Slaters National Commercial Directory of Ireland
Portadown 1881 Page 3

Guy William John, Carleton st
Pentland John S. West st

Marked thus * are Commission Agents.

Burnett &Corbett (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth), High st. & West st
Capper Adam C. (for Goulding’s & Richardson’s manures), High st
Fisher Robert (linen), Alma ter
* Fordyce James, Thomas st. & at Hill st. Newry
Grew John (emigration), High st
* Guy Wm. John (& emigration), Carleton st
Hobson John (goods agent to the Great Northern Railway), Woodhouse st
Kennedy Matthew (for John Woolsey & Co. brewers, Castle Bellingham),
Mary st
* Livingston John G. (& emigration), Bridge st
McCammon J. M. & J. (for W. & A. Gilbey), West st
McClelland Joseph & Co. (manures), High st
* Mackay William, Eden ter. Edenderry
Pentland John S. (emigration), West st
* Russell Thomas, Edenderry
Shillington Averell & Son (for Coutt’s acetic acid, & Leath & Ross,
homœpathic chemists), High st
Sinnamon D’Arcy (for Government emigration), Wentworth House
Wallace Hugh (for Phillips & Sons’ safes), Woodhouse st
Wartley Elizabeth (for D. C. Hutchison, dyer, Belfast), Woodhouse st
Wilson Elizabeth (sewing, & for Gibson Brothers, dyers, Paisley), Edenderry

Fordyce James (& consulting forester & landscape gardener), Thomas st.
Portadown, & Hill st. Newry
McMullan Hugh, Woodhouse st
Pentland John S. West st

Brown Thomas Edenderry
Finn William, High st. & Carleton st
Johnson, Alex. & Son, High st. & Edenderry
Keating & Doherty, High st. & Bridge st
McIlveen Brothers, High st
McKell James, Market st
Mitchell William, High st
Stanley Henry, High st
Treanor James, Woodhouse st
Woolsey Geo. Thomas st. & Market st
Wright, Robert, West st

BANK OF IRELAND (Branch), High st – draws on the Bank of England, London – Robert Kernahan, agent
BELFAST BANKING CO. (Branch), High st – draws on the Union Bank, London
– Geo. Kinkead, manager
ULSTER BANKING CO. (Branch), High st – draws on Prescott, Cave & Co. &
London & Westminster Bank, London – Hugh Anderson, manager

Allen John (& whitesmith), John st
Atkinson John, Woodhouse st
Gallagher Charles, Edenderry
Montgomery James, Edgarstown
Montgomery Joseph, Mary st
Mooney Edward, Obins st

(See also Linen Manufacturers.)
Cowdy Anthony & Sons (& dyers), Thomas st; works, Greenhall Mills, near Loughgall
Watson, Armstrong & Co. Edenderry Factory, & at Belfast

Byrne Patrick, High st
Farrell S. (& bookbinder), Thomas st. & High st
Kernan John & Son, High st
Lutton William, Edenderry
Reid William (stationer), William st
Thornton David, High st
Wallace, Hugh (stationer), Woodhouse st
Waugh David W. High st

Boles John, David st
Boles Samuel, Thomas st
Brown James, Woodhouse st
Cochrane Robert, William st
Cooper Thomas, Thomas st
Cummings John, High st
Donaghy Patrick (clogger & clog sole), High st
Fowler Joseph, Woodhouse st
Gray John & Co. (& manufacturerers), High st
Hollywood John, Bridge st
Hoy Joseph, High st
Hunniford James, Woodhouse st
Jenkinson William J., West st
Johnston Charlotte (dealer), High st
Kernan John & Son, High st
Lee Mark, William st
McAteer R. Castle st
McCappin W. Carleton st
McConville John, Bridge st
McLaughlin David, Edenderry
Martin David, Edenderry
Paul William & Son (warehouse), High st
Pentland Edward, Edenderry
Robinson Thomas Mary st
Shillington Averell & Son (warehouse), High st
Trimble Moore (clogger), Bridge st

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McCoo Michael, Woodhouse st
Wallace Hugh, Woodhouse st
Watson John, West st

Bright Brothers, Edenderry
Shillington Thos. A. & Son (& cement), Castle st
Tate John, Castle st

Black George, Shambles
Black Hamilton, Shambles
Black Joseph, Shambles
Black Thomas, Shambles
Brownlee William, Shambles
Burns Thomas, Shambles
Campbell John, Woodhouse st
Hoey John jun. Shambles
Hoey Thomas, Shambles
Hughes John, Shambles
Loughran Edward, Woodhouse st
McCorry Hugh, Market st
McNally Edward, Shambles
McNally Thomas, Shambles
Mulholland Daniel, Shambles
Totton Elizabeth, Market st
Totton James, Market st

Benson John, Butter market
Benson Samuel, Butter market
Harvey Brothers, Butter market
Lonsdale James, Butter market
McCambridge James, Butter market

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