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1901 and 1911 Census

Births Marriages and Deaths

The Lurgan Births Index
The Lurgan Marriages Index
The Lurgan Deaths Index

Records Index

Townland Search

Lurgan Town Householders and Traders Index From 1700 to 1970

Griffiths Valuations

Griffiths Explained

Lurgan Town 1864 Index
Lurgan Street Index A 1864
Lurgan Street Index B 1864
Lurgan Street Index C 1864
Lurgan Street Index D 1864
Lurgan Street Index E 1864
Lurgan Street Index F 1864
Lurgan Street Index G 1864
Lurgan Street Index H 1864
Lurgan Street Index J 1864
Lurgan Street Index K 1864
Lurgan Street Index L 1864
Lurgan Street Index M 1864
Lurgan Street Index N 1864
Lurgan Street Index O 1864
Lurgan Street Index Q 1864
Lurgan Street Index R 1864
Lurgan Street Index S 1864
Lurgan Street Index T 1864
Lurgan Street Index U 1864
Lurgan Street Index W 1864
Montiaghs 1864 Index
Ardmore 1864
Ballynery 1864
Charlestown 1864
Derryadd 1864
Derrycor 1864
Derryinver 1864
Derryloste 1864
Derrymacash 1864
Derrytagh North 1864
Derrytagh South 1864
Derrytrasna 1864
Seagoe Parish 1864 Index
Aghacommon 1864
Annaloist 1864
Ballydonaghy 1864
Ballygargan 1864
Ballyhannon 1864
Ballymacrandal 1864
Ballynaghy 1864
Bocombra 1864
Breagh 1864
Derryvore 1864
Drumnagoon 1864
Drumlisnagrilly 1864
Drumnacanvy 1864
Hacknahay 1864
Kernan 1864
Killycomain 1864
Knock 1864
Knockmenagh 1864
Knocknamuckly 1864
Levaghery 1864
Lisnamintry 1864
Lylo 1864
Lisnisky 1864
Seagoe Lower 1864
Seagoe Upper 1864
Tarsan 1864

Shankill Churchwardens 1653 - 1800 Page 1

Shankill Churchwardens 1653 - 1800 Page 2

Tennants on Brownlows Derry 1648 - 1800

Lurgan Cess Records - 1693

Lurgan Quaker List - 1696

Hearth Tax Rolls Index

Hearth Tax Rolls 1664 Page 1
Hearth Tax Rolls 1664 Page 2
Hearth Tax Rolls 1664 Page 3
Hearth Tax Rolls 1664 Page 4
Hearth Tax Rolls 1664 Page 5

Drumcree Residents ~ 1737 - 40

Drumcree Rent and Tithe Payers List ~ 1737 Surnames A - L
Drumcree Rent and Tithe Payers List ~ 1737 Surnames M - Z
Drumcree Protestant Householders ~ 1740

Protestant Householders ~ 1740 Surnames A - D
Protestant Householders ~ 1740 Surnames E - J
Protestant Householders ~ 1740 Surnames K - M
Protestant Householders ~ 1740 Surnames N - T
Protestant Householders ~ 1740 Surnames U - Z

Armagh Flax Growers 1796

Armagh Flax Growers 1796 A - C
Armagh Flax Growers 1796 D - G
Armagh Flax Growers 1796 H - L
Armagh Flax Growers 1796 M - Q
Armagh Flax Growers 1796 R - Z

Freeholders Records 1813 - 1832

Lurgan Tithe Applotments Index

Drumcree Tithes 1828 Page 1
Drumcree Tithes 1828 Page 2
Montiaghs Tithes 1833 Page 1
Montiaghs Tithes 1833 Page 2
Shankill Tithes 1833 Page 1
Shankill Tithes 1833 Page 2
Shankill Tithes 1833 Page 3
Seagoe Tithes 1834 Page 1
Seagoe Tithes 1834 Page 2
Seagoe Tithes 1834 Page 3
Tartaraghan Tithes 1834 Page 1
Tartaraghan Tithes 1834 Page 2

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Brownlow's Derry Index Page
Brownlow's Rent Rolls 1635
Brownlow's Rent Rolls Lurgan 1667
Brownlow's Land Applotments 1667
Brownlow's Derry 1667
Brownlow's Derry 1755 to 1758
Brownlow's Derry 1763 to 1766 Page 1
Brownlow's Derry 1763 to 1766 Page 2
Brownlow's Derry 1763 to 1766 Page 3

Lurgan Town Rental List 1755-1758
Lurgan Town Rental List 1763-1766 Page 1
Lurgan Town Rental List 1763-1766 Page 2
Lurgan Town Rental List 1763-1766 Page 3
Lurgan Town Rental List 1763-1766 Page 4
Lurgan Town Rental List 1763-1766 Page 5

Lurgan Directory 1819 page1
Lurgan Directory 1819 page2

Pigots Lurgan 1824 Index
Pigots Lurgan 1824 Page 1
Pigots Lurgan 1824 Page 2
Pigots Lurgan 1824 Page 3

Lurgan Directory 1829 page1
Lurgan Directory 1829 page2

Matier's Directory of Lurgan 1835

Lurgan Directory 1840 page1
Lurgan Directory 1840 page2
Lurgan Directory 1840 page3

Portadown Directory 1840

Lurgan Directory 1843 page1
Lurgan Directory 1843 page2
Lurgan Directory 1843 page3

Slaters Lurgan 1846 Page 1
Slaters Lurgan 1846 Page 2
Slaters Lurgan 1846 Page 3

Portadown Directory 1852 page1
Portadown Directory 1852 page2
Portadown Directory 1852 page3

Lurgan Directory 1852 page1
Lurgan Directory 1852 page2
Lurgan Directory 1852 page3

Lurgan Directory 1856 page1
Lurgan Directory 1856 page2
Lurgan Directory 1856 page3
Lurgan Directory 1856 page4

Portadown Directory 1861 page1
Portadown Directory 1861 page2
Portadown Directory 1861 page3

Lurgan Directory 1861 page1
Lurgan Directory 1861 page2
Lurgan Directory 1861 page3

