Portadown Business Directory 1910
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Acheson, J., manufacturer, Carrickblacker rd
Acheson's, Ltd., linen manufacturers, Bann View Factory, Garraghy road
Adair, A., painter, Woodhouse street
Aldred, Mrs., publican, Woodhouse street
Alexander, T., watchmaker and jeweller, Bridge street
Allan, William, grocer, Burnbrae avenue
Allen, Mrs., grocer, Burnbrae avenue
Allen, Mrs. E., newsagent and stationer, Market street
Allen, W., cycle mechanic, West street
Anchor Dining Rooms—Miss Morrison, manageress—-Bridge street
Anderson, E., grocer, Church street
Anderson, Miss, boarding-house, Thomas st
Anderson, Miss J., dressmaker, Mourneview street
Anderson & Co., drapers, posting and undertaking establishment, High street
Annesley, George, ham curer and provision merchant, West street
Armstrong, T., J.P., factory proprietor, Eden hall
Atkinson, Gerald, clerk
Atkinson, Joseph, manufacturer, Charles st
Atkinson, W. H., solicitor, William street
Atkinson, W. R., retired bank manager, Eden villa, Carrickblacker road

Bailie, The Misses, school teachers, Hanover street
Bailie, W. M., mechanic, Mourneview street
Balon, Joseph, Hanover street
Baxter, William, yarndresser, Park road
Beatty, John, clerk, Henry street
Belfast Mineral Water Co., Obin street
Bell, D. F., J.P., commercial traveller, Millicent terrace
Bell, G. S., factory manager, Osborne ter., Thomas street
Bell, J., mechanic, Portmore street
Bell, James, mechanic, Cecil street
Bell, John, Edward street
Best, T., confectioner, Bridge street
Best, William, sculptor, Francis street
Bigley, William, J.P., Parkmount terrace
Binks, J., store foreman, Atkinson's avenue
Birney, W. N., boot and shoe merchant, High street
Birrell, W. G., insurance agent, William st
Black, John, fancy warehouse, Woodhouse street
Black, Thomas, grocer, Montague street
Boyd, Miss, boarding-house, Carleton street
Boyd, Mr., insurance agent, Bridge street
Boyle, C, boarding house, John street
Boyle, James, manager Discount Bank, William street
Brady, P., insurance agent, Burnbrae avenue
Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants, Commercial buildings, Market st.
Brew, J. G., officer mercantile navy, Carrickblacker road
Bright Brothers, saw mill, coal and timber merchants, Bridge street
Brown, G. I., school teacher, Carleton st.
Brown, George, butcher, Osborne terrace, Thomas street
Brown, Mrs., grocer, James street
Brown, Richard, posting establishment, Woodhouse street
Brown, Robert, cycle agent, Woodhouse st
Brownlee, J., flesher, Woodhouse street
Bryson, James, manager Spence & Bryson factory
Bullen, James, grocer, Church street
Burnett, A. J., draper, High street
Burns, Frank, postman, Castle street
Burns, James, manager, Thomas street
Burrell, W., clerk, Albert terrace, Thomas street
Burrowes, Mrs., boarding-house, Thomas st
Borrowes, Robert, leather merchant, Edward street
Byrne, James, butcher, William street
Byrne, Charles, Avon Ban, Thomas street
Byrne, G., seed merchant, Thomas street
Byrne, H., publican, Woodhouse street

Calvin, John, Bann Corn Mills, Castle st.
Campbell, James, newspaper correspondent, Hanover street
Campbell, John, victualler, Church street
Campbell, Mrs., boarding-house, Thomas st
CANAVAN, J. & J., Druggists and Grocers, High street
Carleton, Atkinson, & Sloan, solicitors, Church street
Carrack, S., watchmaker & jeweller, West street
Carrack, W. W., grocer, West street
Carrick, W. W., fruiterer, Market street
Carvill, Mrs., grocer, Coronation street
Casey, J., dining-rooms, Woodhouse street
Castleisland Weaving Factory, Garvaghy road
Chambers, James H., bank manager, Ulster Bank, High street
Chapman, D., druggist and grocer, Market street

