Portadown Residential Directory 1888
From Bassett's Book of Co Armagh
Surnames A - F

High Street Portadown

Portadown, a market town in County Armagh, twenty one miles S.W. by W. from Belfast, situated on the River Bann, over which is a stone bridge of five arches. The Newry Canal joins the river about a mile above the town, and the latter falls into Lough Neagh, at its Southern side, and, issuing at the opposite side, forms the boundary between the Counties of Antrim and Derry, and loses itself in the sea below Coleraine, thus forming, in connexion with the canal, a water communication between that place, and Newry, Belfast, Enniskillen &c. There is a station of the Ulster Railway here, which is joined by the Dublin and Belfast Junction line. The ancient name of the place was Port-ne-doon, signifying "the port of the fortified eminence." The town consists of a large, well built principal street, and several smaller ones branching from it in various directions.

Abbreviations, Sub-Post Offices included in this list: B’corr—Ballynacorr; B’hill—Battlehill; Crab—Crabtree lane; D’ville—Derryanville; D.C.—Derryhale Corner; Mul—Mullantine; S’st—Scotch st.

Acheson, Geo., Church st
Acheson, John, Dunavon
Acheson, Rev. J., Windsor ter
Alexander, T., Artabracka, Mul
Allen, Rd., Ballybegan
Anderson, Abm., Cornascrebe
Anderson, James, Derryhale c
Annesley, Gee., Ballinteggart
Annesley, G., Fortmore st
Armstrong, John, Eden hall
Armstrong, T. (J.P.), Eden hall
Armstrong, Thos., jun., Eden hall
Armstrong, Wtn. F., Eden hall
Atkinson, E., Derryanville
Atkinson, James. Seagoe 1r
Atkinson, John U., Church st
Atkinson, Miss. Millicent ter
Atkinson, R., Ballyfodrin, S' st
Atkinson, Wm., Derryall
Atkinson, W. (P.M.), Crabtree le
Atkinson, Wolsey K., Eden villa

Bailey, Mrs., Hanover st
Beattie, James, Cornascrehe
Bell, David F., Mandeville st
Benson, George. Farra, S' st
Benson, John, Ballynagone
Benson, T., Drumhariff S' st
Best, John, Balteagh
Best, Robert, Killycomain
Black, G., Drumard P, B’hill
Black, H., Drumard P, B'hill
Blacker, V., Drumnevin, S' st
Boyce, I., T’lasson, C’roll
Boyce, James, Bocambra
Boyd, Edward, Battlehill
Boyd Mrs., Carleton st
Boyle, James, Drumcree
Bradshaw, James, Breagh
Brankin, Felix, Selshion
Brankin, Michael, Derrycaw
Rready, Miss, Church st
Bredon, Mrs., Millicent ter
Brogan, J., Drumnasoo, Mul
Brown, Wm. (P.M.), Ballynacorr
Brownlee, T., Drumnasoo, Mul
Bright,Geo., Bridge st
Bright, W. H., Bridge st
Bryson, John B., Carleton st
Bullick, Ralph, Mountain view
Bullick, Samuel, Drumnagoon
Bullick, Thomas, Drumnagoon
Burrell, T., Artabracka, Mul
Byrne, James, Woodhouse st
Byme, Rev. F.,: Selsion