Thom's Irish Almanac 1862

Lurgan Directory 1863 page1
Lurgan Directory 1863 page2

Linen Factory Houses 1864. Page 1
Linen Factory Houses 1864. Page 2
Linen Factory Houses 1864. Page 3
Linen Factory Houses 1864. Page 4
Linen Factory Houses 1864. Page 5

Lurgan Directory 1865 page1
Lurgan Directory 1865 page2
Lurgan Directory 1865 page3

Armagh Land Owners A 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners C 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners D 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners E 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners F 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners G 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners H 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners I 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners J 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners K 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners L 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners M 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners N 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners O 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners P 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners Q 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners R 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners S 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners T 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners U 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners V 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners W 1870-79
Armagh Land Owners Y 1870-79

Lurgan Directory 1870 page1
Lurgan Directory 1870 page2
Lurgan Directory 1870 page3

Lurgan Directory 1877 page1
Lurgan Directory 1877 page2
Lurgan Directory 1877 page3

Lurgan Directory 1880 page1
Lurgan Directory 1880 page2
Lurgan Directory 1880 page3
Lurgan Directory 1880 page4
Lurgan Directory 1880 page5
Lurgan Directory 1880 page6

Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 1
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 2
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 3
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 4
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 5
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 6
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 7
Larkin, John
Larkin, John"slaters1881p08.htm">Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 8
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 9
Slaters Lurgan Directory 1881 Page 10

Slater's Portadown 1881 page1
Slater's Portadown 1881 page2
Slater's Portadown 1881 page3
Slater's Portadown 1881 page4
Slater's Portadown 1881 page5
Slater's Portadown 1881 page6

Lurgan Directory 1884 page1
Lurgan Directory 1884 page2
Lurgan Directory 1884 page3

Lurgan Directory 1888 page1
Lurgan Directory 1888 page2
Lurgan Directory 1888 page3
Lurgan Directory 1888 page4
Lurgan Directory 1888 page5
Lurgan Directory 1888 page6

Portadown Residential Directory 1888 A - F
Portadown Residential Directory 1888 G - L
Portadown Residential Directory 1888 M - R
Portadown Residential Directory 1888 S - Z

Portadown Directory 1888 Page 1
Portadown Directory 1888 Page 2
Portadown Directory 1888 Page 3
Portadown Directory 1888 Page 4

Lurgan Directory 1890 page1
Lurgan Directory 1890 page2
Lurgan Directory 1890 page3

Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 1
Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 2
Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 3
Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 4
Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 5
Slater's Lurgan 1894 Page 6

Slater's Lurgan Rural 1894 Page 1
Slater's Lurgan Rural 1894 Page 2

Lurgan Directory 1896 page1
Lurgan Directory 1896 page2
Lurgan Directory 1896 page3
Lurgan Directory 1896 page4

Lurgan Directory 1899 page1
Lurgan Directory 1899 page2
Lurgan Directory 1899 page3
Lurgan Directory 1899 page4

Portadown Directory 1901 page1
Portadown Directory 1901 page2
Portadown Directory 1901 page3

Lurgan Directory 1901 page1
Lurgan Directory 1901 page2
Lurgan Directory 1901 page3
Lurgan Directory 1901 page4

Lurgan Directory 1905 page1
Lurgan Directory 1905 page2
Lurgan Directory 1905 page3
Lurgan Directory 1905 page4

Lurgan Directory 1907 page1
Lurgan Directory 1907 page2
Lurgan Directory 1907 page3
Lurgan Directory 1907 page4

Lurgan Directory 1910 page1
Lurgan Directory 1910 page2
Lurgan Directory 1910 page3
Lurgan Directory 1910 page4

Portadown Trade Directory 1910 Page 1
Portadown Trade Directory 1910 Page 2
Portadown Trade Directory 1910 Page 3
Portadown Trade Directory 1910 Page 4
Portadown Trade Directory 1910 Page 5

Portadown Street Directory 1910 A - F
Portadown Street Directory 1910 G - L
Portadown Street Directory 1910 M - R
Portadown Street Directory 1910 S - Z

Portadown Trade Directories 1912 - 1925

The Ulster Coveant 1912

Lurgan Directory 1915 page1
Lurgan Directory 1915 page2
Lurgan Directory 1915 page3
Lurgan Directory 1915 page4

Lurgan Directory 1918 page1
Lurgan Directory 1918 page2
Lurgan Directory 1918 page3
Lurgan Directory 1918 page4
Lurgan Directory 1918 page5
Lurgan Directory 1918 page6
Lurgan Directory 1918 page7
Lurgan Directory 1918 page8
Lurgan Directory 1918 page9
Lurgan Directory 1918 page10

Lurgan Directory 1921 - 1924

Lurgan Directory 1925 page1
Lurgan Directory 1925 page2
Lurgan Directory 1925 page3
Lurgan Directory 1925 page4
Lurgan Directory 1925 page5
Lurgan Directory 1925 page6

Lurgan Directory 1927 page1
Lurgan Directory 1927 page2
Lurgan Directory 1927 page3

Lurgan Directory 1930 - 1936

Portadown Trade Directories 1930 - 1939

Lurgan Directory 1935 page1
Lurgan Directory 1935 page2
Lurgan Directory 1935 page3
Lurgan Directory 1935 page4
Lurgan Directory 1935 page5

Lurgan Directory 1939 page1
Lurgan Directory 1939 page2
Lurgan Directory 1939 page3
Lurgan Directory 1939 page4
Lurgan Directory 1939 page5
Lurgan Directory 1939 page6

Lurgan Directory 1940 - 1944

Lurgan Directory 1945 page1
Lurgan Directory 1945 page2
Lurgan Directory 1945 page3
Lurgan Directory 1945 page4
Lurgan Directory 1945 page5
Lurgan Directory 1945 page6

