Shankill Parish Churchwardens
1653 - 1880

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      Year      Churchwarden             Churchwarden
1672 John McCollogh and John Hoyle.
1673 William Porter, of Lurgan and William Pierson, of Dogher.
1674 George Hobby, of Carrickenegaire and William Pierson, of Dogher.
1675 William Spence, of Lurgan and John Brackenrigg, of Tersoge.
1676 Thomas Walker and George Davinson.
1677 William Tugh, of Leggacorry and John Templeton, of Lurgan.
1678 Patrick Wilson, of Lurgan and George Wesbrell, of Toberhuny.
1679 William Ogle, of Carrigenegare and William Marshall, of Lurgan.
1680 Valentine Brown, of Monbriefe and William Smart, of Lurgan.
1681 James Pikering, of Kilmore and George Hawkins, of Lurgan.
1682 David Blackburne and John News, of Monbriefe.
1683 John Johnston, of Kilmore and John Keane.
  Vestry of 1683 there is the following :- “Wee consent and agree that if any parishioner chosen to bee churchwarden will desire to bee excused from serveing, and pay down ye sum of thirty shill. sterl. to ye use of the poore of ye parish, hee shall bee excused, a new vestry called and another fitt person chosen.”
1684 Thomas Cooper and John Robinson, ye ropemaker.
1685 Thomas White and Robert Truman.
1686 William Walker and John Porter.
1687 George Johnston and William Laburne.
1688 James Henderson, of Lurgan and John Fisher, of Lissacorran.
1689 James Henderson, of Lurgan and John Fisher, of Lissacorran.
1690 William Ogle (jun.) and Christopher Wilson.
1691  – and  –
1692  –   and  –
1693 Charles Caine and John Butcher, of Lissacorran.
1694 William Bell and John Eliott, of Kilmore.
1695 Alexander Chain, of Lurgan and William Fairly, of Tersoge.
  At a vestry, held in the Parish Church on the 15th April, 1695, “it was then and there agreed upon that William Farly, of Tersoge, elected churchwarden at Easter last, having paid the sum of thirty shill. for ye use of the parish, pursuant to a former act of vestry, is excused from serving the said office, and Richard Bamber, of Lurgan, elected in his stead.”
1696 Richard Dingwell, of Teignaven and George Stowell, of Lurgan.
1697 John Titterington, of Lurgan and William Blair, of Kilmore.
  April 14th, 1697, John Titterington was excused on payment of 30s., and Israel Hodgkinson, of Lurgan, elected in his stead.
1698 John Mathers, of Drumnekern and William McMurry, of Lurgan.
1699 Thomas Barrowes (Barris) and Oliver Doway.
1700 John Brown, of Lurgan and David Watson, of Drumnamoe.
1701 Henry Semple, of Lurgan and William Davison, of Legacorry.
1702 Alexander Wilson, of Kilmore and Bryan Smyth, of Lurgan.
1703 and
1704 and
1705 and
1706 Andrew Malcomson, of Legacorry and Abraham Hoyle, of Lurgan.
  “Memorand. – William Walker served for Andrew Malcolmson.”
1707 Miles Realy, of Lurgan and Thomas Ogle, of Carrikenegar.
  “Memorand. – It was consented to by ye parishioners yt William Walker serve for Miles Realy at a vestry, Jan. 8, 1707, if ye Chancellor allow it.”
1708 William Stowell, of Lurgan and George Brown, of Monbriefe.
1709 Thomas Cain, of Lurgan and John Prichard, of Kilmore.
1710 Joshua Greenwell, of Lurgan and Thomas Langtree, of Cornikenigar.
1711 Solomon White, of Lurgan and John Cain, of ye same.
1712 Robert McDowell, of Lurgan and Edmond McCabe, of Tegnaven.
1713 Arthur Wetherby and Oliver Turkinton.
1714 Anthony Bunting, of Kilmore and William Porter, of Lurgan.
1715 William Wallace, of Lurgan and Alexander Tough, of Legacorry.
1716 Bryan Harton, of Lurgan and Thomas Corner, of Tullidagon.
1717 Philip Barry, of Lurgan and Charles Corner, of Dogher.
1718 Richard Clarke, of Lurgan and Robert Hawkins, of Lurgan.
1719 John Ogle, of Dogher and Thomas White, of Kilmore.
1720 David Quin and Thomas Usher.
1721 John Deason and Thomas Humphreys.
1722 George Andrew and Joseph Maslin.
1723 William Davis and Richard Boucher.
1724 George Whiteside, of Lurgan and Robert Russell, of Legacorry.
1725 James Fabre, of Lurgan and John Prichard, of Kilmore.
  The appointment of Messrs. Fabre and Prichard was the last that took place in the old church in Shankill graveyard. The new church was consecrated in 1725, and thenceforth the vestries were held there.