Caddell, W. J., Ballynacorr
Calvert, George, Breagh
Calvert, James, Drumnacanvey
Calvert, Wm. J., Ballymacrandle
Campbell, George, Breagh
Campbell, William, Annagh
Campbell, William, Ballyworkan
Carleton, Miss, Church st
Carr, Joseph, Baltylum
Carrick, J., Richmount, S' st
Carrick, Thos., Richmount, S'st
Carrick, Wm., Derryanville
Carter, George, I)erryall. Crab
Carter, John, Derryall, Crab
Carter, T., Derryall, Crab
Chapman, D., B’teggart, B’hill
Chapman, Eliza, Battlehill
Chapman, J., Battlehill
Chapman, J., Mulladry, Mul
Chapman, J. (P.M.), Battlehill
Chapman, Mrs., D’huncheon, B’hill
Chapman, Mrs. A., C’root, B’hill
Chapman, Robert, Ballinteggart
Chapman, Thomas, Battlehill
Cheetham, George, Edward st
Church, Wm. J., Ballyworkan
Cinnamon, George, Kilmagamish
Clayton, Charles, Clounagh
Clayton, Edward, Clounagh
Clayton, Thomas, Derryanville
Clayton, Thomas, Drumnakelly
Clow, Wm. M., Carleton st
Cochrane, Robert, Cornascrebe
Collen, John (J.P.), Killicomain ho
Collen, Jos., Ashton villa
Collen, Richard, Oakfield
Collins, John, Seagoe up
Conn, F., Ballymacgeown, S' st
Conn, Rt, Kilmoriarty, Muli
Conn, T., Farra, S' st
Conn, Thos., Breagh
Conn, William, Drumnakelly
Conn, Wm., jun., Baltylum
Conn, Wm., jun., Drumnakelly
Cook, John, Concullentrabeg
Cook, John, Levaghery
Corbett, Rev. E. St. J., Mulladry, Mullantine
Costello, James, Ballynacorr
Coulter, Samuel, Tarsan, B’corr
Coultcr, William, Tarsan, B’corr
Courtney, Archibd., Ballinteggart
Courtney, John, Selshion
Courtney, John, Ballynagowan
Cox, John, Derryhale corner
Cox, Mrs. M., Fruithill, D c
Cranston, Wm., Drumnasoo, Mul
Cregan, Arthur, Corcullentramore
Cregan, Wm., Ballinteggart, B’hill
Crockett, John, Legany, S' st
Crockett, Thos., Diviney, S' st
Croshie, Wm.J., Drumnakelly
Crosby, Wm.J., Mahon
Crummie, J., Artabracka, Mul
Cullen, James, Ballyworkan
Curry, Ceorge, Clonroot, B'hill
Curry, Robt., Clonroot, B’hill

Davidson, Alex., Ballygargan
Davison, Henry, Ballygargan
Davison, JopI,h, Ballygargan
Dawson, Rev. Abhrm., Seagoe, L
Dawson, Thomas, Corcrain ho
Dawson, William J., Corcrain ho
Devlin, Bernard, Derrymattry
Devlin, Etlward, Muckery
Devlin, Henry, Muckery, Crab
Devlin, John, Ballynagowan
Devlin, John, Derrycaw
Dickson, J., T’lasson, Clenroll
Dickson, J. (P.M.) Mullantine
Dickson, Mrs. Margt., Clenroll
Dickson, Mrs., Lisnisky, Clenroll
Dillon, Samuel, Canagolabeg, S' st
Dilworlh, Robert, Lisnisky
Dixon, James, Mullantine
Dixon, John, Artabracka
Dixon, John, Tamnifiglasson
Dixon, Samuel, Ballygargan
Dobson, G., Ballinteggart, B'hill
Doherty, Wm., Kilmoriarty, Mul
Doyle, John, Kingarve, S' st
Doyle, Richard, Derryhale, Mul
Doyle, William, Kingarve, S' st
Dugan, David, Derryvane
Duke, Thos., Drumnasoo, Mul
Dunbar, Ruth, Crabtree lane
Dynes, Samuel, Derrymattry

England, Henry, Knocknamuckly
England, Thos., Knocknamuckly

Fearon, James, Artabracka Mul
Fergus, Mrs., Bridge st
Ferguson, D, Bridge st
Ferguson,John, Clounagh
Ferguson, John, jun., Clounagh
Ferran, Bernard, Mulladry, D c
Ferrin, John, Cornascrebe
Fforde, John, jun., Mullantine
Flavell, James, Corbrackey, D'ville
Fleming, Miss M., Battlehill
Forbes, John, Crabtree lane
Forbes, Robert, Drumnakelly
Ford, James, Mullantine
Ford, William, Mullantine
Forde, David, Mullantine
Forsythe, George, Kilmagamish
Forsythe, John H., Ballintaggart
Forsythe, Rev.J.H.,Vinnecash,Mul
Forsythe, Robert, Derrymattry
Forsythe, William, Derrymattry
Foy, Rev. Edward, Drumcree
Frackleton, William, Clenroll
Fulton, J. C. (J.P.) Church st
Furphy, Mary, Derryanville

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