Portadown Trade Directories 1940 - 1949

Lurgan Directory 1946 - 1949

Portadown Trade Directories 1950 - 1959

Lurgan Directory 1950 - 1959

Lurgan Directory 1960 - 1969

Portadown Trade Directories 1960 - 1969

1901 Census Returns (Rural)

Brownlow's Derry

Tannaghmore West


Derrytagh North
Derrytagh South

Lurgan Street Directory 1901

Agnes Street
Albert Street
Ann Street
Arthur Street
Avenue Road
Black's Court
Brownlow Terrace
Brown's Court
Brown's Lane
Brown Street
Castle Lane
Charles Street
Church Place
Church Walk
Clara Street
Connolly's Row
Derry Street
Diaper Row
Dobbins Court
Edward Street Part 1
Edward Street Part 2
Ellis's Court
Emerson's Court
Factory Lane
Fleming's Court
Flush Place
Francis Street
Fredrick Place
Garland Avenue
George Street
Gilbert's Court
Gilford Road
Greer's Court
Hamilton Street
Harkin's Court
Hazelton's Court
High Street
Hill Street
Hill Street 2
Hoop Hill

James Street
John Street
John Street Workhouse
Johnston's Row
Kilmaine Street
Lake Street
Lavery's Court
Market Street
Mark Street
Mary Street
May's Court
McCorry's Court
Moores Lane
Nettleton's Court
New Street
North Street
Princes Street
Queen Street
Robert Street
Rogers Court
Rooney's Lane
Shankill Place
Shankill Street
Taylors Court
Thomas Street
Thompson's court
Totten's Court
Totten's Row
Ulster Street
Union Street Part 1
Union Street Part 2
Victoria Street
Waring Street
Waringstown Road
Watson's Lane
Weaver's Row
William Street
Windsor Avenue
Woodville Street

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Lurgan Street Sirectory 1959

Agnes Street
Albert Avenue
Albert Street
Alexandra Square
Ann Street
Annesborough Road
Antrim Road
Ardboe Drive
Arthur Street
Ashleigh Cresent
Avenue Road
Banbridge Road
Beaumont Square
Bell's Row
Black's Court
Brown's Court
Brown's Lane
Brown Street
Brownlow Terrace
Cafolla Gardens
Carnegie Street
Carrick Drive
Castle Lane
Charles Street
Cherry Tree Walk
Church Place
Church Walk
Clara Street
Colban Crescent
College Walk
Connolly Place
Coronation Street
Cypress Gardens
Dean's Walk
Demesne Avenue
Derry Street
Diaper Row
Dill Avenue
Edward Street (Odd)
Edward Street (Even)
Elmwood Terrace
Festival Square
Flush Place
Foster Place
Francis Street
Garland Avenue
George Street
Gilbert's Court
Gilford Road
Glebe Terrace
Glenview Drive
Grattan Street
Hamilton Street
Hawthorne Avenue
High Street
Hill Street
James Street
Johnston's Row

Kilmaine Street
Kilmore Road
Kilwilke Gardens
Kilwilke Road
Lake Street
Larkfield Square
Lawrence Square
Lough Road
Malcolm Road
Mark Street
Market Street
Mary Street
Monroe Avenue
Moores Lane
Mourneview Avenue
New Street
North Street
Oakfield Terrace
Old Portadown Road
Orient Circle
Park Street
Parkview Street
Pines Park
Portlec Place
Princes Street
Prospect Way
Queens Place
Queen Street (Odd)
Queen Street (Even)
Rampart Street
Rectory Road
Robert Street
Russell Drive

Shankill Street
Shankill Street Place
Silverwood Drive
Sloan Street (Odd)
Sloan Street (Even)
Tandragee Road
Taylors Court
Thomas Street
Toberhewny Lane
Tottons Row
Trasna Way
Ulster Street
Union Street (Odd)
Union Street (Even)
Victoria Street (Odd)
Victoria Street (Even)
Victoria Place
Waring Street
Watson's Lane
Weaver's Row
Wellington Street
Wesley Place
Wheatfield Drive
William Street
Windsor Avenue
Wood Lane
Woodville Street

Lurgan Town Householders and Traders Index   1700 - 1970

Lurgan School Registers

School Register Introduction

Schools in O'Neilland 1824

Lurgan and District Schools 1862

Lurgan and District Schools 1910

Lurgan Free School 1786 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1787 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1788 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1789 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1790 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1791 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1792 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1793 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1794 Registers
Lurgan Free School 1795 Registers

Lurgan Mercantile Academy 1849 Examinations

Lurgan Model School 1865 Examinations
Lurgan Model School 1869 Examinations
Lurgan Model School 1870 Examinations
Lurgan Model School 1880 Examinations

Lurgan College Registers 1873 - 99 A - L
Lurgan College Registers 1873 - 99 M - Z

Ardmore National Primary School For Boys 1892 - 93 Registers
Ardmore National Primary School For Boys 1894 - 95 Registers
Ardmore National Primary School For Boys 1896 - 97 Registers

Edward Street Convent Girls School 1868 - 69 Registers
Edward Street Convent Girls School 1870 - 71 Registers
Edward Street Convent Girls School 1872 - 73 Registers

Edward Street Convent Boys School 1905 - 06 Registers
Edward Street Convent Boys School 1907 - 08 Registers

Queen Street National Primary School For Girls 1890 Register
Queen Street National Primary School For Girls 1891 Register
Queen Street National Primary School For Girls 1892 Register
Queen Street National Primary School For Girls 1893 Register

Lurgan High School Registers 1922 - 1925

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Lurgan Ancestry Gravestone Images


1st Lurgan Presbyterian Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

Aghagallon Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Ardmore Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Derrytrasna RC cemetery

     Gravestone Images

Donaghcloney Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Dougher Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Drumcree Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

Kilwarlin Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Knocknamuckley Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Lurgan New Line Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions Surnames A -L
     Gravestone Inscriptions Surnames M -Z

Lurgan Quaker Burial Ground

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Magheralin Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Newmills Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Seagoe Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Shankill Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

