Tithe Applotments for Tartaraghan 1834
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Name Townland
Adams, Richard  Derryvarr
Addy, Thomas  Derryvarr
Allen, Alexander  Drumannon
Allen, David  Drumannon
Allen, James  Clonmakate
Allen, John  Cranagill
Allen, William  Drumannon
Anderson, Betty  Derrycor
Angel, George  Derrykerriff
Atkinson, Capt.   Broughas
Atkinson, Capt.   Clenmacash
Atkinson, Capt.   Cranagill
Atkinson, Capt.   Dressoga
Atkinson, Capt.   Megarity
Atkinson, Joseph  Drumannon
Atkinson, Joseph  Teaguy
Atkinson, Josh  Drumannon
Atkinson, Robert  Broughas
Atkinson, Thos.  Teaguy
Baird, Samuel  Dervinaw
Ball, James  Drumannon
Balleston, Thomas  Derrykerriff
Bandle, Thos.  Derryvarr
Baxter, James  Clancore
Bell, David  Derrykeevan
Benison, Thomas  Teaguy
Benison, William  Broughas
Benison, Wm., Jr.  Teaguy
Benison, Wm., Sr.  Teaguy
Bennison, Wm.  Teaguy
Benson, Robert  Derrykeevan
Bentley, David  Derrycarb
Best, Henry  Miltown or Derryaugh
Best, Widow   Cloncarish
Best, William  Derrylard
Black, Joseph  Clancore
Black, Robinson  Derrykeeran
Boud, McGough  Derrycor
Boyce, George  Breagh
Boyce, Joseph  Breagh
Boyce, Mrs. W.  Cloncarish
Boyce, Thomas  Breagh
Boyce, Widow   Breagh
Boyd, George  Drumanphy
Bradshaw, Wm.  Megarity
Brennan, Robert  Derryaugh
Breslan, John  Derryglee
Briggs, Joseph  Dervinaw
Briggs, Robert  Drumannon
Briggs, William  Drumannon
Browlee, John  Derrylard
Browlee, Thos.  Derrylard
Brown, James  Derryliliagh
Brown, Robert  Derryliliagh
Bryans, John  Cranagill
Burgess, Thomas  Drumannon
Byrne, Dr. ???  Clannlew
Cameron, Widow   Derryadd
Campbell, George  Miltown or Derryaugh
Campbell, James  Derrykeevan
Campbell, John  Clancore
Campbell, John  Derryglee
Campbell, Joseph  Colmkill
Campbell, Meredith  Colmkill
Campbell, Philip  Gallydenrock
Campbell, Thomas  Clonmakate
Campbell, Widow   Cloncarish
Campton, John  Derryliliagh
Capper, Thos.  Megarity
Carrick, Thomas  Clancore
Carvick, William  Derrykeevan
Castles, David  Clancore
Castles, James  Clancore
Castles, John  Clancore
Castles, Robert  Clancore
Chambers, Robert  Dervinaw
Chapman, John  Breagh
Charlemount, Lord   Colmkill
Cherry, John  Dervinaw
Clements, Henry  Miltown or Derryaugh
Clifford, Widow   Derrynahashery
Clifford, Wm.  Clancore
Coan, Francis  Tartlough
Collins, David  Derrycouch
Con, Thomas  Clenmacash
Con, William  Clenmacash
Conlan, Joseph  Tartlough
Conlan, Widow   Clannlew
Conlan, Wm.  Drumannon
Conolly, Felix  Derrycarb
Corr, Hugh  Derryliliagh
Cotton, Robert  Derryglee
Courtney, Christopher  Derryadd
Courtney, Francis  Derryadd
Courtney, John  Derryadd
Courtney, Robert  Derryadd
Cowen, Edward  Tartlough
Cowen, Geo.  Megarity
Cowen, Wm.  Megarity
Craig, Wm.  Drumannon
Crawford, Anne  Derryglee
Crawford, Jas.  Derryglee
Crawford, John  Derryglee
Crawford, Robt.  Derryglee
