Portadown Residential Directory 1888
From Bassett's Book of Co Armagh
Surnames M - R

Abbreviations, Sub-Post Offices included in this list: B’corr—Ballynacorr; B’hill—Battlehill; Crab—Crabtree lane; D’ville—Derryanville; D.C.—Derryhale Corner; Mul—Mullantine; S’st—Scotch st.

McAdam, Joseph, Drumenagh
McAdam, Wm. J., Drumenagh
McAnally, H. Derryletiff, S'st
McAnally, J., Cullentramore
McBroom, I., D’huncheon, B’hill
McCabe, Robert, Ballynacorr
McCaghley, W., Derryvore, B’corr
McCallan, James, Cornascrebe
McCannon, Hugh W., Annagh
McCann, Eclward, Clenroll
McCann, James, Selshion
McCann, Mrs. Mj., Derrymacfall
McCann, William, Ballyhannon
McCann, W., Kingarve, S'st
McCann, Wm., Muckery
McCann, Wm., Muckery, Crab
McCarrison, Robert, Portmore st
McCleery, Amelia. B’nacorr
McClelland, Wm., Drumgoose
McConnelle, Clarke, Marlacoomore
McConnell, Richard, Selshion
McConville, Anthony, Cornascreeb
McCooe, James, Anagora, S'st
McCleery, J. G., Kilmgamish Crab
McCreery, William, Muckery Crab,
McCrory, John, Ballinacorr
McCullagh, Isaac, Timakeel, S'st
McCune, John, Ballybreagh, D. c.
McDonnell, Alexonder, Annagh
McFadden, James, Carleton street
McGeown, H., Ballinarry, B'cor
McGeown, J., Ballinarry, B'corr
McGeown, J., Drumnagoon, B'corr
McGeown, John, Tamnificarbet
McGrane, P, Artabracka, Mul
McGredy, Sl., sen., The Walk
McGredy, Sl., jun., The Walk
McIroy, Miss, Bridge street
McKenna, Ross, Anagora, S'st
McKenny, Joseph, Muckery Crab
McKenzie, Archbd., Seagoe house
McKenzie Brothers, Seagoe hoose
McKenzie, James, Bridge street
McKeown, Fr., Derryletiff, Sst
McKnight, William, Ballinacorr
McLoughlin, Mrs., Carlrton street
McMurray. Ar., Crossmacaughley
McMurray, James, Ballynaghy
McMurray, J. H., Ballynaghy
McMurray, W., Crossmacaughley
McOrmond, Miss E., Clenroll
McShane, Chas., Drumhariff S'st
McShane, Francis, Ballynagowan
McShane, Patrick, Anoagora, S'st
McSherry, John, Ballygargan
Magee, William, Breagh
Meginnis, James, Ballymacrandle
Magown, William, Artabracka
Maitland, James, Lisnamintry
Major, John, Church street
Mallow, A., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Mallagh, Benjn., Corcullentrabeg
Marlay, Miss, Bridge street
Marlay, Thomas, Castle street
Marley, Thomas, Castle street
Matchett, Francis, Derrycaw
Matchett, James, Derryanville
Matchett, James, Drumcree
Matchett, John, Derryanville
Matchett, Richard, Derryall, Crab
Mathers, David, Derrycorey
Mathers, Frances, D’ nesliin, Crab
Mathers, Joseph, D’neskin, Crab
Mathers, Richard, Muckery
Maxwell, William, Derryhale c
Maze, James, Levaghery
Maze, S., Knocknamuckly
Metcalf, William, Seagoe L
Milsop, William, Teague
Mitchell, J., Drumard P., B’hill
Mitchell, W., Drumnasoo, Mul
Monroe, Henry, Levaghery
Montgomery, J.. Derryvore, B'corr
Montgomery, John, Seagoe upper
Montgomery, Mrs., Clonroot, B’hill
Montgomery, Mrs., Curglass, S'st
Montgomery, Robert, Annagh
Montgomery, Stewart, Lylo
Montgomery, Thomas, Derrycorey
Montgomery, Thos., Derryanville
Montgomery, W., Ballynagowan
Montgomery, W., Battlehill
Montgomery, William, Seagoe lr
Morgan, James, Castle street
Morris, Henry, Ballynagowan
Morris, James, Ballynagowan
Morrison, Thomas, Derryhale c
Merrow, George, Ballyworkan
Morrow, Isaac, Ballyworkan
Morrow, Richard, Canoneil, S'st
Morrow, Thomas, Canoneil, S'st
Mulholland, Edward, Coharra, S'st
Mulholland, Henry, Richmount
Mulholland, John, Ballynageown
Mulholland, P., jun., Coharra, S'st
Mullan, K., Drumheriff, S'st
Mullin, H., Drumheriff, S'st
Murphy, Daniel, Ballyworkan
Murphy, Patrick, Mahon
Murray, David, Drumnakelly
Murray, J., Ballinarry, B'corr
Murray, M., Drumnasoo, Mul

