Portadown Business Directory 1852
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Atkinson, Joseph, J.P., Crowhill, Loughgall
Atkinson, Woolsey, Eden Villa
Blacker, Lieut.-Col. William, D.L., J.P., Carrick
Boyd, Samuel, Clonnagh
Carleton, Cornelius
De Salis, Hon. Peter John, Fane Court
Druit, Joseph, Corcrain
Henry, James, William Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., Woodside
Langtry, William
Little, Mr., Devon Lodge
Little, Wm., sub-inspector constabulary, Woodside
Miller, William Moore, R.M., Posttown, Loughgall
Nicholson, Joseph, J.P., Crannagill
Nicholson, Rawdon, J.P., Stramore House
Pepper, George J., Ballyworkan House
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan House
Shillington, John, High Street
Shillington, Thos. A., Tevanagh House
Trotter, Wm., Drumcree Cottage
Waddell, Thomas, Drumcree
Wakefield, Charles Frederick, Corcrain Villa
Woodhouse, John Obins, seneschal
Woolsley, Joseph G., Clonnagh House


Alexander, Rev. Charles, rector of Drumcree
Annesley, James, M.D.
Annesley, Wm., surgeon, High Street
Best, Rev. Edward, Wesleyan minister
Bredon, Alexander, M.D., High Street
Carleton, Thomas, solicitor, High Street
Carlisle, J. P., Wesleyan minister
Crawford, Rev. Francis, incumbent
Crolly, Rev. Eugene, P.P., Drumcree
Elliott, Rev. L. D., Presbyterian minister, Manse, Edenderry
Hunt, Rev. George, Drumgoon Cottage
Leebody, Wm., M.D., Church Street
Massaroon, Rev. Robert, Wesleyan minister
Morrison, Thomas, Bridge Street
McLoughlin, P., surgeon, High Street
O'Toole, Rev. D., C.C., Drumcree
Pepper, George J., attorney, High Street
Proctor, Rev. H. P., curate
Saurin, Ven. James, archdeacon of Dromore, Seagoe Glebe
Searight, James, solicitor, Church Street
Woodhouse, John O., solicitor, High Street
Woolseley, Rev. Capel

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