Lurgan Coat of Arms The Armagh Guardian

1 December, 1827  


WHEREAS, on the Night of Friday the 23d, or early on the Morning of Saturday the 24th day of November last, whilst PETER M’CANN, of Drumcree in the County of Armagh, one of the Coast Guard party stationed at Balbriggan, in the County of Dublin, was on duty at or near Rogerstown, (between Pertrane and Rush, in said County of Dublin,) some person or persons on board a Smuggling Boat, or aiding and assisting in landing Tobacco, or other Illicit Goods, from said boat, or some other person or persons unknown, most inhumanly Murdered the said Peter M’Cann, by beating in the crown of his head with some large implement.

Now the Commissioners of his Majesty’s Customs hereby offer a Reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, to be paid to any person or persons who shall, within Six Months from the date hereof, discover and prosecute to conviction any of the persons concerned in the said Murder. And the said Commissioners do hereby further offer a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS to any person or persons who shall, within the time aforesaid, give such private information as may lead to the discovery and conviction of any one or more of the persons concerned in said Murder.

By order of the Commissioners,
C. I. .A. MAC LEAN, Secretary.
Custom-House, Dublin,
1st Dec. 1827.


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