Tartaraghan COI cemetery

     Gravestone Images

Tullylish COI Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

Waringstown Cemetery

     Gravestone Images

     Gravestone Inscriptions

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War Dead Search Engine

War Dead Cemeteries

     A.I.F. Burial Ground
     Ancre British Cemetery
     Arras Memorial
     Bailleul Communal Cemetery Ext.
     Bethune Town Cemetery
     Canada Farm Cemetery
     Chatham Naval Memorial
     Dochy Farm Cemetery
     Doiran Memorial
     Dud Corner Cemetery
     Etaples Military Cemetery
     Hamel Military Cemetery
     Helles Memorial
     Le Touret Memorial
     Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery
     New Irish Farm Cemetery
     Portsmouth Naval Memorial
     Pozieres Memorial
     Ploegsteert Memorial
     St. Sever Cemetery Extension
     Thiepval Memorial
     Trois Arbres Cemetery
     Twelve Tree Copse
     Tyne Cot Memorial
     Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery
     Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

World War 1 Gravestones

Surnames A - L

Abraham, Absalom
Abraham, James W.
Abraham, Thomas R.
Adams, Albert
Adamson, George
Addis, Robert
Alexander, Samuel
Alexander, William
Allen, Edward
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Joseph
Allen, S.J.
Allen, Thomas H.
Allen, William J.
Anderson, Louis.H.
Andrews, Frank
Armstrong, William H.
Atkinson, John. B.
Atkinson, Thomas J.
Averley, Henry
Babes, W.
Bailey, Samuel M.
Baird, Robert
Balmer, Joseph
Barrett, John
Baxter, Charles
Baxter, John
Baxter, Samuel
Beattie, Edward
Beattie, Hugh
Beattie, James
Bell, James
Bell, John
Bell, John A.
Bell, John G.
Bell, Moses
Bennett, Mathew
Bennett, Patrick
Benison, James W.
Benson, William J.
Best, James H.
Best, Oliver
Best, William H.
Bingham, James E.
Bingham, Joseph
Bingham, Robert
Black, James
Black, Robert
Black, Thomas H.
Blacker, Henry P.
Blacker, Hugh
Bleakley, Wesley
Blevins, John
Bond, Cornelius
Bowles, William
Boyce, Alfred H.
Boyd, John
Boyd, William J.
Boyle, Albert M.
Breen, Edward
Brew, John G.
Brown, James R.
Brown, John
Brown, Robert H.
Brown, William J.
Brownlee, Albert
Brownlee, George
Brownlee, John
Bryans, John
Bryans, James H.
Bunting, Samuel
Bunting, Thomas
Bunting, Thomas
Bunting, William J.
Burke, John
Burke, Thomas E.
Burns, John
Burns, Richard
Burrows, David J.
Byrne, P.
Cairns, Robert
Calvert, Albert
Calvert, Herbert J.
Calvert, J. H.
Campbell, G.
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Samuel
Canavan, Patrick
Cargin, Norman J.
Cargin, Stanley
Carson, Robert
Carson, W.
Carville, John
Casey, J.
Cassells, Samuel
Castles, Edward A.
Castles, William
Chambers, J.
Chambers, John
Chambers, Moses
Clarke, Francis
Clayton, Samuel
Clulow, Joseph
Cole, Thomas J.
Collins, James
Collins, Joseph
Combe, S.B.
Connolly, Michael
Connor, George P.
Cooper, Robert H.
Copeland, William
Cordner, James W.
Cordner, R.G.
Cordner, Stewart
Cordner, Thomas
Cordner, William
Cordy, William J.
Corkin, James
Corkin, Thomas R.
Corr, James
Corr, Joseph
Costley, E.
Costley, Thomas
Coulter, Samuel
Courtney, John
Cousins, John
Cousins, James
Craig, Edmund
Craig, George
Creaney, John
Creaney, John
Creaney, Joseph
Culbert, Samuel
Cummins, Moses
Cummins, Thomas
Currie, Francis
Daley, Herbert
Dalzell, James
Darling, Ronald H.
Davidson, James H.
Davis, James
Dawson, John T.
Delaney, Luke
Dennison, Robert
Dickson, Moses
Dillon, S.G.
Dillon, Victor S.
Doak, Frederick W.
Doherty, Alfred
Dolling, Caledon R.J.R.
Donaghy, Henry
Donnenly, James
Doran, Felix
Doran, Hugh
Douglas, David E.
Douglas, James
Douglas, Robert
Douglas, William
Dowds, Henry
Dowds, Joseph
Dunlop, David G.
Duke, Robert
Dynes, Frederick C.
England, Thomas E.
Ensor, George Clark
Espie, Thomas Fletcher
Ferguson, Samuel
Ferguson, William
Finnegan, Samuel J.
Fitzpatrick, James
Fitzpatrick, John A.
Fitzsimons, Robert.
Fitzsimons, Robert.
Flannigan, Thomas
Fleming, Robert J.
Follis, Samuel
Forker, William G.
Foster, Fredwerick
Fox, George R.
Fox, John
Fox, Samuel J.
Fulton, Hugh
Fulton, James
Fulton, Richard
Fulton, Wilson
Furfey, Patrick
Furphy, James
Furphy, James
Gallagher, Thomas J.
Gallery, Henry
Gaskin, James
Gaynor, Edward
Geddis, Joseph
Gibney, P.
Gibson, Henry
Gibson, Thomas
Gibson, William J.
Gilkinson, James
Gilmore, William R.
Girvan, J.
Girvan, J.
Girvan, W.
Glenn, W.
Gordon, James
Gordon, William
Gracey, David
Gracey, T.
Gracey, William H.
Graham, Albert
Graham, Andrew
Graham, Henry
Grattan, Thomas H.
Green, Harold
Green, William O.
Greene, David
Greene, Thomas
Greer, Frederick W.
Gregg, James
Gregg, Robert
Gregson, Thomas J.
Grimason, Robert
Haddock, James
Haddock, Samuel
Hall, James
Hall, Joseph
Hall, William
Hamilton, Alex
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Joseph
Hamilton, J.
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Samuel
Hamilton, Samuel
Hampton, Robert
Hand, Samuel
Hanna, Robert J.
Hanna, Thomas
Hanvey, William
Harper, William J.
Harrison, John G.
Hatchell, Nicholas
Haughain, J.
Hayes, John
Hayes, Wesley
Hayes, William
Heaney, J.
Heaney, James
Henry, John
Henry, William G.
Hewitt, James
Hewitt, James
Hewitt, John
Hewitt, Thomas
Hewitt, Thomas
Hewitt, Wiliam
Hill, Edward
Hill, John
Hobbs, Andrew
Hobbs, David
Hobbs, Robert
Holland, Albert
Holland, Bertram
Hollywood, Albert
Holmes, Thomas H.
Hopps, Thomas
Horner, James
Houston, Robert
Houston, Samuel
Houston, W.
Huddleson, William
Hughes, Edward
Hughes, James
Hull, Matthew
Hull, William
Hurst, Thomas
Hutchinson, James A.
Hutchinson, John J.
Hutchinson, Robert
Hylands, James
Hylands, Jarvis
Hylands, Thomas J.
Irwin, Robert
Irwin, Thomas J.
Irwin, William
Jackson, John
Jackson, Richard
Jeffers, James
Jeffers, William
Jennett, Joseph
Johnston, Andrew
Johnston, Herbert C.
Johnston, Joseph A.
Johnston, J. E.
Johnston, Richard
Jones, J.
Jones, S.
Jones, William
Joyce, James
Joyce, Thomas J.
Kane, Thomas
Kane, W.
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, W.
Kerr, John
King, Joseph
King, William J.
Lamb, James
Langley, George
Lappin, Joseph
Larkin, John
Lavery, Charles
Lavery, Felix
Lavery, Henry
Lavery, James
Lavery, John
Law, William J.
Leathem, George
Leathem, James
Leathem, William
Lewis, William
Lennon, Arthur
Lennon, James
Lennon, James
Lennon, Patrick
Lennon, William
Leonard, J
Livingston, W.
Livingstone, James
Livingstone, John
Livingstone, Rodger M.
Lloyd, Thomas
Long, James
Loney, Alfred
Lowe, John
Lunn, Samuel
Lunn, William
Lutton, William
Lyness, Harold
Lyness, Joseph
Lyons, J.
Lyttle, Abraham
Lyttle, John
Lyttle, Joseph S
Lyttle, William J.