Nelson, George, Ballyhannon

O'Connor, Patrick, The Rockery
O'Hanlon, F. I. (J.P.) Market st
Orr, William, Church street

Parker, W., Artabracka, Mul
Patterson, David, Drumnakelly
Patterson, John, Cornascrebe
Paul, David G., Erindale
Paul, W., High street
Paul, W. J. (H.P.), High street
Pentland, D., Durmnkelly
Pentland, John, Drumnakelly
Pentland, Thomas, Ballyworkan
Pentland, William, Drumnakelly
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan
Porter, David, Seagoe lr
Porter, George, Seagoe lr
Porter, Henry, Seagoe lr
Portwr, John, Ballymagowan
Porter, John, Seagoe lr
Porter, Thomas, Corbrackey
Porter, Thomas, Derryanville
Preston, J J., Clonroot, B'hill

Ramsey, James, Drumnagoon
Rea, Thomas, Clenroll
Reeves, William, Battlehill
Reid, Capel W., Tarson ho., B'corr
Reid, Geo., Derrykeeran, D’ville
Reid, John, Seagoe lower
Reid, J. F., Imperial hotel
Rice, Arthur, Artabracka
Richardson, Henry, Market st
Richardson, John, High st
Richardson, Thomas, Derrymattry
Ripley, Thomas A., Clounagh
Robb, Hamilton, Edenderry ho
Robb, H. jun., Edenderry ho
Robb, Seth, Woodside ho
Robb, Wm., Derybroughas, D'ville
Robinson, David, Drumheriff, S' st
Robinson, Dawson, Tamnificarbet
Rohinson, George, Cushenny S' st
Robinson, George, Devinney, S' st
Rabinson, John, Ballyhannon
Robinson, John, West st
Robinson, Joseph Annakerra, S' st
Robinson, Robert, Divinney S' st
Robinson, Samuel, Roughan, S' st
Robinson, Thomas, Devinney, S' st
Robinson, Thomas, Scotch st
Robinson, T., T’lasson, C’roll
Robinson, Thos., Tamnifiglasson
Robinson, William, Artabrackagh
Robinson, William, Ballyhannon
Robinson, William, Lisnamintry
Robinson, William, Lylo
Rountree, Charles, Derryhale c
Rountree, Jones, Mulladry, D c
Rountree, Robert, Mulladry, D c
Rowland, B. G., Ballynacorr
Ruddell, David, Ballynacorr R
Ruddell, George, Tamnifiglasson
Ruddell, Henry, Ballinteggart
Ruddell, John, Ballinteggart
Ruddell, H., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Ruddell, John, Battlehill
Ruddell, John, Clonroot, B’hill
Ruddell, John, B’teggart, B’hill
Ruddell, Mrs., L’nisky, Clenroll
Ruddock, K., Divinney, S' st
Russell, John, Ballynagowan
Russell, Robert, Crossmacaughley
Russell, Samuel, Farra, S' st
Russell, Thomas, Bridge st
Russell, William J., Farra, S' st
Rutledge, James, Drumlisnagrilly

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