The Portadown Weekly News Portadown Coat of Arms
2nd July 1859  


Dublin South Wm. P. Appelbe, LL.D., Joseph W. McKay, Edward Harte, Robert Crooke, LL.D.,
Governor of the Connexional School ; Robinson Scott (Blackrock) ; Arthur Noble and John F. Mathews, super numeraries.
Dublin North Wallace McMullen, John D. Powell, William Gorman ; John Nelson, super numerary.
Kingstown Gibson MMillen, Thomas C. Laurence ; Charles McCormick, George Burrows (Blackrock), Thomas Beamish, super numeraries.
Drogheda William Hoey (2nd), Charles L. Grant ; John Carey, Robert Masaroon, super numeraries.
Wicklow George Chambers.
Rathdrum John Gilcriest, Irvine Johnston.
Tullamore Robert A. Dovers, John Nash.
Maryborough John Hughes, George Barnes.
Longford William Christie, Wilson J. Storey. William P. Appelbe, Chairman.

Waterford Henry J. Giles, John Oliver ; John Williams (Cashel), super numerary.
Carlow John Foster, Isaac Davies.
Newtownbarry William B. Lebert, Thos. MLorinan. James Tobias, Chairman.

Cork Thomas T. N. Hull, Robert G. Jones ; Richard T. Tracy, super numerary.
Queenstown William Reilly, super numerary.
Bandon Benjamin Bayly, John Greer,; Thos. Waugh, super numerary.
Clonakilty Thomas Moran.
Skibbereen Thos. A. MKee, Edward Guard ; Robt. Bruce, super numerary. Thomas Waugh, Chairman.

Limerick John Duncan, Thomas Guard.
Roscrea Henry Price, Charles H. Crookshank.
Clough jordan Hugh Moore; John Rogers, William Keys, super numeraries.
Athlone Robert Black. Henry Price, Chairman.

Sligo John Donald, James Hughes.
Castlebar Edward M. Hughes.
Ballina John C. Storey.
Boyle John Gilbert, Robert Geale.
Manor hamilton Charles Wood, George Kirkpatrick. Edward M. Banks, Chairman.

Enniskillen Thomas Meredith, Jeremiah Wilson.
Brookborough Francis Morrow, Samuel Weir.
Lowtherstown Joseph Johnston, Geo. W. Patchell. William Douglass, super numerary.
Ballyshannon James Collier, Hugh C. Walsh.
Clones Robert Johnston ; one to be sent.
Cootehill Thomas Foster, James Oliver.
Cavan Richard Maxwell, John S. McDade. Thomas Meredith, Chairman.

Londonderry Robert G. Cather, A.M., James Donnelly.
Coleraine George Vance, William Crooke, jun., R. Orr.
Newtownlimavady James Donald.
Strabane Thomas K. Whitaker, William C. Doonan.
Omagh Jas C. Bass, Francis Douglas ; Thos. Hickey, super numerary. George Vance, Chairman.

Belfast South Robt. Wallace, Edward Best, Jas. B. Atkins.
Belfast North Jas. B. Gillman, Wm. G. Price.
Ballymacarret William Crooke, sen., super numerary.
Ballyclare Robt. Collier.
Donaghadee William Brown, Wm. Cather (Newtownards); James Oliffe, John Hill, super numeraries.
Carrickfergus James Murdoch, Geo. Alley (Larne).
Magherafelt Wm. Hoey (1st), Thos. W. Baker.
Lisburn Wm. Mulloy, Daniel Macafee, Jas. Johnston, Jas. Patterson, supernumeraries.
Downpatrick Edwd. Harper, John Bates.
Dromore Oliver MCutcheon. Daniel Macafee, Chairman.

Portadown John Dwyer, John Landers.
Newry Edward Johnston, James Carey.
Dungannon Thomas Ballard, Samuel Dunlop ; Nathaniel Hobart (Coalisland), super numerary.
Armagh Robert Huston, Henry Evans.
Lurgan John Armstrong, Robert J. Meyer.
Moira James Black.
Tandragee Robert Hamilton, Robert H. Lindsay.
Monaghan, &c. James Henry, Thomas Cooke.
Aughnacloy Henry Geddis. Thomas Ballard, Chairman.



