Portadown Business Directory 1901
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Acheson, J. & J., grocers and druggists, Market Street
Achesons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, Bann View Factory
Adams, Wm., J.P., farmer, Brackagh House
Aldred, Mrs., spirit dealer, Woodhouse Street
Alexander, John, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Allen, Ephraim, J.P., The Grange
Allen, John, whitesmith and cycle repairer
Allen, Mrs., stationer, High Street
Anderson, Edward, grocer, Church Street
Anderson, Mrs., grocer, Market Street
Anderson & Co., drapers and undertakers, High Street
Annesley, George, pork curer, High Street and Montague Street
Armstrong, Thomas, J.P., Eden Hall
Atkinson, Edwd. D., & Sons, solicitors, Thomas Street and Tandragee
Atkinson, Joseph, grocer and linen manufacturer, Corcrain
Atkinson, J. & Son, coach builders, Mary Street
Atkinson, Jos., J.P., D.L., Crowhill, Loughgall
Atkinson, Wolsey R., Eden Villa

Banks, W. B., barber, Edward Street
Barry, P., publican, Mandeville Street
Beatty, A. J. J., organist Methodist Church, 100 Bridge Street
Bebe, C., & Son, grocers, Laurelvale
Beck, Mrs., Castle Street
Bell, D. F., commercial traveller, Mandeville Street
Bell, John, saddler, Market Street
Bell, John, M.A., LL.D., Edenderry N.S.
Best & Best, Solicitors, Church Street
Bigley, Wm., retired D.I., R.I.C., Park Mount
Blacker, John, farmer, Brachagh
Blacker, Rev. Canon, Carrickblack
Bleakley, N., publican, Edenderry
Boyle, James, shipping agent, William Street
Boyle, W., solicitor, Church Street
Brankin, John, publican, Obin Street
Bredon, Miss, Millicent Terrace
Bright Bros., steam saw mills, timber and coal yard, and foundry, Bridge Street
Brown, G. I., principal Duke's Schools, Armagh Road
Bruce, H. B., B.A., organist St. Mark's, Edward Street
Bryson, James, Edward Street
Bryson, J. B., Edenderry
Birney, W. N., boot factor, High Street
Burnett, A. J., draper, High Street
Burns, Hugh, publican, Woodhouse Street
Burns, Miss, A.L.C.M., music teacher, Bridge Street
Byrne, Charles, Avon Ban
Byrne, James, publican, West Street
Byrne, Rev. L., Adm. R.C. Chapel

Calvin, John, Annagh Terrace
Campbell, James, M.J.I., press correspondent, Hanover Street
Campbell, John, victualler, Church Street
Canavan, J. & J., Druggists, High Street
Carleton, Atkinson, & Sloan, solicitors, Church Street
Carleton, James, boot and shoe warehouse, Woodhouse Street
Carleton, Miss, Church Street
Carrick, Mrs., watch maker and jeweller, West Street
Carrick, W. West, grocer, West Street
Castleisland Weaving Factory
Chapman, Daniel & Co., preserve manufacturers, Castle Street
Chapman, Robert, auctioneer, Auction Mart and Salerooms, 72 Woodhouse Street
Clow, Jas., & Co., Millers and Grain Merchants, Castle Street
Clow, W. M., Feddal House
Cochrane, John, plumber and gas fitter, Thomas Street
Collen Bros., builders, Hanover Street and Castle Street
Collen, John, J.P., Killicomain House
Conn Brothers, grocers, West Street
Cooney, John, clothier, West Street
Cooper, Thos., boot top maker, Woodhouse Street
Co-operative Society Limited, grocers, Church Street
Corbitt, H. H., & Co., hay factors, Obin Street
Corbett, R., Draper, Market Street
Cosgrove, Hugh, produce exporter, William Street
Courtney, Clement, grocer, High Street
Courtney, R. & Co., Grocers, West Street
Cowdy, Wm., manufacturers, Thomas Street
Craig, Miss, Stationer, West Street
Crookes, F. W., house agent, Woodhouse Street
Crummie, Arthur, publican, Market Street
Crummie, John, commercial traveller, Annagh
Cullen, Robert, builder, Church Street

Davidson, R., Thomas Street N.S.
Davison Bros., grocers and bakers, High Street
Davison, Isaac, druggist and grocer, High Street
Dawson, Thomas, J.P., yarn merchant and linen manufacturer, Corcrain House
Dempsey, Rev. C., Mullavilley
Denvir, J., Curren Street N.S.
Derrylard Peat Moss Litter Co.; John Carter, secretary
Dickson, William, saddler, Market Street
Dickson & Co., drapers, Market Street
Dickson & Farrell, solicitors, Mandeville Street
Dillon, James, grocer, Bridge Street
Donohoe, P., spirit grocer, Market Street
Doogan, Thos., publican, Woodhouse Street
Dougan, George, M.D., J.P., Millicent Terrace
Downing, William, Atkinson's Avenue
Doyle, Robert, egg exporter, Derryhale

