The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

From 153 Hill Street to Sloan Street

1.Young, Elizabeth
3.Graham, Norman
5.McCavery, Nicholas
7.Hawthorne, Frederick
9.Harland, Edith
11.Uprichard, William
13.Parks, James
15.Jenkinson, Harold
17.Elliott, Sarah J.
19.Livingston, William
21.Pelan, Eric
23. Clarke, Henry
25.McCullough, Maud
27.Harland, Albert
29.Wallace, William
31 Parks, Samuel
33.Cousins, Ethel
35.Robinson, Samuel
37 Rollin, William
39.Crabbe, Sarah
41.Lunn, Henry (senr.)
43.Elliott, James
45.Rollin, John (senr.)
47.McCullough, James
49.Neill, Joseph
51.White, Adam
53 Magee, Erie
55.McIlwaine, Annie

4.Neill, Elizabeth
6.Harland, William J.
8.Uprichard, Dinah
10.McCafferty John
12.Grimason, Robert
14. Thompson, Bertie
16.McCullough, James S.
18.Osborne, James
20.Mulholland, Margaret
22.Uprichard, Thomas H
24.Carson, Joseph
26.Turkington John
28.Bell, Florence
30.Hudson, Thomas G.
32.Jackson, Henry
34.Gray, Margaret
36.Wilkinson, Frederick
38.Lynch, Howard
40.Peden, William J.
42.Parks, James (senr.)
44.Houston, William
46.Elliot, Elizabeth
48.Hawthorne Frederick
50.Jenkinson Sarah
52.Hanna, Frederick
54.Thornberry Thomas
Ann Street

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House Number and Occupant

5.Carville, Mary
7.Englishby, Annie
1.Kerr, William
4. McConville, William
2. Walker, William

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