Surnames M - Z

Magee, Edward
Magee, James
Magee, John
Magee, John E.
Magee, Robert
Magee, William
Magee, William John
Magill, John
Magill, Thomas
Magowan, Andrew
Mahaffey, Joseph
Malcomson, Joseph
Malcomson, Samuel
Malcomson, William
Malone, Thomas G.
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, John W.
Martin, Thomas
Matthews, Benjamin
Mawhinney, James
McAlinden, James
McAlinden, James
McAlinden, John
McAlinden, O.
McAlinden, T.
McAllister, Henry
McAnoy, Hugh
McAtamney, William
McCabe, Alexander
McCagherty, James
McCallum, William J.
McCann, Alexander
McCann, Charles
McCann, Francis
McCann, Francis R.
McCann, Henry
McCann, James.
McCann, J.
McCann, John
McCann, Michael
McCann, Owen
McCappin, J.
McCardle, Thomas
McCartan, T.
McCartney, James
McClatchey, Samuel
McClatchey, Samuel E.
McClatchey, Thomas
McCleary, J
McClelland, William
McClure, George
McCollum, James
McConville, Joseph
McConville, Mathew
McCormack, William
McCormick, George
McCormick, Thomas H.
McCorry, James
McCorry, Joseph
McCourt, Joseph
McCreanor, P.
McCrory, E.
McCrory, Peter
McCullagh, Alexander H.
McCullough, Henry
McCullough, Hugh
McCullough, James
McCullough, Thomas
McCusker, Henry
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Daniel
McDonald, E.
McDonald, Joseph
McDonnell, J.
McDowell, Samuel
McDowell, William J.
McFadzean VC, William
McFarland Thomas D.
McGaffin William
McGahey, Samuel
McGaughey, Robert J.
McGeown, Charles
McGeown, Francis
McGeown, Hugh
McGibbon, Michael
McGibbon, R. A.
McGill, Robert
McGrann, David.
McGrattan, William J.
McGuigan, T.
McIlmurray, John
McIlroy, A.
McIntyre, Robert
McKee, John
McKeever, John
McKeown, John
McKerr, Francis
McKerr, James
McKinley, Edward
McKinley, Thomas
McMahon, J.
McMahon, Thomas
McMullan, William J.
McMurray, Richard
McNally, Charles
McNally, Frederick
McNally, William J.
McNeice, Daniel
McNeice, Joseph W.
McNeice, William
McQuillan, Joseph
McStravick, John
McStravick, J.
Menabney, James
Maxwell, Ambrose
Maxwell, William
Megaw, William
Menary, Joseph
Midgley, Alexander
Mighton, Thomas
Milligan, Richard
Mills, John
Millsop, T.J.
Mitchell, Frederick D.
Mitchell, Thomas James
Mitchell, W.J.
Mockler, Edward C.
Moles, William
Molloy, William H.
Monaghan, Francis
Montgomery, George
Montgomery, Robert T.
Moore, Robert J.
Moran, Denis
Morgan, George
Morgan, William
Morrison, William
Morrow, George
Mortimer, Henry
Moygannon James A
Mulholland, F.
Mulholland, J.
Murray, Alexander
Murray, Andrew
Murray, Hugh
Murray, James
Murray, Patrick
Neill, Frank
Neill, James
Neill, James E.
Neill, Ross C.
Neill, Thomas J.
Nesbitt, Ezekiel
Nesbitt, Francis
Nesbitt, James
Nesbitt, Robert
Nesbitt, W.
Nicholson, Thomas
Nicholson, William J.
Nobel, George
Nugent, Robert
Nunn, Harold E.
O' Connor, C.
O'Hanlon, John
O'Hanlon, Joseph H.
O'Hara, Michael
O' Neill, J.
O'Neill, John
O' Neill, Joseph
O'Reilly, Gerald
Ogle, Christopher
Ogle, Matthew
Orr, David
Overend, George
Parks, Joseph
Parks, Robert
Partridge, William
Patterson, Richard G.
Patterson, Robert J.
Patterson, William J.
Patton, George
Peden, David
Peden, Henry
Pedlow, J.
Pentland, Joseph
Pentland, William H.
Philips, John
Porter, Alexander
Porter, David
Porter, Robert H.
Potts, William E.
Powell, James
Power, James H.
Proctor, John J.
Quinn, John
Quinn, Matthew
Quinn, William
Rea, William
Reid, Norman H.
Reid, Thomas H.
Reilly, John
Reilly, William
Richardson, Thomas R.
Ridgway, William H.
Robb, William
Robinson, George
Robinson, Joseph
Rocks, Joseph
Rodgers, George
Rooney, John
Rowan, Andrew
Ruddell, George
Ruddell, Sidford
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Thomas J.
Russell, William J.
Russell, William J.
Sands, William
Seawright, James
Seeley, James E.
Seeley, Joseph
Serplice, Robert
Shanks, James E.
Shanks, M.
Shanks, Robert
Sharpe, James W.