Eakin, A. J., boot merchant, High Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office and Phoenix Fire Office - Agents, R. A. Griffin, Bank of Ireland
Espie, J. G., B.A., Armagh Road N.S.
Ewart, John, shoe maker, Church Street

Fearon, John, rent, insurance and shipping agent, Church Street
Ferguson, D., merchant tailor, Edward Street
Ferris, Joseph, saddler, Woodhouse Street
Flavell, Thomas, grocer, West Street
Fleming, James, & Co., drapers, High Street
Forbes, G. R., & Co., drapers, Market Street
Fordyce, James, auctioneer, Thomas Street
Foy, Robert, butcher, Woodhouse Street
Frizell, Henry, Belfast Steamship Co., agent, Portmore Street
Frizell, W., grocer, West Street
Fulton, J. C, J.P., Church Street
Fulton, W. G., Church Street

Gardner, Thomas, grocer, Edenderry
Gardner, Thomas, provision dealer, Market Street
Gibson, John, & Co., grocers, High Street
Gibson, Miss, dress maker, William Street
Gibson, Misses, milliners, High Street
Gibson, T. D., R.M., Edenderry
Gibson, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Gilmore, John, farmer, Carrickblacke
Gough, William, auctioneer, Edward Street
Graham, David, & Co., spinning mills, Castle Street
Graham, Robert, baker, West Street
Gray, David, watch maker and jeweller, West Street
Greaves, O. V., Weaving Factory, Annagh
Green, James W., commercial traveller, Annagh Terrace
Gregory, Geo., secretary postman's federation, Atkinson Avenue
Grew, James, J.P., grocer and proprietor of Queen's Hotel
Grew, J., & Co., Grain Merchants, Mary Street and Bridge Street
Grimason, Edward, boot factory, High Street
Grimason, R. J., grocer, Thomas Street

Hadden, E. W., M.D., Magharee
Hall William, dining rooms, Woodhouse Street
Harcourt, James, farmer, Ballyworkan
Harris, H. J., solicitor, Church Street
Harvey Bros., egg and butter merchants, Mahon Cottage
Hawthorne & Co., grocers, Woodhouse Street
Hazelton, Mrs. C., pawnbroker, Woodhouse Street
Hegan & Co., hardware, leather and cycle merchants, Mandeville Street
Henry, Patrick, farmer, Ballyworkan
Henry, Robert, commercial traveller, Charlotteville
Heron, S., M.D., Castle Street
Hewitt, H. M., pawn broker, West Street
Hewitt, W. G., retired merchant, Thomas Street
Holden, Rev. Michael Angelo, D.D., Maghery
Hollywood, Joseph, shoe maker, Thomas Street
Hosey, J., J.P., draper, Market Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot merchant and newsagent, High Street
Hughes, Charles, cattle dealer, Market Street
Hughes, E., butcher, West Street
Hunter, Geo., Water Street N.S.
Hunter, Wm., librarian and accountant, Bridge Street
Hutchinson, Wm., V.S., Edward Street
Hyde, Robert T. S., Alma Terrace

Imperial Hotel Ltd., High Street
Irish Bill Posting Company - Offices, Meadow Lane
Irwin, John, passenger station master G.N.R.
Irwin, Wilson, Carne House

Jeffers, Mrs. Newsagent, High Street
Jenkins, W. J., boot and shoe maker, West Street
Jennings, Rowan, provision dealer, West Street
Johnson, James, coach builder, Shillington Street
Johnston, Charles, J.P., Beechcote
Johnston, Miss, milliner, High Street
Johnston, Thos., retired station master, Rose Lodge, Kernan
Johnston & Co., sewing machine and cycle agents, Bridge Street
Johnston, W. J., publican, High Street
Jones, A. E., photographer, High Street
Jones, John, butcher and fish monger, Market Street
Jones, William, farmer, Ballyworkan

Kelly, James, publican, High Street
Kinkead, Miss, Alexandra School
Kinney, J., baker and grocer, Woodhouse Street

Lamb, Jacob, picture framer, Bridge Street
Lamb, John, painter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Matthew, carpenter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Mrs., dress maker, Bridge Street
Lamb, R. H. & Co., grocers and provision exporters, Wheatfield
Lancashire, James, watch maker, West Street
Laundry Company, Portmore Street
Liddle, G. M. B., surgeon, High Street
Little, W. J., general dealer, Corcrain
Livingston Bros., grocers, furniture and china merchants, Bridge Street
Livingston, Mrs., general dealer, West Street
Livingstone, J. G., emigration agent, Bridge Street
Locke, George A., auctioneer and shipping agent, Woodhouse Street
Locke, William J., J.P., coach factory, implement and cycle depot
Logan, Henry, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, Edgarstown
Lutton, A. J., & Sons, linen manufacturers, Edenderry
Lutton, Richard, builder, Edward Street
Lynn, T. H., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., Albert Terrace

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