Portadown Business Directory 1910
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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25 ½ miles from Belfast. Important Railway Junction. Head Post Office with all departments. Has an extensive trade in Agricultural Produce, and manufactures Linens, Cambrics, &c. Market days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Fairs, Cattle and Horses third Saturday of each month. Population, 11,000


Bridge Street Branch Post Office, Church Street—Postmistress, Mrs. Quinn


Church of Ireland—Portadown Parish Church—St. Mark's, and Church Hall, Mary street—Rev. Canon Hobson, M.A., rector, rural dean, and treasurer of Armagh Cathedral; Rev. R. S. Morrison and Rev. J. J. E. O'Malley, curates. Seagoe—Rev. James E. Archer, B.D., rector; Rev. W. R. Creighton, B.A., curate. Drumcree Church—Rev. F. J. Hallahan, M.A., rector; Rev. J. W. Johnston, B.A., curate.

Presbyterian Church (First)—Rev. W. J. Macaulay, B.A., licenser of marriages. Armagh Road—Rev. H. W. Perry, B.A.

Wesleyan Methodist Church—Rev. L. H. Cullen, superintendent; Rev. B. C. Moran, Rev. R. Rainey, Rev. R. J. Teasey, B.A., Derryall

Roman Catholic Church—Drumcree and Portadown—Rev. Canon Grimes, P.P.; Rev. Felix Kerr, C.C.; Rev. T. M'Donald, C.C. Seagoe and Eden- derry—Rev. E. M'Cartan, P.P.; Rev. C. M'Polin, C.C.; Rev. Peter Fagan, C.C.

Salvation Army Hall, Edward street—11-15 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.

Friends Meeting House, Portmore street


Banks - Bank of Ireland, S. M. Wade, agent; Belfast Bank, Ltd., J. M'Mechin, manager; Ulster Bank, Ltd., J. H. Chambers, manager

Technical School - Armagh road—J. G. Edwards, principal

Dispensary - James L. Rowlett, M.D., medical officer

Masonic Hall - Thomas street—Edward Trimble, caretaker

Orange Hall - Carleton street—John Roe, caretaker

Temperance Hall - West street—James M'Ildoon, caretaker

Y.M.C.A. - Edward street

Tabernacle Recreation Rooms

Seagoe Parochial Hall - Edenderry—W. J. Curry, caretaker

Catholic Y.M. Institute - Thomas street—John M'Caffrey, caretaker

Petty Sessions - John Walker, clerk; also distributor of fishing licenses

Portadown Discount Co., Ltd. - J. Boyle, manager

Portadown Loan Co. - Alexander M'Learn, manager

Free Library - Thomas Gardiner, librarian

Gas Light Co. - Edenderry—J. C. Fulton, J.P., secretary

Town Clerk & Town Surveyor - W. Wilson

Urban District Councillors - W. H. Wright, chairman; Clement Courtney, Charles Johnston, D. F. Bell, W. J. Johnston, Wm. M. Clow, Robert Anderson, Val. Wilson, J. B. Bryson, J. C. Fulton, J.P.; Isaac Davison, F. W. White, G. A. Locke, R. Courtney, Joseph Logan.

The regular meeting of the Council is held in the Town Hall, Edward street, on the first Monday of each month at 10-30 a.m. Constabulary Barracks—-No. 1, Edward st.; No. 2, Obin street; No. 3, Edenderry; District-Inspector Hanna in charge

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