Lord Caulfield's Survey 1622

In 1622 Sir William Brownlow married Eleanor, daughter of John O Dogherty of County Derry, the great granddaughter of Sir John Oge O'Dogherty, Lord of Inishowen. This was not an isolated instance of a marriage bond between Irish and English familes.

Lord Caulfield's Survey stated that William Brownlow had 1500 acres in Dowcorran (Dougher) upon which was a good house or castle built of stone and was 3 stories high, wherein himself, his wife and family inhabited. The house was compared with a strong bawn of lime and stone, 159 ft long and 14 ft in height, with a fair flanker square to the south east.

He had built near a village consisting of 40 houses, inhabited by English tenants on both sides of the streets, in which stood a windmill. Brownlow was able to call upon 160 men armed with pikes, callivers and other weapons. In his castle he has shot and pikes for 50 men.

In the other proportion called Ballynemoney, Brownlow has built a house of lime and stone, within an island in which one Wilfred Trueman dwelled.

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