Lurgan Coat of Arms The Armagh Guardian

1 July, 1845  



Alice Fitzpatrick, feloniously taking a moleskin jacket, the property of Wm. Murray — imprisonment for three months from committal.

Mary Anne Greer, feloniously taking out of the shop of William Paul and Son, three handkerchiefs—their property— imprisonment for three months from committall—to be kept in Lurgan Bridewell.

Rose M’Gurk, stealing a quantity of wheaten meal, the property of Henry Mercer ; three months at hard labour.

John Cooke, stealing a spade from Lurgan poor house—imprisonment twelve months.

James Milligan, same ; imprisonment four months.

William Reynolds, assaulting Mary Stirling, and taking from her the sum of 3s. 1d. ; imprisonment for one calendar month, and bail to the peace for seven years.

John Jervis and Patrick Carroll—stealing a quantity of potatoes, the property of John M’Connell ; imprisonment one month at hard labour.

William Clarke—assaulting James Madole; fined 40s. Patrick Cullen—same; fined 10s. ; and John Mulholland—same; imprisonment for one day.

James Galwey—stealing a wooden box, containing several articles of wearing apparel, the property of Thomas Palmer; three months at hard labour.


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