General Mission in the Dublin, Enniskillen, Sligo, and Limerick Districts Robert Hewitt.
Trim Robert Beauchamp.
Lucan Charles Robertson.
The Camp at the Curragh Samuel Patterson.
Kilkenny John Saul, William B. Starkey.
Youghal Robert Hazelton.
Fermoy John Higgins.
Berehaven Mines Wm. Swanton.
Tralee Colin MKay.
Killarney Wm. Quaile.
Ballinasloe Robt. Bell.
Nenagh, &c. Sam. Ferguson.
Kilrush, &c. M. Long.
Galway William Lough ; William Cornwall, supernumerary.
Clifden Thos. Pearson.
Oughterard Wm. G. Campbell, Wm. H. Quarry.
Westport Fred. Elliot.
Killala Wm. Burnside.
Belmullet, &c. John R. Porter.
Rathmelton Jas. Edwards.
Donegal John Hazelton, John Wilson, Andrew Armstrong.
Ballymena John W. Ballard, Sam. Cowdy, John Feely, supernumerary.
General Mission in the Londonderry, Belfast, and Newry Districts John Walker.



THE GREAT ANNUAL CATTLE SHOW OF THIS SOCIETY, Will be held at DUNDALK [Co Louth], on WEDNESDAY THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, the 27th, 28th, and 29th JULY NEXT. ALL ENTRIES must be made with the Secretary on or before WEDNESDAY, the 13th July, from whom a detailed Prize Sheet, together with Entry Forms for the different classes, can be obtained. Most favourable arrangements have been made with the respective Rail and Steam Boat Companies for the conveyance of Stock, &c., to the Show.

By Order, J. M. ROYSE, Secretary. Societys Rooms, 42, Upper Sackville Street, Dublin.



A melancholy instance of the uncertainty of human life has just occurred in our town, as we were going to press. A Mr. Peter Togher, brother of the respected captain of the Leinster Lass, whilst engaged in his duties of master sailmaker, in the establishment of Mr. Greene, fell suddenly down, and almost immediately expired. Drogheda Argus



Mr. R. Quinton, late cashier in the Ulster Bank, in this town, has been removed to Derry. He was a general favourite. We learn that Mr. Wm. N. Atkinson, accountant, is expected to take his place.



A good looking Irish girl, named Curran, enlisted the other day at Liverpool in the 60th Rifles. It was some little time ere her sex was discovered, and then her services were dispensed with. Her object in joining the regiment was to enjoy the society of her brother, who is one of the privates. She ingeniously disguised herself for the purpose of enlistment ; and her short hair and male attire completely imposed upon the spectators.



STEAM FROM LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. City of Baltimore, Wednesday, May 11. City of Washington, Wednesday, May 25. Every alternate Wednesday.

STEAM TO QUEBEC. North American, Wednesday, May 11. Weeklyevery Wednesday.

STEAM DIRECT FROM BELFAST TO NEW YORK. Vigo, Wednesday, June 29. Every four weeks.

PACKET SHIPS TO NEW YORK. For particulars of Fares and Inland Routes apply to

R. H. WARDEN, 60, Waring-street, Belfast. or to WILLIAM HALL, Portadown.

DIRECT STEAM COMMUNICATION FROM BELFAST TO NEW YORK, ONCE A MONTH. THE LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK, AND PHILADELPHIA Steam-ships are appointed to Sail from Belfast to New York, (calling at Cork,) as follows: Steam-ships. Tons. Captains. To sail. VIGO, ... ... ... ... 1,953, MGuigan, June 29.


PASSAGE MONEY. Cabin, FIFTEEN GUINEAS ; Steerage, SIX GUINEAS ; which includes an ample supply of Provisions, cooked and served by the Companys Stewards.

For further particulars apply in Glasgow, to R. THOMSON & CO., 83, Jamaica-street ; in Queenstown, to C. & W. D. SEYMOUR & CO. ; in Liverpool, to W. INMAN, 62 and 63, Tower-Buildings, south, 22, Water-street ; Or at Office of the Company, 103, Victoria-street, Belfast. JOHN MKEE, Agent



To the Rev. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, by the Teachers and Children of the Portadown Sunday Schools, on the occasion of his removal from the Incumbency of Portadown to the Rectory of Derryloran, Cookstown [Co Fermanagh].

REV. AND DEAR SIR, WE, THE TEACHERS AND CHILDREN OF the Portadown Sunday Schools, desire to address you on this occasion. We beg to congratulate you on your promotion and appointment to another sphere of usefulness. That your zealous and faithful ministry has been so rewarded, would fill us with unmingled joy, were it not that our long and happy intercourse must thereby terminate. Your active superintendence of these Schools, your affectionate demeanour, and your spiritual counsel, have attached to you alike the hearts of Teachers and Children, and left, we trust, impressions of enduring influence.

