Lismore Fort

Lismore Comprehensive School lies in the townland of Drumgask, Craigavon, which is about 2 miles from Lurgan centre. The school got the name "Lismore" from the Irish gaelic name "Lios Mor", which means "big fort".

The fort in question lies to the south side of the school and was an early christian settlement. It dates between 900A.D. and 1200A.D. as does Lisnamintry which is another early settlement and is approx. 2 miles away from Lismore. All original traces of the buildings and fencing have long since gone, but most of the defensive ditch that surrounded the settlement is still visible. There are still large boulders on the site that mark the entrance to the settlement.

The LiosThe "Lios" was commonly a circular fort, built on a hilltop. The size of these forts ranged from 20 to 50 meters. Usually it consisted of large mud walls and an outer ditch that enclosed a level area containing wooden hauts with thatched roofs. The bank and ditch provided good protection from wild animals and adversaries for the farming families and their livestock that lived within the settlement.

This particular fort has not been excavated. Though, if it was shards of bone and pottery would be discovered. The fort at Lismore School was included in a map dated 1834 for the area. It was also included in a map dating from 1964.

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