Shaw, E. L.
Sherman, Richard
Short, Clements
Silcock, Thomas
Sloan, J.
Smart, William
Smith, Thomas
Smyth, George Moore
Smyth, Henry
Smyth, John
Smyth, Robert
Smyth, Thomas J.
Spence, George. S.
Stevenson, Ernest A.
Stevenson, Joseph
Stewart, Waring
Stewart, William
Stothers, Jackson
Stratton, John W.
Sturgeon, J.
Swain, William G.
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Francis
Tedford, Charles
Tedford, James
Teggart, Moses
Teggart, Wilson J.
Thompson, Ezekiel
Thompson, Timothy
Thompson, Thomas
Thornberry, George
Thornberry, Joseph
Tipping, James
Todd, Francis W.
Todd, William J.
Tollerton, George
Toman, J.
Toman, John
Toner, Thomas
Topley, Thomas
Topping, William J.
Totten, Robert
Troughton, Thomas G.
Turkington, Ernest
Turkington, George
Turkington, J.
Turkington, James
Turkington, James
Turkington, Samuel
Turkington, Thomas
Turkington, William
Turner, Theophilus
Uprichard, Joseph
Uprichard, Robert
Uprichard, Thomas J.
Uprichard, William H.
Vallely, John
Vennard, John
Vennard, Robert J.
Walker, John
Walsh, James
Waring, Holt
Waring Ruric
Warren, Thomas
Watson, Dynes
Watson, Fredrick
Watson, Fredrick
Watson, Henry G.
Watson, Ivan. P.
Watson, James
Watson, James H.
Watson, John
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Victor C.
Watson, William
Watson, William J.
Watt, Richard E.
Watters, William
Watters, William J.
Webb, Joseph H.
Webb, William J
Weir, James
Wells, Samuel
Wells, Thomas
Weir, James H.
Weir, Joseph
Weir, William
Wetherall, Albert
Wetherall, Alexander
Wethers, Samuel
Whaley, William
White, James W.
Whiteside, George
Whiteside, Robert
Wilkinson, Albert
Wilkinson, John
Willey, Joseph
Williams, James
Willis, Francis
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, David
Wilson, Francis O.
Wilson, George
Wilson, J.
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, William
Wilson, William Ja.
Wilson, William Ja.
Wilson, William Jo.
Winters, Samuel J
Woodhouse, Samuel S.
Woodhouse, Thomas
Woods David
Woods Frederick J.
Woods Joshua
Woods Samuel J.
Woods Thomas
Woods, William J.
Wright, George. H.
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, Marshall
Wright, Robert
Wylie, William S.
Young, Herbert

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World War 2 Gravestones

Surnames A - L

Andrews, Thomas
Austin, Patrick
Austin, Patrick
Barriskill, William
Beattie, David
Bell, George
Berry, Joseph
Berry, Francis
Bleeks, William J.
Brown, William A.
Burke, Aubrey
Burrell, Thomas
Bushen, Edgar W.
Cairns, John O.
Callaghan, William
Callaghan, William J.
Campbell, Robert
Carson, William T.
Carville, Peter
Cassells, Francis
Charlton, William F.D.
Clulow, James
Cole, Norman
Corey, Peter
Coyle, Joseph
Craig, William John
Creaney, Felix
Creaney, Sean
Curran, Joseph
Currie, Ernest S.
Cushnahan, Thomas
Dance, George E.
Dawson, William
Dawson, George
Dawson, Thomas
Doak, Robert V.
Doran, Thomas
Dougan MC, Hampton
Duffy, James
Empson, Alfred
England, Thomas
Fforde, Charles
Foster, Frederick
Fryar, William
Gibson, James
Gibson, Wesley
Gilchrist, Thomas
Gordon, Daniel
Gracey, James
Gracey, Norman
Gracey, William
Gregson, James
Grimason, Louis
Grimley, Patrick
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Andrew
Hallam, John
Hamill, James
Hamilton, Albert
Hamilton, Francis C.
Hanna, Robert
Harrison, John
Harvey, Thomas H.
Haughey, James A.
Haughey, James P.
Hazlett, Samuel A.
Herbert, Leopold
Hewitt, Samuel T.
Hunniford, George
Hutchinson, Samuel
Irwin, Robert
Jenkinson, Eric
Johnson, Walter
Johnston, G.A.
Johnston, George
Johnston, James A.
Johnston, Robert
Kane, Henry
Kane, Samuel
Kane, Vincent
Kennedy, Samuel
Kerr, Holman
Keville, Patrick
Larkins, George
Lavery, Arthur
Lawther, Robert
Lennon, William
Lutton, William J. K.
Lynas Ernest
Lynas Robert
Lyttle, Albert
Lyttle, George