We hope that the accompanying token of our affection will sometimes remind you of the cherished period of our intercourse, and of many young but sincere friends. Be assured, dear Sir, that you are accompanied to your new home by our prayers and desires for the happiness and welfare of yourself, your kind partner, and youthful family. Cheered by the hope that, however earthly ties are severed, we will hereafter be united within one eternal fold by the Great Shepherd whose sheep and lambs you rejoiced to feed, We remain, with much respect, Your attached Friends,

(Signed on behalf of the Teachers and Children,) ELIZABETH CARLETON, RACHEL REID, W. N. ATKINSON, WILLIAM REDMOND. Portadown, June 30, 1859.



MY DEAR YOUNG FRIENDS, Your affectionate Address and very beautiful Gift demand my warmest acknowledgments and most grateful thanks. I should be indeed insensible if I did not feel deeply affected by this touching testimony of respect from those youthful members of my flock amongst whom it has been so long my happiness to minister, and with whom I have enjoyed so many hours of pleasing and, I would fain believe, profitable intercourse, as each returning Sabbath permitted us, in meditation on the word of life, to take sweet counsel together, and walk in the house of God as friends.

Very gratifying indeed, though far too favourable, is your kind appreciation of my services as Superintendent of our Sunday-school. Too frequently defective, I am aware, those services have been ; and yet I can with truth affirm that no part of my ministerial duty has been to me more entirely a labour of love. It was not, however, until the endearing relation which has so long subsisted between us was about to cease, that I felt its full extent what a hold the youthful objects of my care had gained in my affection, or how painful it is to bid them finally farewell.

To the several teachers whose encouraging approval has so often strengthened my hands, and without whose zealous co-operation my best endeavours would have been all in vain, I feel particularly indebted for their kindness on this occasion. Earnestly do I hope and pray that they may not soon be weary in well doing, and that their self-denying labours may of God be abundantly blessed. For your prayers for the happiness of ourselves and our children, Mrs. Crawford unites with me in returning our most sincere thanks. We shall always cherish a grateful recollection of your affectionate regard ; and as we look upon your parting gift, which reminds us how fleeting is the passing hour, I trust we may be led, whilst we think of absent friends, to join in the hope so beautifully expressed by you that, when time shall be no more, we may be again united where there shall be one fold and one Shepherd. Believe me to be, My dear young friends,

Yours sincerely attached, V. CRAWFORD. Portadown, June 30, 1859.



AN OUT-DOOR & IN-DOOR APPRENTICE WANTED TO THE PRINTING BUSINESS. Must be educated and respectable. Will be liberally dealth with. JOHN H. FARRELL. WEEKLY NEWS OFFICE.



On Monday last, the wife of Mr. T. Irwin, tailor, of a son.

June 26, at the Manor House, Lewes, the wife of P. G. Synnot, Esq., Lurganah, County Armagh, of a son.

On the 23rd inst., the wife of Maxwell C. Close, Esq., M.P., Drumbanagher Castle, of a daughter.



On Thursday, the infant son of Mr. T. Irwin, Tailor, Dungannon-street.



Sunday, June 12th, commenced with fine weather and moderate breezes from S.S.W., middle and latter part moderate; breezes from W.S.W., to N.W., with a thick fog for the most part ; all sail set to the best advantage. Nothing unusual occurred until about 11:45 p.m., when a strong smell of smoke was perceived in the cabin. Search was immediately made to discover the cause of it ; took off the after hatch leading to the store-room, just aft of the cabin, and found large quantities of smoke issuing therefrom. Called all hands immediately, and searched the entire store-room, but found no fire there. The smoke gradually increasing in density, bored an auger hole through the store-room deck into the between decks; found the fire to be burning furiously below in the after part of the ship, and rapidly increasing, plugged up the auger hole, and used every endeavour to smother the fire but without avail, for about 2 a.m., the fire broke through into the after cabin, and the whole after part of the ship was in a complete blaze below.

Found our endeavours to arrest the progress of the flames were unavailing, and the dim smoke, heat, and fire gaining so rapidly, that it became almost unbearable. The ship was then kep close to the wind on the port tack, under easy sail, and preparations were then made to abandon her, if it should become necessary to do, and the officers and crew were detailed to various duties; some in getting the boats in readiness with water and provisions in the same ; others in removing the specie from the cabin to the forward part of the ship for safety, but were quickly driven out by the flames and smoke completely filling the after cabin, and a portion of the specie was left to the mercy of the elements. Shortly after daylight the fog lifted up, and a sail was discovered b earing E.S.E., about three miles distant, standing to the eastward. The ship was immediately kept away for her, and the colours set union down, and signals of distress set at the fore and mizzen.

