Queen Street National Primary School
For Girls

1892 Register

03 Feb Jane Andrews 5 Pres Ruddell's Yard Weaver
08 Feb Isa Dawson 5 Pres Queen Street Orphan
08 Feb May Sloane 3 Pres Queen Street Orphan
07 Mar Sarah Greer 7 E.C. Brown's Lane Labourer
08 Mar Margaret McCourt 4 E.C. Brown's Lane Labourer
01 Apr Sarah Taylor 3 E.C. Queen Street Shoemaker
26 Apr Isabella Mighton 4 E.C. Finch's Lane Labourer
26 Apr Elizabeth Wetherall 4 Pres Rookery Labourer
26 Apr Annie Fugard 3 E.C. Finch's Lane Gate Keeper
22 Jun Elizabeth Fitzsimmons 3 E.C. Moore's Yard Labourer
02 Aug Mary Crozier 4 E.C. Queen Street Clerk
02 Aug Jane Crozier 3 E.C. Queen Street Clerk
02 Aug Mary O'Hara 3 R.C. Wilsons Row Weaver
03 Aug Katie Irwin 3 E.C. Union Street Tailer
23 Aug Maria Brown 3 E.C. Queen Street Clerk
05 Sep Ellen Hall 6 E.C. Ruddell's Yard Labourer
12 Sep Christina Hall 5 E.C. Finch's Lane Weaver
12 Sep Maggie Lindsay 4 Meth Robert Street Painter
03 Oct Mary Nesbitt 3 Pres Knocknashane Weaver
05 Oct Mary McCauley 4 E.C. Brown's Yard Labourer
17 Oct Sarah Hill 4 E.C. Knocknashane Labourer
31 Oct Jane McGrath 4 E.C. Queen Street Carpenter
31 Oct Mary Hamilton 3 E.C. Brown's Lane Porter
31 Oct Mary Hall 3 E.C. Ruddell's Court Weaver
29 Nov Mary McKinley 3 E.C. Wilsons Row Watchman
29 Nov Annie Waters 3 E.C. Brown's Lane Weaver
12 Dec Sarah McIlwaine ? E.C. Brown's Yard Scavenger
12 Dec Lily Lindsay 3 Meth Robert Street Painter

Note: The date mentioned was the date in which the pupil was admitted to the school. EC stands for the "Established Church" namely the Church of Ireland. other churches were termed "non-conformist" as they didn't conform to the official religion.

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