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Chapman, Robert, auctioneer, Edward st.
Church, William, clerk, Thomas street
Clayton, Isaac, handkerchief manufacturer, Portmore street
Clayton, Mrs., boarding-house, Edward street
Clelland, Joseph, tailor, Stanley place
Clements, J., jun., fruiterer, Woodhouse st
CLOW, MESSRS. JAMES, & CO., Millers, Castle Street
Clow, W. M., mill proprietor, Feddal house, Carrickblacker road
Clow, W. T., com. traveller, Carrickblacker road
Cochrane, John, plumber and sanitary engineer, Thomas street
Cochrane, Miss, fancy shop, Woodhouse st
Cole, T. L., chemist and druggist, Thomas street
Collen Bros., builders and contractors, Hanover street and Castle street
Collen, F., proprietor Seagoe Brickworks, Ardbree
Conn, William, shoemaker, Mary street
Connor, J., cabinet maker, Junction row
Connor, James, cabinetmaker, Cecil street
Cooney & Son, second-hand clothiers, West st
Cooper, Miss, school teacher, Century street
Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers and drapers, Mandeville street
Corbett, H. H., forage merchant, Obin street
Corbett, J. A., M.D., Thomas street
CORBETT, R., & SON, Drapers and Outfitters, Market street
Cordner, Edward, cycle agent, High street
Cordner, Robert, cycle agent, Thomas street
Cordner, Thomas, boot merchant, High street
Cosgrove, J. J., produce merchant, Curran street and William street
Courtney & Co., grocers, West street
Courtney, C., grocer, High street
Courtney, Robert, U.D.C., newsagent and stationer, Church street
Cowdy, William, handkerchief manufacturer, Thomas street
Cowdy, W. L., B.A., handkerchief manufacturer, Stewart's avenue
Craig, Miss, newsagent and stationer, West street
Craney, L., horse dealer, Coronation street
Croker, W., bank clerk, Erin crescent, Thomas street
Crooks, F. W., house and land agent, Willoughby place, Thomas street; office, Church street
Crummie, A., publican, Thomas street
Curran, James, fruiterer, Church street

Davidson & Co., grocers, Church street
Davison Bros., bakers, Obin street
Davison, Isaac, druggist, High street
Davison, John, Church street
Davison, Joseph D., school teacher, Edward street
Delmege, Mrs., boarding-house, Hanover st
Devlin,, Robert, grocer, South street
Dillon, M. J., grocer, Bridge street
Dobbin, Robert, cabinetmaker, Woodhouse st
Donaghy, Hugh, saddler, Burnbrae avenue
Donald, H., dining rooms, Woodhouse st
Donohue, Thomas, clerk P.O., Fairview terrace
Dougan, George, M.D., Tartaraghan Dispensary and Church street
Dougan, T., publican, Woodhouse street
Douglas, James, barber, Edward street
Downing, Elizabeth, grocer, Atkinson's av.
Doyle, James, grocer, Church street

Eakin, A. J., boot stores, High street
Edgar, James, manager, Thomas street
Elliott & Stevenson, drapers, Market street
Elliott, William, coachbuilder, Carleton st

Farrell, A. T., solicitor, Mandeville street
Fergus, S., manager Co-operative Society, Mandeville street
Fire Brigade Station, William street
Forbes, G. R., & Co., drapers, Market street
Foster, James, hairdresser, Thomas street
Frizell, Henry, agent Belfast Steamship Co., Portmore street
Fullan, C. P., postman, Century street
Fulton, J. C, J.P., secretary Gas Company, Church street
Fulton, W. G., secretary N.S.P.C.C.
Furphy, P., postman, Park road

Gates, William, boot and shoe maker, Bridge street
Gawley and Smith, The Misses, Queen's Jubilee nurses, Thomas street
Geddis, Robert, agent Pearl Life Insurance Company, Church street
Gibson, J., grocer, Stewart's avenue
Gibson, John, & Co., grocers and provision merchants, Market street
Gibson, Thomas, grocer, Bridge street
Gibson, Thomas, resident magistrate, Windsor lodge
Gilbey, W. A., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, Market street
Gordon, W. J., haberdasher, Woodhouse st
GOUGH, WILLIAM, Auctioneer, Shipping Agent, &c, 72 Woodhouse street
Graham, Mrs. H., Stewart's avenue
Gray, D., jeweller and cycle dealer, West st
Gregory, George, head postman, Atkinson's avenue
Green, S., teacher, Church street
Green, Mr., manager M'Gredy & Son, Garraghy road
Green, W. J., commercial traveller, Bridge street
Green, W. J., & Co., Red Cross Cereal and Preserve Works, Foundry street
Greenaway, Mrs. A. M., grocer, John street
Greer, Samuel, carpenter, Thomas street
Greer, J., grocer, Woodhouse street
Greeves, O. V., manufacturer, Carrickblacker road
Grew, Jas., J.P., proprietor Queen's Hotel, High street; res., Burnbrae, Thomas st
GREW, JAMES, & CO., Corn and Seed Merchants, Mary street
Grey, David, cabinetmaker, Woodhouse st
Grimason, J., tailor, Hanover street
Grimason, R. J., grocer, Thomas street
Grimason, S., baker and grocer, Bridge street