In a half an hour a thick fog set in, the Stalwart still keeping her course after the stranger. About four oclock, a.m., the flames burnt through the upper deck aft, and drove the man from the wheel. The topsails were then clewed down, and the main and mizzen topsails hove aback to keep the ships head to the wind, and prevent the flames spreading forward. The boats, with a barrel of water, a barrel of bread, a companys chart and quadrant in each, were then lowered down, and handed forward as far as possible.

About 7, a.m., the entire ship aft of the main rigging was in a blaze, the flames reaching to the mizzen top-mast head. About 8 a.m., the mizzen mast fell on over the stern with a heavy crash, bearing W.N.W., about five miles offl, and steering directly. About 9, a.m., the fog lifting up a little, discovered a sail for us ; soon after she took in her light sails, and set her colours. The fire was then gaining rapidly forward. The three female passengers, with an officer and part of the crew, were then placed in one of the boats. Soon after the sail, which proved to be the British barque Princess Helena, of Whitehaven, Capt. Connell, from Demerara for cork, hove to, and lowered a boat ; in this boat the females were then sent on board the barque. The portion of specie saved from the cabin was then placed in a boat, and sent on board ; also a part of the crew was sent on board in another boat. About 9:30, a.m., the flames, reaching to the main top-mast head, and the mast casting forward, cut away the main and maintopmast stays, to prevent the mast from falling forward. At this time the ship was burnt to the waters edge as far as midships, and settling fast by the stern, it was then deemed advisable to abandon the sinking and burning remains of what but a few hours previously was a staunch and well appointed ship. The few then remaining on board were ordered into the boat, which left the ship immediately, but had hardly shoved off when the mainmast fell with a fearful crash over the port side side [sic] past of the rigging, falling directly across the boat, fortunately without any serious injury to any one. The flames now reached to the fore top-mast head, completely enveloping the ship. The boat proceeded to the barque, where all were kindly received by Captain Connell, his officers, and crew. The barque was then kept away to Eastward, and shortly after noon not a vestige of the Stalwart was to be seen above water. So rapid was the progress of the fire that nearly all the personal effects of those on board were lost. The cause of the fire was unknown. The ship was out from the Bar of Mississippi 28 days, and there was no communication with that part of the ship where the fire was discovered. The cargo below consisted entirely of cotton, there was also a large quantity of specie stowed in the after cabin. Every thing throughout was conducted with coolness and discipline.

M. H. LUCAS, (late Master of the ship Stalwart.)



A lad, named Cloughly, fell into the canal lock at Poyntzpass yesterday. Both gates being closed, there was a depth of about ten feet of water, and the boy, after a few struggles, sank. Sub-constable O'Hagan, of the Poyntzpass Constabulary, hearing the cries, ran to the lock and jumped in, sustaining some severe injuries, but got a hold of the boy and kept him up until the gates were opened and a boat brought to his assistance. Both were very much exhausted on being taken out. Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. O'Hagan for his courageous conduct, as were it not for his intrepidity the boy would have been drowned. We hope his conduct will meet its due reward from the proper quarter.



This chapel is to be re-opened tomorrow for Divine worship. The services are to be held by the Rev. G. McMillen, of Dublin, in the morning; and by Mr. J. Shillington, of Portadown, in the afternoon.



THE REVIVAL PRAYER MEETINGS have been continued here, but not in the Town Hall. On Monday and Thursday evenings they were held in the Primitive Wesleyan Chapel, on Tuesday and Friday evenings in the Wesleyan Chapel, and on Wednesday evening in the Presbyterian Meeting-house, commencing at eight oclock. They will be continued, we understand, in the same manner through the coming week. On Saturday evenings they will be held in the Town Hall at the same hour for the convenience of parties attending the market.



A report has reached us about distempered cattle, and unfair play, but until something further transpires, it would not be wise to notice it.



WILLIAM PAUL AND SON BEG TO SOLICIT AN EARLY INSPECTION OF THEIR NEW STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS which have been carefully selected in London and the Manufacturing Districts during the past fortnight.

IN MANTLES will be found the leading Novelties in Glace, Moire, Zebra, Melton, and Dressed Cloths.

IN SHAWLS and MANTILLAS, we have the largest and richest assortment we have ever offered, comprising the Charlottenburg and Ann Boleyn Mantilla, the Empress Shawl, with Paisley Long and Square Shawls, Barege, Grenadine, and Cashmere Shawls and Mantillas.

IN FANCY DRESSES, we are offering a very large choice in Cyranthine, Chene, Robe a Lez, Clotilda, Barege, Mohair and Poplin materials.

OUR STOCK OF PRINTED MUSLINS, consists of French Jaccouets, Tape Checks, and Crossovers, with a large variety of Flowered Robes, comprising the Regal Tyrian Purple, now so fashionable.

