan Fund and Saving's Bank, Henry Greer, Actuary.

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