1726 Jonathan Gilbert and William Ellis.
1727 William Russell and Richard Wetherell.
1728 Henry Elliot, of Kilmore and James McClinchey.
1729 John Watson and Thomas Gardner.
1730 George Sample and William Miller.
1731 George Greenall, of Lurgan and James Elliot, of Kilmore.
1732 Mark Higgins, of Lurgan and Joseph Makemson, of Legacorry.
1733 Edward Holmes, of Lurgan and Samuel Spence, of Drumnakem.
1734 Mr. Barton, of Lurgan and John Lanktry, of Kilmore.
1735 John Crooks, of Lurgan and John Ferguson, of Lurgan.
1736 James Ogle and Patrick Dougan.
1737 Simon McVeagh and William Costlee.
1738 Robert Kain, of Lurgan and William Hardy, of Dogher.
1739 Henry Quin and William Warren.
1740 Solomon White and William McCoan (Macoun).
1741 Robert Corner and William Bell.
1742 George Wilson and David Aprichard.
1743 William Challoner and Henry Ogle.
1744 John Uprichard (jun.), of Lurgan and John Adair, of Lurgan.
1745 John Barton, of Lurgan and William Shaw, of Lurgan.
1746 Abram Wynne and John Stephenson, the younger.
1747 William Burke, (apothecary), of Lurgan and Joseph Wilson (merchant), of Lurgan.
1748 John Camack and John Eastwood.
1749 William Wynn and Christopher Bryns.
1750 Richard Murrow, of Dogher and James Forest, of Lurgan.
1751 Alexander Thompson, of Lurgan and William Langtry, of Kilmore.
1752 David Maziere and Richard Humphries.
1753 Thomas Read, of Lurgan and William Coulter, of Tullygally.
1754 Ralph Ellis, of Kilmore and Joseph Hall, of Lurgan.
1755 William Wilson, of Lurgan and John Ogle, of Cornakinegar.
1756 Richard Robinson, of Lurgan and Thomas Graham, of Lurgan.
1757 Thomas Uprichard, of Lurgan and John Langtry, of Cornakinegar.
1758 Thomas Uprichard and John Langtry.
1759 David McComson, of Lurgan and John Humphry, of Kilmore.
1760 Thomas Hardin and Robert Stewart, of Lurgan.
1761 Thomas Shaw, of Lurgan and Richard Langtry, of Kilmore.
1762 John Waite and Joseph McComson, of Lurgan.
1763 Thomas Overend, of Lurgan and William Miller, of Lurgan.
1764 John Gaddis, of Lurgan and Richard Swinerton, of Kilmore.
1765 Richard Wetheral, of Monbrief and William Hazilton, of Lurgan
1766 Thomas Bowen, of Lurgan and Richard Eustace, of Lurgan.
1767 Thomas Bowen and Richard Eustace.
1768 Francis Morris and Robert Ellis.
1769 Adam Cuppage and William Shaw.
1770 Thomas Druit and William Richardson.
1771 William Ellis, of Kilmore and John Shaw, of Lurgan.
1772 Thomas English and Thomas McCollim.
1773 Joseph Hall (jun.) and Hugh Gelstone.
1774 William Ellis, of Tullydagon and Joseph Bailie, of Lurgan.
1775 John Hall, of Lurgan and John Langtree, of Clanroll.
1776 Thomas Magowan, of Legacorry and John Turner, of Lurgan.
1777 Francis Aicken and Mark Maziere.
1778 Jacob Turner and Henry Rea.
1779 John Harris, of Lurgan and Benjamin Hone, of Dogher.
1780 James Kennedy, of Lurgan and Thomas Hudson, of Dogher.
1781 Robert Corner and John Erwin.
1782 John Waite, the younger and George Elliot, of Kilmore.
1783 Thomas Bunting, of Lurgan and John Stevenson, of Kilmore.
1784 William Coulter (jun.) and John Madde.
1785 William Emmerson, of Lurgan and William Langtry, of Cornakinegar.
1786 John Rutherford, of Lurgan and John Walsh, of Kilmore
1787 Peter Johnston, of Lurgan and Andrew Malcomson, of Legacorry.
1788 William Bell, of Lurgan and William McCoun, the younger, of Kilmore.
1789 Henry McVeagh, of Lurgan and Thomas Humphreys, of Kilmore.
1790 John Elliot, of Annadroghill and Henry Gilbert, of Lurgan.
1791 Richard Blood, of Lurgan and Charles Lounsdale, of Drumnakem.
1792 James Magowan (jun.), of Lurgan and Thomas Elliot, of Kilmore.
1793 Thomas Johnston and Robert Hazelton.
1794 James Boyd, of Lurgan and William Stevenson, of Kilmore.
1795 Joshua Des Voeux and James Pedley.
  3rd June 1795 – Daniel McStea elected instead of James Pedley.
1796 John Hickey and Pierce Buntin.
1797 Joseph Hall and William Turkington, of Lurgan
1798 Randal William Shaw and Alexander Cuppage.
1799 Thomas Morris, of Lurgan and James Millar, of Dogher.
1800 Joseph Wilson, of Lurgan and Henry Elliot, of Kilmore.

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