Creely, Samuel  Clonmakate
Crilly, Owen  Gallydenrock
Crone, Robert  Derryene
Cross, Henry  Derryglee
Crowley, John  Teaguy
Crowley, Patrick  Teaguy
Cullen, John  Derrycarb
Cunningham, Thomas  Cranagill
Curran, John  Colmkill
Curran, Molly  Colmkill
Daly, Thomas  Breagh
Daly, Thomas  Tartlough
Daly, Wm.  Clancore
Dalzell, Joseph  Drumannon
Dalzell, Robert  Drumannon
Dalzell, Wm.  Drumannon
Delap, John  Clonakle
Delap, John  Teaguy
Delap, Robert  Clonakle
Delap, William  Clonakle
Devlin, Arthur  Derrycarb
Devlin, Francis  Derrykerriff
Devlin, George  Derryliliagh
Devlin, Rose  Gallydenrock
Dickson, John  Drumannon
Dillon, James  Derrykerriff
Dillon, Widow   Cloncarish
Divikin?, John  Derrycarb
Divine, John  Drumannon
Dixon, Thos.  Derrykeeran
Dobson, Thomas  Drumannon
Donaghy, Hewy  Derrykeevan
Donaghy, John  Derrykeevan
Donaldson, David  Breagh
Donaldson, George  Breagh
Donally, Arthur  Derryliliagh
Donally, Felix  Clancore
Donally, James  Miltown or Derryaugh
Donally, Jane  Derryliliagh
Donally, Patk.  Colmkill
Donally, Thomas  Clenmacash
Donally, Widow   Colmkill
Doogan, James  Derrykeevan
Doran, Bernard  Breagh
Doran, Edward  Breagh
Doran, Edward  Tartlough
Dougan, Wm.  Derryvarr
Drolin, William  Clonakle
Dunbar, John  Derrykeevan
Dunbar, Thomas  Derrykeevan
Durken, Patrick  Dervinaw
Dynes, Alexr.  Clancore
Dynes, John  Clancore
Edwards, James  Derrycarb
Eldon, James  Clenmacash
Eldon, John  Clenmacash
Eldon, Joseph  Clenmacash
Eldon, Joseph  Gallydenrock
Eldon, Joseph  Tartlough
Ennis, John  Derryene
Farquar, George  Milltown or Derryaugh
Fearon, Bernard  Derrycarb
Fearon, Gregory  Derrycarb
Fearon, James  Cranagill
Fearon, Jas., Jr.  Cranagill
Fearon, Jas., Sr.  Cranagill
Fearon, Patrick  Derrycarb
Ferguson, Robt.  Drumannon
Finn, James  Gallydenrock
Fitzgerald, Daniel  Clonmakate
Fleming, John  Derryglee
Flinn, James  Gallydenrock
Ford, Benjamin  Derrycarb
Forker, Danl.  Milltown or Derryaugh
Foster, Wm.  Derrykeeran
Fox, George  Clonmakate
Fox, George  Derryglee
Fox, James  Colmkill
Fox, John  Clancore
Fox, John  Colmkill
Fox, John  Derrycarn
Fox, John, Jr.  Clancore
Fox, Mary  Clonmakate
Fox, Michl.  Colmkill
Fox, Robert  Clancore
Fox, Terence  Colmkill
Fox, Thomas  Colmkill
Fox, Widow   Breagh
Fox, Widow   Derryglee
Fox, William  Clancore
Fox, William  Clonmakate
Fox, William  Derryene
Fox, William  Derrynahashery
Fox, Wm.  Gallydenrock
Frazer, Alexander  Clonakle
Freeburne, Wm.  Clonmakate
Freebwine?, John  Dervinaw
Fulton, James  Derryliliagh
Gamble, Moses  Drumanphy
Gardiner, Anne  Drumannon
Gardiner, Edward  Derrycarb
Gardiner, Hugh  Derrykeevan
Gardiner, Singleton  Drumanphy
Gardner, Thomas  Derryliliagh
Gillin, William  Derrykeevan
Gillmore, Joseph  Derrykeevan
Gillmore, Widow   Breagh
Glenny, John  Derryadd
Glenny, John  Derrycaw
Glenny, Widow   Derryadd
Glinn, W.  Dervinaw