Surnames M - Z

MacCallam , John E.M.
Magill, James
Maginn, Henry H.
Marshall, E.
Martin, Henry
Maxwell, Roderick
McCann, George
McCann, Patrick
McCarey, Josias
McCarthy, John
McCluskey, Arthur
McCoo, David Thomas
McCready, Ian
McCrory, Robert
McCullough, Clarence J.
McCullough, Henry
McCullough, Norman
McCullough, Wilson
McDonald, Peter
McGarry, George
McIlwaine, William
Mells, Mary J.
Menary, James H.
Mighton, William R.
Mitchell, Norman
Morrison, John
Mulholland, Bernard
Murphy, William
Murray, Patrick
Neeson, Horald
O'Callaghan, Edward J.
O'Donnell, William
O'Neill, John
O'Neill, Joseph
Orr, Godfrey
Pentland, George
Prentice, Norman
Quaile, William
Reid, Felix
Reid, Roger
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Roney, Hugh
Sands, Samual
Seale, Theo
Shanks, James E.
Simpson, George
Simpson, William
Smart, William
Sprague, Richard A.
Stanfield, William
Stevenson, William
Summerville, William
Thompson, Thomas
Thurling, George E.
Tinman, Albert
Todd, David
Topping, Jocelyn
Turkington, Robert
Tweedie, James
Uprichard, Wesley
Walker, Isaac
Wallace, William
Webb, Samuel
Weir, Frederick
Wilson, Cecil
Wilson, George
Wilson, Samuel J.
Wilson, Valentine
Wolsey, William
Wright, Irene
Wright, Wilfred

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     1st Lurgan Presbyterian
     Bluestone Methodist
     Church of Christ the Redeemer
     High Street Methodist
     Hill Street Presbyterian
     Lurgan Baptist
     Quaker's Meeting House
     St. Mary's Church Derrytrasna
     St. John the Evangelist
     St. John's RC, Lylo
     St. Paul's Church
     St. Peter's RC Church
     St. Gobhan Seagoe Parish Church


A Brief History

     St. Patrick, First Bishop of Armagh
     The Legend of Brave Cuchulain
     Brian Boru, Last King of Ireland
     Irish Blessings, Proverbs, and Toasts

Historical Accounts of Lurgan

     Lurgan 1693
     Lurgan 1780
     Lurgan 1802
     Lurgan 1804
     Lurgan 1823
     Lurgan 1824
     Lurgan 1837
     Lurgan 1840
     Lurgan 1846
     Lurgan 1861
     Lurgan 1877
     Lurgan 1888
     Lurgan 1896
     Lurgan 1905
     Lurgan 1925
     Lurgan 1945

1000 - 1699

     The McCanns - The Lords of Clan Breasail
     Lismore Fort
     The Legend of Finn McCool
     Lisnamintry Rath
     The Fall of the O'Neills
     The Flight of the Earls
     Plantation of Ulster
     Plantation of Lurgan
     Sir George Carew's Report
     The Brownlow Papers
     Pynnar's Survey
     Lord Caulfield's Survey
     Patent of Brownlow's Derry
     The 1641 Rebellion
     Cromwell's Conquest of Ireland
     The Quakers in Lurgan
     The Hearth Tax Rolls
     Redmond O'Hanlon is Murdered
     The Town of Lurgan 1693

1700 - 1799

     The Landlord Estates
     The Palatines
     Seagoe Parish
     The Legend of Margorie McCall
     William Edmundson Dies
     Shankill Parish Church
     Lough Neagh to Newry Canal
     James McCabe Clockmaker is born in Lurgan.
     The Cloch-Bann - The Bell of Seagoe
     John Wesley Preaches in Lurgan
     The Speaking Clock
     The Obins Family
     Portadown ~ Landing Place of the Ferry
     The Montiaghs are Formed
     The Battle of Gilford Castle
     The Peep O Day Boys
     The Court Leet of 1795
     The Battle of the Diamond
     The Orange Order is Founded

1800 - 1899

     Lurgan and District in 1802
     The Ribbon Society is formed
     Seagoe Parish 1817
     The Unlawful Associations Act
     The Erasmus Smith School
     The Catholic Emancipation Act
     The Linen Industry in Lurgan
     Lurgan Tolls and Customs - 1830
     Maghery Village Destroyed
     The Tithe Wars
     19th Century Education
     The Cholera Epidemic of 1832
     Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837
     Lurgan Workhouse
     Night of the Big Wind
     Belfast to Lurgan Rail Line
     Ireland Land Occupation Inquiry
     Ireland Land Occupation Inquiry Part 2
     A Report on the Lurgan Workhouse
     The Great Famine
     The Coffin Ships
     Advice to Emigrants
     The Ulster Canal
     The Sinking of the Hannah
     Gas Lighting comes to Lurgan
     Lurgan Model School is Opened
     The Rev. Thomas Millar
     The Magnificent Master McGrath
     Fairs and Markets 1854
     George W. (AE) Russell is Born
     Foundering of the Steam Ship Hibernia
     Model School Annual Report
     Workhouse Doctor Accused
     The Irish Church Act
     Lurgan College is Opened
     An Historical Account of Lurgan 1888
     An Historical Account of Lurgan 1888 Continued
     The Lady Day Riots
     The Lady Day Riots Continued
     Lurgan History Timeline
     The Armagh Rail Disaster
     The Irish Land War

1900 - 1930

     The Lough Neagh Disaster
     The Lurgan Park Story
     Weavers and Winders Strike 1913
     Dan McCrory
     First Day on the Somme
     Lurgan War Memorial
     The Banfoot Ferry

Lives and Times of Lurgan
     A Tragic Accident
     Handball in Lurgan
     19th Century Lodgings in Lurgan
     North Street Tragedy
     The Flood of 1901
     The Mystery of Anne Obre
     The Freecrow Area of Lurgan
     Murder in the Montiaghs
     Pauper Burials
     History of the Dougher Cemetary
     Lurgan Weaving Industry

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     Now and Then
     In and Around Lurgan
     Portadown Photos

Old Newspapers

Special Reports

     Veiners and Hemstitchers Strike 1889
     Murder in Knocknamuckley Church 1888
     The Lurgan Riots - 1886