Hadden, Robert, carpenter, Hanover street
Hadden, R. E., M.D., Ardralla, Stewart's avenue
Hadden, W. E., M.D., Magharee
Haire, Thomas, boarding-house, John street
Hall, James, confectioner, Portmore street
Hall, R. J., carter, Woodhouse street
Hall, W., Temperance Hotel, Woodhouse st
Hall, S., B.D., secretary Imperial Hotel Co., Edward street
Hamill, James, cattle dealer, William street
Harper, John, manager Anglo-American Oil Company, Thomas street
Harris, H. J., solicitor, Church street
Hazleton, Mrs., pawnbroker, Woodhouse st
Healy, M., newsagent, grocer, and china merchant, Woodhouse street
Hegan & Company, leather and hardware merchants, Mandeville street
Heron, Dr. S., M.D., Castle street
Hewitt, H. M., pawnbroker, West street
Hewitt, John, boarding-house, John street
Hewitt, Samuel, egg merchant, Hanover st
Hewitt, W. G., P.L.G., company director and landlord, Castle street
Hill, John, boarding-house, John street
Holland, G. H., coal merchant, Mary street
Holywood, Joseph, shoemaker, Thomas st
Holywood, Patrick, postman, Castle street
Home, Mary, grocer, Henry street
Hosey, John, draper, Market street
Houston, James, carpenter, Mandeville street
Houston, William, provision merchant, West street
Hoy, T., butcher, Bridge street
Hughes, Charles, cattle dealer, Liberty Hall, Obin street
Hughes, Edward, butcher, and cattle dealer, Annagh house, Thomas street
Hughes, William, car proprietor, Mandeville street
Hunter, William, pawnbroker, Bridge street
HUTCHINSON & TRIMBLE, Drapers and Outfitters, High street
Hussey, W. H., district-inspector R.I.C., Edward street
Hyde, Miss, dressmaker, Edward street
Hyde, Robert, veterinary surgeon, West street
Hyde, Thomas, carpenter, Castle street
Hyde, Miss, draper, West street
Hyde, T. J., overseer P.O., Drumcree cottage
Hyde, T., confectioner, West street

IMPERIAL HOTEL—The Popular Commercial Hotel
Irwin, J., stationmaster, Watson street
Irwin, W. D., grocer, Woodhouse street; res., Garraghy road

Jeffers, Mrs., newsagent and stationer, Market street
Jennings, R., pork butcher, West street
Johnston, Charles, J.P., C.C., Castle street
Johnston, Miss, draper, High street
Johnston, S., grocer, Woodhouse street
Johnston, T. H., barber, West street
Johnston, T., editor "Portadown Express, " Edward street
Johnston, W. J., publican, Market street
Jones, John, butcher, Market street
Jones, J. M'C., printer, Thomas street

Keelips, T., boot and shoe maker, Bridge street
Kelly, James, publican, Market street
Kelso, R., baker, Margaret street
Kennedy, The Misses, ladies' school; Thomas street
Kerr, Peter, carpenter, King street
Kerr, Thomas, plumber, sanitary and heating engineer, Castle street
King, William, carpenter, Thomas street
Kinney, James, grocer and baker, Woodhouse street

Lamb, Miss, dressmaker, Bridge street
Lamb, P., boarding-house, Bridge street
Latimer, John, insurance agent, Bridge street
Lappin, J., postman, Marley street
Law, John, school attendance officer, Edward street
Lee, Miss, boarding-house, Church street
Liddell, G., M.B., surgeon, Market street
Livingston Bros., grocers, Bridge street
Livingston, David, emigration agent and china merchant, Bridge street
Livingston, John, tailor, Mourneview street
Loan Company—A. M'Laren, manager—Woodhouse street
Locke, G. A., auctioneer & insurance agent, Woodhouse street
Logan, Henry, & Son, rope and twine makers, West street
Logan, Samuel, Church street
Long, Sergeant, R.I.C., Edenderry barrack
Lutton, Richard, building contractor, Carleton street

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