IN SILKS Our Black and Colored Glace, Flounced, Brocaded, Romall and Fancy Silks, are very Cheap and beautiful. We have just received a fresh assortment of Parasols, Plain and Fancy Sewed Muslins, Collars and Sleeves, Black and White Veils, Gossamer do., Ladies Silk d? Ties and Scarfs, French Kid, Silk and Lislo? Gloves, and a very full assortment of Cotton Hosiery, Ladies and Childrens Dublin made BOOTS and SHOEStogether with a large variety of Pomponette, French Frilled and other Fancy Trimmings, Plain and Fancy Mohair and Silk Fringes, Tassels and Dress Buttons.

THE MILLINERY DEPARTMENT maintains its high character for good taste, under the superintendence of Miss STEWART, and is replete with novelties in Crinoline, Braid, and Straw Bonnets and Hats, French and Coventry Ribbons, British and Foreign Flowers, and Ostrich Feathers. We beg to direct special attention to our Stock of WEST OF ENGLAND CLOTHS and DOESKINS, which we guarantee for durability both in wear and holding the colour ; and also to several New Styles in Fancy Coatings and Trouserings of French Manufacture, such as are usually sold in the West End of London, and very rarely kept in Provincial Towns ; together with the newest designs in SILK CASHMARET AND QUILTING VESTINGS, Beaurford Ties, Gentlemens Scarfs, Shirts, and Collars.

Just received an assortment of SATIN AND FRENCH FELT HATS, of the most fashionable shapes.

WILLIAM PAUL AND SON. Portadown, 10th May, 1859.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <


This bank will open on Monday evening next, in the Town Hall. We hope to see a large number of depositors.



MONDAY JULY 4.Beragh, Tyrone; Ballybot, Armagh ; Banbridge, Down ; Bawnboy, Cavan ; Carland, Tyrone; Crumlin, Antrim; Dowra, Cavan; Donaghadee, Down ; Kilsob, Cavan; Monaghan Town.

TUESDAY, 5.Ballymagorey, Tyrone ; Castlereagh, Down ; Clough, Down ; Donaghmore, Tyrone ; Dunleer, Louth ; Kingscourt, Cavan ; Portglenone, Antrim ; Seaford, Down ; Tanderagee, Armagh ; Tullivin, Cavan.

WEDNESDAY, 6.Ballow, Down ; Belfast, Down ; Belfast, Antrim ; Castleblayney, Monaghan ; Gorten, Tyrone ; Kilkeel, Down.

THURSDAY, 7.Armagh Town ; Belturbet, Cavan ; Middletown, Armagh.

FRIDAY, 8.Cootehill, Cavan ; Keady, Armagh.

SATURDAY, 9.Caledon, Tyrone ; Newtownards, Down ; Richhill, Armagh ; Virginia, Cavan.



On Saturday, the 18th instant, a young lad, named John Boyle, a helper in the Messrs. Knoxs new grain mill, near Armoy [Co Antrim], was caught by one of the shafts while the machinery was in full operation, was dragged in, and in a moment torn to pieces. The power was thrown off will all possible expedition, but not till his mangled remains were mixed with the machinery. The deceased is said to have been on some of the lofts, and rashly engaged in oiling some of the works when his clothes were caught. An inquest was held, when a verdict of Accidental Death was returned in accordance with the facts of the case. Coleraine Chronicle.



The Right. Hon. Maziere Brady was on Wednesday sworn in as Lord Chancellor of Ireland, before the Right Hon. Joseph Napier, by the Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper. We understand that his lordship will preside in the Court of Chancery on Thursday (this day) for the despatch of business. His lordship will first proceed with the term list.Daily Express.



Box and Bale Goods, 60s per ton measurement, and 5 per cent. primage ; Coarse Goods per agreement.






BENJAMIN P. DAVIDSON, House, Land, and General Commission Agent, 39, ABBEY-STREET, ARMAGH. Rents collected and Commissions executed on moderate terms.



EACH KIND WARRANTED TO BE SAVED from selected Bulbs, on sale by RICHARD EDGAR, PORTADOWN. 1st June, 1859.




THE SERVICE IN THE MORNING WILL BE conducted by the Rev. G. McMILLEN, of DUBLIN, commencing at TEN oClock ; and that in the Afternoon by Mr. JOHN SHILLINGTON, of PORTADOWN, at FOUR oClock.

On each occasion A COLLECTION will be made towards defraying the cost of the recent repairs. The attendance and support of all Christian Friends in the surrounding Neighbourhood are affectionately and earnestly solicited.

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