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Lurgan 1894



Aghagallon, a hamlet and parish in Co. Antrim, barony of upper Massereene, 3 miles from Moira railway station and 4 north from Lurgan, containing 13 townlands, in Lurgan union, registrar’s district of Aghalee, catholic diocese of Down. The principal industries are linen weaving and the Lough Neagh fisheries. The area of parish comprises 5,571 acres, hamlet 333 acres; the population in 1891 was, parish 2,126, hamlet 145. 

POST OFFICE – Thomas Moffet, Postmaster.
Letters through Lurgan, which is the nearest money order & telegraph office.

CATHOLIC CHURCH, Aghagallon & Ballinderry – Rev. A. M. Aulay P.P., Rev. C. O’Loan C.C.

PRESBYTERIAN – Rev. W. Elliot.


BOYS’ P. G. Smith – Principal
Aghagallon  Mrs. I. Smith – Mistress 
Ballinderry Miss Corry – Mistress 
Brankinstown  Miss O’Loan – Mistress 
Derryclone  Miss King – Mistress 
Derrymore  Mrs. Lunn – Mistress 
  Private Residents
Duff William Walter (M.D.) 
McAulay  Rev. A. (P.P.) 
O’Loan  Rev. C. (B.A., C.C.) 
Bone  Thomas – Linen Weaver
Connolly  James – Linen Weaver 
Creany  James – Linen Weaver 
Duff  William Walter (M.D.) – Physician & Surgeon 
Finnegan  Henry – Linen Weaver 
Heany  Edward – Linen Weaver 
Lawisley  James – Linen Weaver 
Lynch  William – Linen Weaver 
McDonald  James – Linen Weaver 
McStay  Daniel – Linen Weaver 
Magee  Henry – Linen Weaver 
Magee  Isaac – Linen Weaver 
O’Doherty  Joseph – Linen Weaver 
O’Neill  Peter – Linen Weaver 
Ussher  James – Spirits Distiller, Ballymacilrainey 
Best  Nicholson & William – Cairn Hall 
Bullick  William 
Bunting  Thomas 
Clarke  Joseph 
Downing  James 
Falloon  Charles 
Falloon  Charles, jun. 
Ferris  Thomas 
Gilbert  James 
Gilbert  Jonathan 
Gilbert  Stephen 
Kirk  Hugh 
Lavery  Joseph – Poplar Lodge 
Lavery  William John – Cranagh 
Lynas  Archibald 
McCory  Daniel 
McCory  Esther 
McCory  Henry J. 
McDonald  Allen 
McDonald  John A. 
Magowan  Joseph 
Moffett  William 
O’Hara  Henry 
Shillington  Thomas F. 
Taton  Thompson 
Turtle  Isaac 
Turtle  J. – Rose Dale 




Aghalee (or Aughalee), a village and parish in the barony of Massereene Upper, Co. Antrim, 4 miles north-west from Moira railway station, dispensary district of Aghalee, Lurgan union, diocese of Dromore. The parish contains 7 townlands. The area comprises abundance of limestone and slight traces of lead are found in the district; parish 2,506 acres; village 8 acres. The population in 1891 was, parish 857, village 151.

POST OFFICE (Sub-Office. Letters should have S.O. Co. Antrim added) – The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Moira.

Dispensary Medical Officer & Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, William Walter Duff (M.D.) – Randalstown.

CHURCH OF IRELAND – Rev. William John Sleator.


  Private Residents
Sleator  Rev. William John – Killough 
McKeown  Samuel, Spirit Dealer – Killough 
Beckett  Matthew 
Chambers  Thomas 
Chapman  Charles 
Falloon  James 
Falloon  T. (reps. of) 
Ferris  Alexander 
Gorman  Stafford 
Hammond  Thomas 
Hill  Henry (reps. of) 
Kenning  William 
Knox  James 
Lavery  Edward 
Logan  James 
Logan  James, jun. 
Long  James 
O’Brien  James 
Reed  James, jun. 
Smith  Hill 
Taylor  William 
Turtle  Frederick L. 
Turtle  Joseph H. 
Waters  Robert & William 




Dollingstown, a village in the parish of Magheralin, barony of Iveagh Lower (upper half), Co. Down, 4 miles south-west from Moira railway station, which is the nearest post, money order and telegraph office. The area comprises 7 acres; the population in 1891 was 312.



