Lurgan Coat of Arms The Armagh Guardian

17 August, 1778  


By the assignees of John Hoope a bankrupt, on the fourth day of September in the year of our Lord, 1778 at the house of the Widow Shaw in the town of Lurgan, known as The Black Bull Inn at the hour of two of the clock in the afternoon, all the Bankrupt's interests in all that and those seven tenements in Lurgan aforesaid, held for several Leases for Lives Renewable forever, under the Right Honourable William Brownlow subject to a chief rent of 19. 10s and now let to solvent tenants at a clear profit rent of 115. 0s. 1d. Also that and those in the towns and lands of: Derrikeevan, Cannoneil, Derrenra and Timulkenny, situated in the neighbourhood of Portadown and Cockhill in the County of Armagh, held by Fee Farm Deed, at the yearly rent of 155. 12s 6d and now yield a profit rent of 25. 4s. 4D and will at the expiration of the present leases, which are of short duration, let to solvent tenants at 250. per year advanced rent, all of which tenements, lands and premises are subject to one annuity or yearly rent charge of 80. forever. And also one other annuity of 48 during the lifetime of the Bankrupt's mother aged 60 years or thereabout.

An accurate and descriptive rent roll and map of the premises may be seen in the hands of Messrs. Tho. Prentice, Phrapper Lane, Dublin and in the hands of Messrs. Andrew Thompson and George Ogle, merchants in Newry, who can give every other information necessary to a purchaser.

Note: The Bankrupt's interest in a lease of part of the lands of Killmarrearty in said County, held under Mr. Jones of Belfast for a term of years, four of which are unexpired and which produces an annual profit rent of 11. 2s. 4d, will be sold at the same time.

Attested to this 14th day of August in the year of our Lord 1778.


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