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21 February, 1896  

We have accumulated a number of news items, stories and historical accounts that don't really fit into any of our existing sections. So we have started this new section of Lurgan News Snippets to house them all.


Regarding a question in the House of Commons on 21 February 1896 by Mr. M. McCarten member for South Down.

“I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with reference to the Local Government Inquiry recently held at Lurgan, whether he can state what frauds, if any, were proven against officials, contractors, or other persons in connection with the supply of goods to Lurgan Workhouse, and whether any steps have been taken in the matter by the Local Government Board? “

Reply by Mr. Gerald Balfour member for Leeds Central and Chief Secretary for Ireland.

“It has been found as a result of the investigation referred to, that certain deficiencies did exist in the workhouse stores, and that the Union had suffered considerable loss during the past few years by the removal or loss of articles of clothing, &c. There was, however, no direct evidence to show whether the late master and matron of the workhouse had been guilty of fraud, or whether the deficiencies were the results of carelessness. These persons having ceased to be Union officers are not subject to penalties from the Local Government Board, but the Board have pointed out to the Guardians that they should consult their own solicitor as to whether there is evidence to justify proceedings being instituted by the Guardians against them. This matter will be considered by the Guardians at their meeting on the 27th inst. One of the relieving officers was proved at the Inquiry to have acted in contravention of an Act of Parliament by supplying goods to the workhouse, and he has been called upon to tender his resignation. The Guardians have also been informed that, owing to the fact that stock of material and stores of the workhouse had not been taken by them in accordance with the regulations, they are largely to blame for the loss sustained by the ratepayers. ”

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