  National School 
Farrell  Emily – Mistress 
Dowey  Robert – Grocer 
Morrow  Anna – Grocer 
Neill  John – House Agent 




Magheralin (or Maralin), a village and parish, partly in the barony of O’Neilland East, Co. Armagh, but chiefly in the barony of Lower Iveagh, Co. Down, Protestant and Catholic diocese of Dromore, containing 32 townlands and the village of Dollingstown (which see). It is on the road from Armagh to Belfast, 2¾ miles east from Lurgan and 1½ south-by-west from Moira. A religious establishment is alleged to have been founded here in the 7th century by St. Coleman or Macholmac, traces of which still can be found. The area comprises – parish 8,292 acres, village 7 acres; the population in 1891 was – parish 3,469, village 312.

POST OFFICE – Robert McVeagh, Postmaster.
Letters through Lurgan; deliveries, 7 a.m. ; dispatches, 7 a.m. & 7.30 p.m.
The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Moira, 2 miles distant.

CHURCH OF IRELAND – Rev. Thomas William Clarendon.

CATHOLIC – Rev. John Quail P.P. ; Rev. Eugene McPolin C.C.


Magheralin – David Kirkwood, Master
Magheralin (C.) – John Doran, Master
Drumlin – William Harland,Master
Lisnasure – Thoms Archer, Master


  Private Residents 
Christy-Millar  Wakefield (J.P.) – Kircassock 
Clarendon  Rev. Thomas William – The Rectory 
Fletcher  Rev. William D. 
Hayes  Hugh – Moorefield, Tullynacross 
Mathers  Henry 
Quail  Rev. John (P.P.) 
Waddell  Alfred – Drumcro House 
Waddell  Robert (J.P.) – Drumcro House 
Waddell  William Alexander – Drumcro House  
Allen  Robert -Grocer & Baker 
Bunting  John – Grocer 
Callaghan  William – Carpenter & Grocer 
Castles  Joseph – Grocer 
Dowie  Robert – Boot Maker 
Haughey  John – Tailor 
Hayes  Hugh – Solicitor; Office, 14 High Street – Moorefield 
Hillen  Thomas – Grocer 
Irwin  George – Grocer 
King  William – Boot Maker 
Lonsdale  Robert George – Baker 
Mathers  Henry – Linen Manufacturer – New Forge 
Murphy  William – Spirit Dealer 
Napier  James – Blacksmith 
Patterson  Robert – Grocer 
Smyth  Henry – Grocer & Spirit Dealer 
Vance  Robert – Grocer 
Waddell  Cosslett – Lime Burner & Whiting, Coal Merchant 
Wells  Solomon – Grocer & Hardware Merchant – Mountain View, Maralin 
Agnew  Charles J. – Lisnashanker 
Agnew  William Henry 
Armstrong  William 
Bell  Samuel 
Boyce  Robert 
Bunting  John 
Bunting  Joseph 
Bunting  Thomas 
Clarke  Thomas 
Cluff  George William 
Findon  Alicia 
Frackleton  Jane 
Gallery  Joseph 
Gillibrand  Margart 
Gillibrand  William 
Gelmore  William 
Greer  George 
Hale  Francis 
Hamilton  Henry 
Hayes  Hugh 
Hobson  John 
Houston  John B. 
Kennedy  John 
Larkin  John 
Little  Richard 
Little  William 
Lunn  William 
Lynas  Joseph 
Lynas  Thomas 
McAllister  Andrew 
McDonald  Annie J. 
Mathers  Henry 
Montgomery  William J. 
Mulligan  William 
Murphy  Robert 
Nicholson   – – Lisnashanker 
Nicholson  John 
Patterson  Hugh 
Quinn  Bernard 
Rowan  James 
Simpson  George 
Simpson  Robert 
Spence  John 
Taylor  William 
Waddell  Cosslett (reps. of) 
Waddell  Robert A. 
Wardlow  William 
Waring  Logan 
Watson  Hugh 

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