Slaters National Commercial Directory of Ireland
1846 Page 1

Post office. Main street, Lurgan.
William B. Morris, Post Master.

Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at five, and are dispatched every evening at twenty minutes past seven.

Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every night at twenty minutes before ten, and are dispatched every morning at three.

Letters from Antrim and other parts of the North of Ireland arrive every evening at twenty minutes before eight, and are dispatched every morning at five.

Letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every morning at three, and are dispatched every night at twenty minutes before ten.

Boyd, Mrs. Ann, Main street
Burke, Mrs. Ann, Main street
Christy, Joseph, Esq. Main street
Cunningham, Rev. John R. Chapel House
Cuppage, Thomas, Esq. Silverwood
Dobbin, Rev. Hamilton, Main street
Douglass, Charles, Esq. Grace Hall
Faloou, Rev. Charles, Glebe House
Fleming, Mrs. Eliza, Main street
Fleming, James, Esq. Main street
Ford, Francis, Esq. Raughlin
Greer, George, Esq. J.P. Wood Vale
Greer, Miss Jane, Main street
Greer, Samuel, Esq. Church square
Hancock, John, Esq. J.P. Main street
Hazlett, Mrs. --, Church square
Jevers, Rev. Colin, Moira
Johnston, Rev. James, South street
Johnston, Mrs. Martha, Main street
Lurgan, the right Honourable Lord, Brownlow House
McKee, Mrs. Ann, South street
McKee, Rev. James, South street
Mercer, Captain Henry, Laurel Vale
Millar, Joseph, Esq. Wilderness
Mulligan, Rev. James, South street
Murray, Mrs. Catherine, Moira
O’Brien, Rev. William, Chapel House
Oulton, Rev. William P. Main street
Overend, Miss Betty, Church square
Shaw, John, Esq. Main street
Todd, Mrs. Jane, Main street
Waring, the Very Rev. Holt (dean), Waringstown
Waring, Thomas, Esq., Waringsfield
Watson, Francis, Esq., Lake view
Watson, Francis, Esq., Main street
Wynne, Rev., Wm. Henry, Glebe House

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