Grant, James  Cloncarish
Green, George  Derryglee
Greenaway, Samuel  Derryadd
Greenaway, Samuel  Derrycaw
Greenaway, Wm.  Cloncarish
Greer, John  Megarity
Grey, Robert  Drumanphy
Grey, William  Derrykeevan
Grey, William  Dervinaw
Growley, James  Teaguy
Hadden, Chas.  Derryvarr
Hadden, James  Broughas
Haddock, Thomas  Breagh
Hall, Hamilton  Clonmakate
Hall, James  Derrycor
Hall, James  Derryliliagh
Hall, John  Derrycor
Hall, Joseph  Derrycor
Hall, Samuel  Clonmakate
Hall, W.  Clonmakate
Hall, William  Derrycor
Hall, William  Derrykeevan
Hamill, Hugh  Breagh
Hamill, John  Breagh
Hamill, John  Clancore
Hamill, John  Derrykeevan
Hamill, Mary  Breagh
Hamill, Widow   Breagh
Hamill, Widow   Derrykeevan
Hanal, John  Breagh
Hanlon, Samuel  Derrynahashery
Hanlon, Widow   Derrynahashery
Hannon, Patrick  Miltown or Derryaugh
Harrison, James  Clancore
Harrison, John  Tartlough
Harrison, Sewell  Clancore
Harrison, Wm.  Drumannon
Headden, James  Cranagill
Heard, Thos.  Derrykeeran
Hearn, Wm., Jr.  Teaguy
Henderson, John  Derrylard
Henderson, Thomas  Cloncarish
Henderson, Wm.  Derryglee
Henderson, Wm.  Megarity
Hendron, Wm.  Derrykeeran
Hennold, Edward  Derrycaw
Hennon, Hugh  Derrycaw
Hennon, James  Derrycaw
Hennon, Patrick  Derrycaw
Hennon, William  Dervinaw
Heron, David  Clonmakate
Hewitt, Mathew  Derryliliagh
Hewitt, Wm.  Derryliliagh
Hinds, Charles  Derryadd
Hinds, Samuel  Derrykeevan
Hinds, Samuel  Drumannon
Horan, William  Broughas
Horn, William  Clonakle
Horn, Wm., Jr.  Teaguy
Horner, Joseph  Clonakle
Hughes, Daniel  Breagh
Hughes, Hewuy  Breagh
Hughes, Patrick  Breagh
Humphreys, George  Dervinaw
Hunt, John  Derryadd
Hunter, David  Breagh
Hunter, John  Teaguy
Hunter, Richard  Derrykeevan
Hunter, Robert  Cloncarish
Hunter, Widow   Derrykeevan
Irwin, Jno.  Cranagill
Jackson, Geo.  Derrylard
Jackson, Isaac  Clonmakate
Jackson, Isaac  Derrykerriff
Jackson, John  Derryaugh
Jackson, John  Derrycouch
Jackson, John  Derryglee
Jackson, Joseph  Clonmakate
Jackson, Maryanne  Derrycor
Jackson, Stephen  Clonmakate
Jackson, Thomas  Derryvarr
Jackson, Widow   Derryvarr
Jackson, William  Derryene
Jackson, Wm.  Teaguy
Joes, Wm.  Clancore
Johnston, Anne  Drumannon
Johnston, George  Tartlough
Johnston, John  Tartlough
Johnston, Robt.  Cranagill
Johnston, Samuel  Tartlough
Johnston, William  Tartlough
Jordan, Thomas  Cranagill
Kane, Peter  Derryene
Kearney, Francis  Gallydenrock
Keave?, Hewuy  Breagh
Kells, Jno.  Drumannon
Kells, Robert  Drumannon
Kells, William  Breagh
Kelly, Edward  Derryaugh
Kelly, Edward  Derrykeevan
Kelso, John  Cloncarish
Kelso, Wm.  Cloncarish
Kennedy, Widow   Clancore
Kenny, Robert  Clonmakate
Kevik, Brownlow  Derrykeevan
Kieran, Paul  Clancore
Kilpatrick, David  Clonmakate
Kirkland, Wm.  Cloncarish
Knox, ???  Broughas

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