Lurgan Times

     1700 to 1799
     1800 to 1849
     1850 to 1859
     1860 to 1869
     1870 to 1879
     1880 to 1884
     1885 to 1889

The Armagh Guardian

     10 December 1844
     17 December 1844
     24 December 1844
     31 December 1844
     07 January 1845
     14 January 1845
     21 January 1845
     28 January 1845
     04 February 1845
     11 February 1845
     18 February 1845
     25 February 1845
     04 March 1845
     11 March 1845
     18 March 1845
     01 April 1845
     08 April 1845
     15 April 1845
     22 April 1845
     29 April 1845
     06 May 1845
     13 May 1845
     20 May 1845
     27 May 1845
     03 June 1845
     10 June 1845
     17 June 1845
     24 June 1845
     July 1845
     12 August 1845
     26 August 1845

The Lurgan Gazette

     May 1849
     June 1849
     July 1849
     August 1849
     September 1849
     October 1849
     November 1849
     December 1849
     30 December 1849
     January 1850
     February 1850

The Portadown Weekly News

     23 April 1859
     30 April 1859
     14 May 1859
     28 May 1859
     11 June 1859
     25 June 1859
     02 July 1859
     09 July 1859
     23 July 1859
     30 July 1859
     06 August 1859
     13 August 1859
     27 August 1859

Newspaper Clippings

     Faces of the Fallen from WW1
     Newspaper Ads 1910 - 1920

Lurgan News Snippets

Travelling on the Sabbath
Reward for Murder
Lurgan Boarding School
Armagh Assizes
Armagh Assizes Address
Verdicts of the Assizes
Verdicts Resumed
Lurgan Sessions
Commissioners Elected
The Faithful One
Lurgan Market Postponed
Serious Riot in Lurgan
District Sewer
Orange Funeral at Lurgan
Offenders List
Disorderly Conduct
Derry Day Riots at Lurgan
St. Patricks Day
Attempted Murder
Destructive Fire
Lurgan Workhouse
Lurgan Quarter Sessions
Black Bull Inn for Sale
Water Supply
Lady Lurgan in Australia
Orange Riot at Lurgan
Royal Visit for Master M'Grath
Orange Riots in Lurgan
More Wrecking of Houses
Coronation Festivities
Longest Courtship
Scavenger Wanted
Shocking Murder
Irish Faction Fight
Lord Lurgan Arrested
Discharged Convicts
Accusations of Ritualism
Ancient Egyptian Seed
One Legged Fatality
Fatal Shooting Accident
Masonic Meeting at the Front
Celebrity's Narrow Escape
Poem to Rev. T.C. Hammond
Lurgan Electricity Scheme
A Lucky Dog
United Ireland
Train Death
Lurgan Market
Union Farming Society
Smuggler's Lorry Confiscated
School Sites Inquiry
Doyles Bar Owner Fined
Fatal Collision

  Lurgan Estate Sold
  Ruffianism in Lurgan
  A Family Feud
  Doubly Deceived
  Savage Attack Near Lurgan
  Coroner's Verdict
  Questions in the House
  Accident in Lurgan Church
  Emigration Letter
  Fire Rages in Lurgan
  Workshops Regulation Act
  Lurgan Temperance Society
  Murder Near Lurgan
  Female Education
  Died at 150
  Go As You Please Race
  Storm Levels Seagoe Chapel
  Newry & Armagh Railway Co.
  Court of Bancruptcy
  Sinking of Emigrant Ships
  The Lurgan Rioters
  The Lurgan Riots
  Disturbances in Lurgan
  Lurgan Town Improvements
  A Hare or a Duck
  Desperate Rioting at Lurgan
  Course Meeting
  Annual Farming Event
  Master McGrath Dies
  Cows Killed
  Banquet for Lord Lurgan
  Gross Intimidation
  Ireland's Laziest Man
  Catholic Rioters in Lurgan
  Saunderson Re-Elected
  World's Laziest Man Dies
  A Queer Witness
  A Question of Curiosity
  Lord Lurgan Aquitted
  An Unfortunate Match
  Lurgan Model School Opened
  56 Arrested in Their Beds
  Irish Soldier Dead Honoured
  Lurgan Linen Trade
  Lurgan Petty Sessions 1897
  Irish Women's Suffrage
  Revival of the Lurgan Twist
  A Charitable Bequest
  Metal Lamp Posts
  Boy Stabs Himself
  Death of Lord Lurgan
  Fish Thief
  Bankruptsy Sale
  Defeat of the Home Rule Bill
  Female Operatives Strike
  Modern Witchcraft
  Fatal Result of an Outrage
  Death of Dean McConville
  Cow on the Loose
  Died at 102
  A Noble Gift to the Poor
  A Failure of Justice
  Lurgan Boy Does Good
  Steeplechase Accident
  Six dead on Lough Neagh
  Pauper Deportation
  Landlord and Tennant Act
  Workhouse Nurse Accused
  Lurgan Industrial School
  Perambulator for Three
  Unfurling the Orange Flag
  An Ill Wind
  Cupid in the Workhouse
  AE Russell Dies
  Lord Lurgan Evicts Tenants
  The Fighting Irish
  Eloping Wife Captured
  Storm Devastates Lurgan
  Typhoid Outbreak in Lurgan
  Workhouse Register Altered
  Tragic Shooting
  Record Birth Rate
  Poachers Injured
  Sweating in Armagh
  Drink Overdose
  Prisoners Compensation
  An Abortive Prosecution
  Wedding Tragedy
  Petty Sessions
  Double Murder
  Abstinence from Drink
  A Plea for Unity
  Workhouse Suicide
  Lurgan Weavers Strike
  Daisies for the Bandsmen
  Poverty and Fortune
  Desperate Party Riot
  Priest's Heroism
  Belfast to Lurgan Coach
  Sexton Killed
  Robbers Aprehended
  Lough Neagh Trustees
  Social for B Specials
  Funeral of Lord Lurgan
  Lurgan Lighting
  Workhouse Fire

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