Shankill Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions

Shankill Cemetery Lurgan


Joseph W. Anderson.... Also Margaret Anderson mother of the above named Joseph W. Anderson who departed this life March 1883 aged 77 years. Also James Anderson, husband of the above named Margaret Anderson who departed this life on the ?? day of March 1893 aged 79 years. Also Sarah Darley, wife of John Anderson who died 15th March 1919 aged 88? years.

In memory of Sarah, beloved wife of Thomas Armstrong who departed this life 30th April 1871 aged 49 years. Also their daughter Edith Armstrong who died 3rd November 1885 aged 31 years. Also Thomas Armstrong husband of the above Sarah Armstrong who passed peacefully away on 18th September 1916 in his 98th year.



Erected by Ellen Brown in memory of her father James Brown, who died 29th October 1832. His wife Mary died 3rd November 1832. And their family.

This vault was renovated in the year 1959 by the right honourable William George Edward, fourth Baron Lurgan in grateful memory of his dear aunt Annette Brownlow youngest daughter of Charles, second Baron Lurgan. Born March 1871 died August 1957.

Erected by John Burrell in loving memory of his beloved wife Sarah Burrell died 7th December 1934. Also the above named John Burrell died 15th July 1943. Also Mary Elizabeth, sister died 10th June 1969 aged 102? years.

Underneath this tomb lies the body of James Byrne of Kinego who departed this life the 8th December 1843? aged 64? years. Erected to the memory Mary Ann wife of Benjamin Arkington of Bally? Co.Armagh esq, daughter of the above named James Byrne who departed this life the 8th March 1822? in the ?? year of her age.



Erected by James Campbell, Lurgan in loving memory of his infant son James who died 13 July 1855 aged 11 months. Also his beloved daughter Martha who died 29th March 1885 aged 14 years. Also William 5th son died in Brooklyn USA. 29 November 1896, buried in Greenwood Cemetery USA. Also the above named James Campbell died 14th January 1899 in his 70th year. Harriett, beloved wife of the above named James Campbell, died 30th May 1902. Dearest of Mothers. Robert Ross Campbell, third son died 16th February 1905. Thomas Ringland? Eldest son, died 11th October 1911. Charles Wesley, sixth son died 18th December 1921. Alice Anne youngest daughter, died 11th May 1935. Samuel, son died 15th February 1935. James died 18th January 1938. Henrietta, died 14th August 1938.

In loving memory of William Cordner who died 25th November 1902 aged 76 years. Also Alexander Cordner who died 8th April 1887 aged 8 years. Catherine Cordner died 4th July 1895 aged 31 years. Thomas Cordner who died 1st June 1897 aged 30 years interred in City Cemetery, Belfast. Agnes Cordner, dearly beloved wife of Robert Cordner who died 24th August 1913? aged 40 years. Mary Cordner, wife of the above William Cordner who died 27th June 1919 aged 85 years. Also their daughter Margaret who died 7th September 1931?



Dedicated by Moses Douglas of Kinnego to the memory of his beloved wife, Elizabeth who departed this life on 21 October 1853 aged 58 years.
Also his daughter Catherine who died 11 June 1847
aged 21 years.
Also his revered parents Moses and Catharine Douglas.



Erected by John Earley of Lurgan to the memory of his beloved wife Jane Earley, who departed this life on 16 December 1890 aged 63 years.
Also his Mother and Father
William Earley died 27 August 1866.
Isabella Earley died 20 January 1868.



In loving memory of John Fairfield who died 9th March 1890. Also his wife Elizabeth who died 29th June 1905. Their son James who died 29th January 1919, his daughter Elizabeth (Lily) who died 18th September 1933 and of his wife Elizabeth who died 30th October 1966



Erected to the memory of Ann, wife of Henry Gilbert of Lurgan, who died 25th January 1828 aged 69 years. Also Henry Gilbert Junior who departed this life 27th? October 1832 aged 43 years. Also Henry Gilbert Senior who died in 1847 and his son John who died 29th April 1872.

Nigela? Frances Greer wife of John W. Greer aged 55 years, fell asleep 7th April 1886. Also John Waite Greer of Woodville, Lurgan, died 20th February 1885 aged 79 years.



Sacred to the memory of Abigail, beloved wife of Richard Howell, who fell asleep in Jesus 13 October 1881
aged 31 years.
Also to his daughters.
Alice died 18 July 18?1 aged 5 years.
Louisa died 8 August 1879 aged 11 months.
Also of the above Richard Howell.

Erected to the memory of Richard Howell who died 26 December 1889 aged 88 years.
Also his beloved wife Alice, who died 15 March 1892
aged 75 years.



Here lyeth the body of John Kilpatrick who departed this life on 23 November 1769 aged 57 years.



Erected by Henry Mathers of Lurgan
in memory of his daughters.
Hannah Mathers 1st who died 3 March 1825 aged 5 years.
Susanna Mathers who died 1 September 1827 aged 9 months.
Hannah Mathers 2nd died 31 March 1829 aged 10 months.
Also the above Henry Mathers died 21 January 1860
aged 74 years. His wife Anne who died 1871.
And his son John, who died 23 April 1865.

Alexander Midgley. Midgley in loving memory of our father Alexander, who was laid to rest 28 August 1900, also our mother, Elizabeth who was laid to rest February 1929. Also our brother Alexander who was killed in France 6 July 1917. (This gravestone was destroyed by vandals in 2018)



This tablet is erected with ??? of duty and affection by Catherine and Henry McAnally to the memory of their beloved family. John McAnally who departed this life the 14th? Day of July 1837 aged 52 years. And Mary his wife who died on the 5th day of February 1845 aged 61 years.

Erected by Robert McConnell in loving memory of his devoted wife JUDITH JANE who died 7th May 1874 also ROBERT McCONNELL who died 1st January 1880 aged 80 years also their eldest daughter MARY JANE who died 28th March 1924 aged 74 years



Erected by Henry Pedlow and ??? Lynn to the memory of their father William Pedlow who died 28th March 1875 aged 68? years. Also their mother Eliza Pedlow who died 24th April 1879? aged 52? years. Also Jane Eliza and William John who died in infancy. Other names are illegible.



Thomas John Uprichard late postmaster of Lurgan died 24th September 1906? aged 40 years?



In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Ann, beloved wife of Thomas Walker called home 7th December 1941. Also the above named Thomas Walker who departed this life 5th December 1955 aged 89 years.

Erected by Annie Williamson of Lurgan in memory of her beloved husband William, who departed this life 20th March 1889 aged 50? years. Also the above named Annie Williamson who died 4th February 1917.

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